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Skincare - Body -Elizabeth Arden -8 hour cream Skin Protector

on 4/24/2019 1:02:00 PM


My skin: was drier than the Sahara which was causing grooves, not wrinkles, grooves in my skin, like a ribbing, for first time in life. Skin was so dry it felt taut and uncomfortable all the time.

Tried the richest, expensive face creams but skin continued to shrivel and remained very dry. ( I had tried a brand of retinol and it clearly had done something awful to my skin which continued to worsen despite not using it anymore).

Tried this Liz Arden skin protectant, didn’t expect much with petrolatum etc. Have been using this on my face all winter, the shrivelling has stopped, even able to use tretinoin because of this lovely balm. My skin has always been way too dry for tretinoin, or was but by using this balm daily am able. I use this like goss the makeup artist on YouTube suggests in his video for very dry skin, applying serums, face oil followed by Vaseline - or in my case this balm which has the same petrolatum but has extra healing ingredients & vitamins and it works wonders. https://m.

Results: thanks to the extremely emollient and healing qualities of this balm, am able to exfoliate my skin with tretinoin and grooves caused by extreme dryness are retreating and weekly my skin looks younger and seems to be returning to the skin I know. I also think the peeling solution, aha & bha by the ordinary has helped improve the grooves and give me back a fine skin texture. Despite massaging this twice daily into my face, i’ve had no blocked pores, nor any spots. I intend to continue using this on my face.

This balm is really healing in many ways, a cut eyelid healed nicely and much more quickly. I’d recommend this cream for everyone’s beauty first aid.

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Fragrances -Elizabeth Arden -My Fifth Avenue Eau de Parfum

on 4/22/2019 9:09:00 AM


It's tricky to describe My Fifth Avenue - it just is what it is, no apologies. It's quite a simple effort, but the uncluttered feeling of the scent notes is charming; a fresh citrus blend, with clean florals, all resting on a clear woody musk. I like that this is stripped back and uncomplicated. If you enjoy lily notes in your fragrances, then you'll probably love My Fifth Avenue; I've never come across such a authentic lily note before.

The combination of orris and cedar adds a vaguely masculine vibe to My Fifth Avenue. Definitely gives the fragrance some individuality, but this combination can clash with the calm, uncluttered vibe that My Fifth Avenue had going on at first; I find the base notes bit out of place with the freshness in the top and heart.

Official scent notes; lemon, mandarin orange, violet leaves, lotus, jasmine, hedione, lily-of-the-valley, pear, rose, musk, amberwood, orris and cedar.

The citrus blend, watery pear and lily, airy musk and masculine base notes mix to make the fragrance seem 'chilly' to me, which stops me from truly enjoying My Fifth Avenue. Plus this is quite a linear fragrance. So whilst I'll use up my bottle without complaint, I wouldn't rebuy it - I like warm, cuddly scent notes in my fragrances and I don't detect any of the sweeter & intimate accords enough in this.

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Fragrances -Elizabeth Arden -White Tea Eau de Toilette Spray

on 4/21/2019 11:31:00 AM


This was very much a purchase on a whim! I live in Canada and The Bay has some great offers. I was just moseying past the Liz Arden fragrance stand and the sales associate said they had a free gift with any purchase. I usually just smile, say thank you nicely and continue on my way but I do need some perfume so I stopped to have a sniff of their White Tea perfume. I was immediately hooked. It's so lovely. Light, summery, sexy. So I asked about it and was told the gift set, which includes eau de toilette AND body lotion, all packaged in a gorgeous box, was $51! I'll grab that, I thought! So glad I did. I love it. The freebie was fab too, all sorts of creams, serums, retinol capsules, a full size mascara and a lip gloss in a colour I love, all packed in a pretty pink and white striped wash bag! What's not to love. So far two people have asked what I'm wearing! Anyway, upshot is it smells wonderful, is packaged so nicely AND it's great value. A gazillion thumbs up from me! 😍

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Moisturizers -Elizabeth Arden -Prevage Anti-Aging Overnight Cream

on 4/15/2019 3:31:00 PM


I was on the fence about this product, but I took the plunge out of desperation, when I run out of ideas on which night cream to use.

This cream is not too thick and very pleasant to use. Even if I am over 50, my skin is still in relatively good conditions and my main concern were a couple of dark spots.

I used Prevage for a whole month and the spots started to fade. My overall texture improved and fine lines diminished. I was so pleased with it that I finished the pot and I bought another.

I would definitely recommend, even if pricey.

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Masks -Elizabeth Arden -Deep Cleansing Mask ] [DISCONTINUED]

on 4/14/2019 3:01:00 PM

I too have bought this discontinued Elizabeth Arden mask from marshals years ago for like $7 dollars which is a good bargain Bc @ full price @ Macy's they were expensive! I actually tried a whole bunch of the Elizabeth Arden products Bc I had bought it from marshals for cheap as they were getting discontinued from Macy's! I'm a Clinique person but the Elizabeth Arden did have a good line of products! I bought a bunch of their different cleansers & masks & they were good quality products! This mask has ok it was helpful for my oily skin & absorbed the oil well but I wouldn't rebuy Bc it was too fragranced! !!but it was workable for when I had used it ! I think I had bought like 3 /4 tubes of this from marshals for a good discount!

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