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Shampoo -Ion -Moisturizing shampoo

on 8/31/2018 5:06:00 PM


Once in a while, I have to change my shampoo because it gets discontinued or doesn’t work on my hair anymore. For more than a decade, I used a shampoo from Creme of Nature until it got discontinued. Then I used a similar product from the same brand that did not work at all. It left my scalp itchy and irritated. On top of that, I had a lot of hair shedding. So I went to Sally’s and since I know everyone there, I talked to my old buddy who asked me to try this. Not sure why my co-reviewers are so critical here but this does not make the roots greasy or leave it dirty. What you feel is true moisture. As soon as you dry your hair, it feels very clean and moisturized. Within the past couple of months, I have tried lots of shampoos and this is one of the best, if not the best. It has helped the itching and irritation. Most importantly, it takes very little effort to style my hair. Highly recommended!

Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance Brights

on 8/29/2018 3:43:00 PM


I used rose, shark blue, and lavender to get a mermaid effect. The color is thick but I love the coverage I get. I want expecting the rose to get so pastel but I'm really happy with the results! I used shark blue on most of my roots for 3 inches then rotated the other colors for the ends. The top layers I was able to get 3 colors per section. I used rose on my front roots for a faux bang with blue or lavender on the ends.

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Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance temporary color mask

on 8/29/2018 12:48:00 AM

I’ve used this in neon purple (when my hair was dark purple) and natural brown (as my hair is now medium brown). It's a very good color depositing conditioner that moisturizes and tones. I leave it on about five minutes but you can go longer and you should if you want deeper/richer results.

For purple, I definitely prefer Overtone deep treatment (in extreme purple) as it is extremely pigmented and I love the smell, but this is a good locally-available alternative. Unfortunately Overtone doesn't make a brown conditioner so this is my choice in the brunette range.

The scent is pleasant, fairly neutral, and it rinses out clean without staining my towels. Good stuff.

Hair Color -Ion -Color Brilliance

on 8/24/2018 1:25:00 AM


This is a great product, the coloring process is very easy and straight forward, the color on box is accurate and i love the results. I have tried various red shades from L'Oréal, Clairol, and Wella. After reading so many negative reviews there are a lot of people that should not even be attempting to color at home, it's not rocket science. I think some people are expecting miracles from haircolor, expecting to get unreasonable results. If your hair is really, damaged, more then one color, or haor is the wrong color for color selected. It's har color not the I wish my hair was this color. Sometimes changing to a desired color is not something you can just decide to do one day, some color changes have to happen over time, or drastic measures like bleaching. There are steps for coloring your hair to get best results before you even apply the color. When choosing your hair color remember this you can not lighten dark hair without bleach, contrary to what many think 30 or 40 developer will not take dark to a lighter color, it won't matter how much you wish it. And you should never go more then 1-2 shades lighter or darker. For the best results your hair should be shampooed 2-3 days before coloring, a clarifying shampoo is best, absolutely no conditioner or any product in your hair. The build up from conditioner or styling products can interfere with coloring. When you buying your color also get a product called nuetral protien filler this is the secret to an awesome dye job, even color application and no hot roots. The protein filler evens out the porosity of your hair, so your hair grabs and takes color easily..Apply the protein filler evenly through out your hair wait 30 minutes do not rinse out. Your hair will be wet, really damp dron the filler thats ok. Your hair color will go on much easier I promise. Mix color with developer, leave on for recommended time, make sure hair is saturated with color, leave on fot amount of time in directions, i do abour 30-35 minutes. When time is up add water to hair, work thru like its shampoo, then rinse til the water runs clear, rinse only do not shampoo, rinse until water rjns clear, it will run clear, i have hair down to mid back at most 10 minutes of rinsing its clear. Again do not shampoo your color will not last as long, i have never ever seen hair color instructions that say to shampoo hair after coloring..Once rinsing is complete condition freshly colored hair, use a good quality conditioner for colored hair. Leave conditioner on for at least 5 min, rjnse again, style as usual, hair color will be amazing, soft and shiny. Do not shampoo for at least 48 hours after coloring, the longer til your first shampoo the better. I always use red hair dyes, I have never had my color fade, i usually only have to touch up roots in about 4-6 week.

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Shampoo -Ion -Hard Water Shampoo

on 8/18/2018 6:22:00 PM


I will never use another shampoo unless I move back to a place with soft water.

This is better than Malibu, vinegar rinses, ANY clarifying shampoo, or even a water softener. If you are freaking out about your hair turning orange and being somehow both dry and dirty (like I have been for months) just go to Sally's and get this and the conditioner. It may take a couple washes to get all the minerals out, but it will work. I thought I would have to just wear my hair up as long as I live in this area but it's completely normal again.

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