EOS was founded by partners Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky in 2006. They're widely known for their round, spherical packaging that holds balms in a variety of formulas.The balms are 95% organic, paraben-free, and made with vitamins, jojoba oil and shea butter. The company offers its products through online stores and retailers in the United States and Canada. They are headquartered in New York City, NY.

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Shave Products -eos -Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss

on 2/12/2018 10:48:00 PM


I’ve tried several eos products over the years: lip balms (tube and sphere), hand cream, and the raspberry version of the shave cream. All of them I found drying at best, irritating at worst. Yet, I LOVE this shave cream!

My skin is dry and sensitive. In the winter, it’s especially dry and uncomfortable. I’ve been trying different shaving lubricants in the hopes of finding something that will leave me smooth, somewhat moisturized and not itchy. Standard shave gels and foams sapped my skin of moisture, body wash left me dry and/or itchy, baby oil left me unpleasantly slippery, and baby oil gel left my razor gunked up and useless.

This shaving cream - and the consistency is a lotion-like cream, not a mousse or foam - was the answer. Two to three pumps per leg provides ample lubrication for shaving, leaving my legs feeling soft and smooth. The moisturizing formula, including aloe and shea, combined with the creamy texture help to not dry out or strip my skin, even with daily shaving. Note that the formula does not lather at all, nor does it need to. A thin layer of the cream coats nicely and does the job well. No nicks or razor burn to speak of, either! The vanilla scent is subtle but heavenly.

I adore this and absolutely plan on buying again. The packaging is minimalist but appealing and the practical pump is a big plus. I paid $4.99 at CVS but prices vary. Highly recommend for dry-skinned friends out there!

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Lip Treatments -eos -Lip Balm Sphere - Coconut Milk

on 2/6/2018 3:59:00 AM


i love use this product esp because my lips was so dry and chapped.. after using this for several days i feel my lips so smooth and moisturized.. i used it several times a day.. after meal and before bed time..

Lip Treatments -eos -Lip Balm Pumpkin Spice

on 2/1/2018 3:56:00 PM

I absolutely love this Eos flavor. Amazing pumpkin spice taste. I don’t like orange color but in this case it's an exception :)

Lip Treatments -eos -Lip Balm Sphere - Pomegranate Raspberry

on 1/31/2018 10:24:00 PM


Cute packaging. Doesn't really absorb well. It just sits on my lips. Waxy feel. it does moisturize while it is on. Slight sheen.

I apply a lot of coats, about 10. After the product finally sinks in after an hr or so of wear, my lips are left a little improved in moisture level. Constant application is a must for this lip balm.

Overall, not a bad product.

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Hair Removal -eos -Shave Cream Ultra Moisturizing Pomegranate Raspberry


This is a nice crème shave. I don’t feel excessively passionate about it, but I do like using more than say the Skintimate shave gel. It hydrates better, I get less razor burn and cuts. I only need a little bit (1-2 pumps fo each 1/2 leg), it smells nice, the packaging is pretty (though the pump could be slightly better), and it is available at most pharmacies. I don’t find it clumps up my razor blade or makes it hard to rinse. I do usually have to go over the same spots twice, but doing so do any give e razor burn with this. It also doesn’t irritate my super dry and sensitive skin. Very happy with it.

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