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Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance - Semi-Permanent


I've been using Ion's Demi-Permanent colors for years now, and while perusing the shelves at Sally's the other day, two shades from the Semi-Permanent collection caught my eye instead: Burgundy-Brown and Plum. I bought both as they were on sale, but decided to go with the Burgundy-Brown first, since the Sally's sales associate assured me it was the less bold of the two.

I liked the thick formula but did not like having to apply it to freshly-washed hair. I'm super clumsy and my damp hair made a mess of things. No worries, though. While rinsing the dye out in the shower, I couldn't believe just how soft and silky it made my frizzy hair feel! My hair hasn't felt this soft in ages! The downside was that my hair refused to rinse clear. The color just continued to rinse down the drain.

My hair looked glorious after blow-drying! Super glossy and nourished. But the color is definitely not as noticeable as I had hoped: it seems less like a semi-permanent dye and more like a sheer glaze. I'm certain this won't last very long in my hair, judging by other reviews. Thankfully I only wash my hair once a week, so that will help me get a little longer wear. I'll try the Plum shade next, which I imagine will be a tad more noticeable. Will report back.

Hair Color -Ion -Ion Color Brilliance Absolute Perfection Booster Step 1


I have experienced an olaplex treatment and used this lil gem of a treatment during a home bleaching session. This does the trick at repairing damage during processing and leaving your hair in great shape! It's super cheap and IT WORKS! I don't know if it is BETTER than Olaplex but it definitely repairs hair in a similar way. For the price, I'd prefer this to the Olaplex any day of the week!! Highly recommended! If you're doing a home bleach job on yer tresses, don't do it without this. Get it at Sally's!

Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance

on 12/23/2017 3:34:00 PM


I recently moved to a new city and tried a salon. I came out of it very, very unsatisfied - my grey wasn't 100% covered and the blow-out wasn't anything to write home about. I paid my $180 and decided that I might was well color it myself because for that price it probably couldn't get worse. I went to Sally's and bought Ion 3G and tried it at home. I left it on for 30 minutes (next time I'll do 45) and I love the results. I will still need to find a salon for my cut but this was a great option for color at home. I used it with a 10 developer in equal amounts to the color creme and applied only at my roots with a brush.

I am very happy with the results. It has low ammonia and it did not irritate my scalp like salon color sometimes does. My hair feels soft and thicker - for reference I have very fine, thin, shoulder length, stick straight hair that is a medium brown and am probably about 50% grey (which started showing up when I was 20) on the top of my head but mostly brown elsewhere. My grey tends to be color resistant.

This is a definite repurchase for me. I am giving it a 4 only because if I had left it on for 20 minutes like they recommend it would not have covered my grey. But this is better than drugstore and not any more expensive. Also I love the convenience of coloring my hair when I want to at home.

Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance - Demi Permanent Hair Color

on 12/2/2017 1:13:00 PM


After a long year of dyeing my hair every color under the sun, I wanted to go back to my natural level 8 ash blonde. I tried achieving that at home with color remover and bleach, and ended up with orange Leeloo hair from Fifth Element.

The salon I chose was able to color correct it to my natural, however the color they used washed out with four washes and I had brassy orange blonde hair. I had my hair toned twice by the salon and decided I could not afford to come back every two weeks to have my hair corrected when it would just wash out (they used permanent toner and color on my hair).

I bought this at Sally’s because it was five dollars and I thought, why the heck not? I’d rather do this at home every two weeks myself than pay hundreds to have a professional do the same thing.

I bought 7 NA blonde, mixed it with 4 oz Ion sensitive 10 developer, and left it on my hair for 5 minutes. I didn’t paint every piece, I slapped it on my head like conditioner, worked it through, and brushed it down. After five minutes, I jumped in the shower, rinsed it out, shampooed, and conditioned.

Wa-lah! My hair is a beautiful medium-dark ash blonde. Almost exactly the same color that I was paying for in the salon, for 95% cost savings. And, this color lasted 3 weeks before I had to do it again (the second time I left it on for 3 minutes to get the same result). I’m so pleased. This color was exactly what I wanted and my hair doesn’t feel any more damaged than it was before I started.

Word of advice: If your hair is porous like mine and you are looking to tone down brassiness, I think you will deeply regret leaving this on your head for longer than five minutes. The hair in my brush that had this color on it for twenty minutes was medium brown.


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Conditioner -Ion -Color Defense Intense Moisture

on 11/25/2017 11:06:00 PM

I have spent my whole life living in fear of the hairbrush because I'm so tenderheaded. Honestly, I used to just pour the "No More Tears" spray directly on the knots, or just cut them out. But I'm also addicted to fashion coloring my hair, and with that comes damage and cold showers. Not a great combo for a wimp like me.

But this conditioner, I almost don't wince at all when I brush my hair. The last stylist who cut it said that my hair felt super healthy, and the bottom 4 inches are still bleached/colored. I don't know if it's protected my color any better than any other color-safe product I've tried, but but it doesn't do any worse either. Mostly I'm just in love with the slip and the health of my hair. Not to mention none of the bad chemicals.

My hair is: naturally dark brown, very thick - both because the strands are thick and there's a LOT of them, with a bit of a wave to it when it dries naturally. The ends have been bleached and dyed teal/purple/blue

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