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Recent Phyto Reviews

Hair Treatments -Phyto -Phyto 7 Hydrating Day cream with 7 Plants

on 3/17/2018 10:17:00 PM

This product is expensive and does absolutely nothing. I have no idea how you can add a lotion to your hair and have it feel exactly the same afterward.

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Conditioner -Phyto -Phytojoba - Intense Hydrating Mask


This is my HG of hair products. I stumbled across it on sale, decided to try it and I will never be without it again, even at full price. That's how much this mask does for my hair. For reference, my hair is fine, bleached and dry without noticeable shine. I use this after every shampoo and my hair shines as if I've had a glossing treatment at the salon. It's truly a miracle for my hair. There is a trick to using it, at least for me. After I've rinsed out shampoo, I'll drain the excess water from my hair. Then I'll dip three fingers into the pot. That's all I need to coat my chin-length hair. I'll mix some warm water in to get it sudsy and mix it through gently. Then I'll put in some other conditioner so that I know I'll be able to comb easily after I rinse all that I've put in out. Total time in would be the total time of my shower which could be 7-10 minutes. If I want a super treatment, I'll wash and condition my hair, then do the same with three fingers (you truly do not need a lot), wrap my hair in a tiny bun on top, and rinse it out in the morning. The shine and manageability that this mask leaves in my hair is absolutely incredible. My hair looks healthy, there is no frizz for days, no split-ends, it literally looks as if I've had a shine treatment and put oil in my hair without having a greasy moment. If I do not use this mask, I can tell the difference. One pot of 6.8 ounces has lasted me for four months so far and there is still a quarter tub left. When I do the math on that, it is well worth the cost. My hair never feels greasy, overloaded, as if there's a build-up, dirty or as if I've put anything in it. As a matter of fact, it feels as if it's new hair without product. Now that's a miracle product to me.

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Hair -Phyto -Phytolaque soie hairspray

on 2/27/2018 9:38:00 PM


Not my cup of tea. The nozzle gives too much product. It's a spray, not a mist as I like.
It smells terrible and lingers for hours. I ended up tossing it.

Hair Treatments -Phyto -9 Daily Ultra-Nourishing Cream

on 2/3/2018 8:01:00 PM


Partly treatment and styling aid, phyto 9 tames any unruly grays, smooths frazzled ends, and helps hair feel healthier. I adore the fact that it never leaves a greasy mess, even if I use more than is required. Not sure if it actually improves hair health, but it sure looks healthier. I emulsify a pea-size dollop with my palms and apply throughout my hair, followed by another dose only on the ends. Love it, but wish it were available in larger sizes. There are few retailers, but readily available online. Packaging is perfection!

Hair Treatments -Phyto -Phytopolleine Universal Elixir- Scalp Stimulant

on 1/30/2018 6:55:00 PM


I got the On the Go Gift Set because I wanted to try out Phyto as a brand and I have to say that the only positive in the set was the Keratine mask. This was terrible. Product wise, the smell is atrocious. I know essential oils can be really pungent and earthy but this was disgusting. I didn't leave it on the suggested 20 minutes because it smelled so awful and I can't imagine it would do too much good, at least no better than were I to go buy some essential oils and combine them myself. It's just really horrible smelling. I felt nauseated and couldn't get in the shower fast enough. I don't know about the full-size packaging but the single-use size that I was provided was terrible. It was a glass capsule with a white line marking where I was supposed to snap the glass vial in half using a cloth. Well, I snapped it in a washcloth and saw a teeny shard of glass fragment into the cloth so I'm already uncomfortable about whether or not a small glass shard made its way into the product. So I apply the loose plastic tip applicator and try to follow the directions to apply it in sections to my scalp and nothing is coming out. I can't squeeze a glass vial so I shake and just my luck, half to 3/4 of the bottle pours out onto my shirt. Annoyed, I applied the remainder to my scalp and tried to massage it in but the pungent fragrance was too sickening so I had to take my shirt off and rinse it out and put it in the laundry and then hopped in the shower asap. This is not worth the hassle and the smell is revolting. I hate to be one of those people who keeps going on about a smell because this is a mix of essential oils, but I would never have bought the kit had I known this was so disgusting and so difficult to apply. There are cheaper/better products in my opinion. In all fairness I couldn't cover my whole scalp nor could I wait 20 minutes with this on my head but I do think that scent plays a major part in the usefulness of a product. Something could be amazing for your hair and smell repugnant and be unusable making it no longer useful. So buy with caution.

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