Ion is a hair dye company offering semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent hair dyes along with a full line of hair care products such as shampoo and treatments and styling tools.

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Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance - Demi Permanent Hair Color

on 1/22/2019 3:50:00 PM


I always use this after i have highlighted my hair since i’m usually stuck with brassy areas near my roots, not always but no matter how long the bleach is on i get this and i use 40 volume developer but i have medium to dark brown hair naturally. And i do not want to attempt redoing the highlights so i get medium natural brown in ion demi and do a reverse bayalage technique to apply it. Never fails my hair always looks great and it really softens it and gives it life. Just be aware it develops a lot darker but will than fade over time so go for a shade 1-2 shades lighter than what you want if you don’t want your hair being to dark at first. Also it’s great for bleach damaged hair i have had severe bleach damage and weaved this in throughout my head and it instantly makes my hair look and feel healthy and has stopped the dry brittleness it had before. I will never use permanent colour again as it’s damaging and faded to a brassy colour due to the lifting demi will not lighten your hair so you should not have that brassy fade. And it fades over a month so safe for people with natural hair colours to try to go darker as it will fade out and not leave roots.

Styling Products -Ion -Heat Protecting Smoothing Spray

on 1/14/2019 8:08:00 PM


I always see other ladies with big frizzy hair, who show up one day looking sleek and silky and wondered how they did it. I can iron my hair straight but it looks pretty parched when I'm done. Well, now I know how they get silky straight hair - they must use this stuff.

I have tried so many heat protectant and smoothing products and I swear my hair just eats them. It's like I have nothing in. I use half the bottle but my hair looks puffy and dry, and I can smell it burning

When I first used this, I was amazed at how oily it was for a spay. The oil is sort of like the consistency of a hot oil treatment - instantly saturating and blindingly shiny like a rich gloss. For someone with huge, frizzy hair that they regularly pour globs of castor into to get it to lay down, this is actually a very promising thing. It isn't sticky or heavy at all, the hair just feels very well conditioned.

When I ironed my hair, it literally came out like silk. It was noticeable, someone actually asked if I got something done. No flyaways and all those broken hairline hairs laid flat.

As mentioned, this is a very liquid oil so it can cause a bit of a mess. No matter how carefully I think I am spraying, I can see greasy oil spots all over my counter top and have to wash them afterward. If it gets on the floor, even a tiny mist of this could cause you to slip. It's worth the mess though.

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Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance temporary color mask

on 1/1/2019 1:12:00 PM


Okay. I totally didn't use as directed. Instead of using in shower on wet hair I used it as if it were a direct dye on dry hair. I left it in for about 45min. Omg. The color was super bright, left my hair shiny and so far has lasted a month without redoing it. Warning. If used this way super hard to fade out. I used the color Sky Blue and I love it. I've already bought their Titanium for my next hair project. Super pigminted please use gloves!

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Hair Treatments -Ion -Crystal Clarifying Treatment

on 11/22/2018 10:22:00 PM


I use this on my granddaughter’s hair. She has very light, buttery blonde hair & when she & her folks moved to an acreage with iron rich well water her hair turned brassy pink. She hated it as kids called her Strawberry Shortcake:). Anyway I found the clarifying treatment at Sally’s and never looked back. Now that she’s 14 she does the treatments herself & it’s amazing how it sucks the iron deposits out of her hair & she’s back to her natural buttery blonde. Just wish it came in a tub & was more reasonably priced.

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Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance

on 10/27/2018 6:41:00 PM


I bought the 9v and 10v and Ion brand developer (20V). They were labeled as lightest ash blonde and light ash blonde. I pre-lightened my hair, to a level 9 then mixed each in its own bowl to alternate through the hair. There was ZERO ashing. neither bowl changed color from white solution, not even a teensy-tinsy shift change in a blue or violet direction. I left it on for a half hour, and still no change to the solution at all. Washed it out and my hair is the exact same color. Also, the color was tough to get out of the tube. It was thick and waxy and difficult to evenly blend into the developer. Bummed that I double-processed my hair for absolutely no gain/change/toning.

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