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Lipstick -Edward Bess -Ultra Slick Lipstick

on 7/9/2018 5:52:00 PM


I purchased both Secret Desire and Night Orchid during a Hautelook event as it is unlikely I'd pay retail.
Secret Desire is a soft peach pink which could be construed as nude but pulls warm and peach on my very fair complexion. I always wear lip liner as my natural lip edge is not very defined.
Night Orchid has zero orchid /violet tones but is actually a light pink coral. I love warm pinks and wear both of these during warm weather.
Neither have any shimmer or satin finish.
EB Ultra Slick lipstick is more sheer than a cream lipstick but thicker than a gloss. As I'm trying to transition away from full on matte formulas this is a nice method. Also, the wear time isn't very long but that is to be anticipated when not wearing matte.
I wouldn't say either of these are terribly unique colors but they do impart a casual elegance to otherwise dupeable colors.
I think for me the selling point is my affection for the ever charming Edward Bess, his mission is similar to Bobbi Brown's original mission to bring reality to cosmetics without looking boring. He's accomplished that with a smaller inventory and much better hair.

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Bronzers -Edward Bess -Desert Sun

on 5/6/2017 11:29:00 AM


This isn’t something I use in the dead of winter when I’m at my fairest, but if I already have some summer color, faux or natural, this is great for the cheekbones and the tops of my shoulders, and anywhere else that I want to deepen a tan.

I ordered Desert Sun because I had been dissatisfied with light bronzers such as Too Faced Milk Chocolate, which is golden on me but not really tan. I already had Charlotte Tilbury’s original, lighter shade of Bronze & Glow (she later came out with a darker variation), and while it’s perfect for a subtle look for winter, it really isn’t dark enough for me in summer when I’ve visited the beach or applied sunless tanner. For reference, in Charlotte's Light Wonder Foundation I can wear Fair 2 when I'm pale but I easily go up to Fair 4 when I've had some sun, or up to Medium 6 in Magic Foundation.

I also recently purchased Tarte Hotel Heiress, which is in the middle between my Tilbury palette and my Edward Bess bronzer. Desert Sun is by far the darkest I own. It's darker than Benefit Hoola (original shade), too. Desert Sun is suitable for medium, already tan, or deep skin tones rather than pale skin. What I like about Desert Sun is that it’s not yellowish or orange or sparkly. It’s matte and it’s brown. It doesn’t fade easily, so I don’t have to reapply it later in the day. Because it’s a dark, richly pigmented shade, a fluffy brush is required to blend it. The little fan brush that comes in the compact is almost useless. It's a little scratchy and flimsy and I'd rather have sleeker packaging with no brush at all instead of the bigger compact required to house this one. For the body I prefer to use a big bronzing brush such as the one Charlotte Tilbury makes, and for smaller areas, Wayne Goss #14 or #2.

If you’re very fair, I recommend that you check out the lighter shade, Daydream, because you'll probably find that Desert Sun is too dark. But if you have a tan, amber, golden or deep complexion and you're frustrated with light bronzers that just don’t show up enough for you, give Desert Sun a try.

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Eyeliner -Edward Bess --Defining Eyeliner

on 3/1/2017 8:07:00 PM

I bought this on sale; it is not worth the full price. This is a drier formula, which I usually like because I have more control over my line. It does transfer a bit when tight-lining. The color is really nice though. Deep brown is a flattering dark cool brown. There are better eyeliners out there though, so probably would not re-purchase.

Lip Liners -Edward Bess -Natural lip definer

First of all, you get two instead of one- this is so smart. You can just toss one in your bag for touch-ups and leave one in the bathroom.

Love the metallic packaging, along with the fact that you twist it and don't waste product as opposed to lip pencils that need to be sharpened.

The formula is amazing, it really glides on the lips, very soft.

The Natural shade is PERFECT as my-lips-but-better. I just slightly overline my upper lip and use it on my discolored areas, so a little goes a long way. Used to wear Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury but it gave this matte, artificial effect I dislike. This Edward Bess liner makes my lips look super natural and perfect. I recommend it and will purchase it again!

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Mascara -Edward Bess -BESS-LASH Designer Volumizing Mascara (new)

on 1/20/2017 11:19:00 AM

I started off really liking this mascara but things went downhill pretty quickly after the first few weeks. A lot of it had to do with the bad (scratch that, awful) packaging which is totally unsuitable for the formula. But the texture changed pretty quickly too and I ended up binning mine within less than two months because it smelled sort of funky. I wanted to like this, mainly because I like Edward Bess and think his line is underrated but in this case, he really did miss the mark. A bit more on my thoughts below.

What it claims to do - taken from the Edward Bess website:

"Your lashes deserve the Bess! Discover mega lashes like never before. A weightless smudge-proof formula pumps up the volume while the designer brush separates and coats each lash from base to tip for ultimate definition. All eyes on you."

Does it deliver?

I'd like to think my lashes deserve the best but who really knows? It's a heavy question. I do, however, feel confident in saying that they don't deserve the Bess and probably neither do yours.

This is not a volumising mascara at all and I'm sort of surprised it's marketed that way. Its strengths - for the first two weeks at least - were the definition and separation it gave my lashes and the absence of clumpiness. It is a lightweight mascara (as opposed to a heavy one) so credit where credit is due. I liked that this didn't weigh down my lashes and was therefore able to hold a curl pretty well, unlike plenty of other mascaras. As for smudge proof, nope. It's a silly claim to make, because let's be honest, smudge proof mascaras don't exist. Period. And this is no exception. Still, I was fairly pleased for the first week.

Then around week 3/4, weird things started happening. The formula got really viscous and almost seemed to congeal in the tube. The packaging is an absolute disaster by the way, it's so badly designed - every time you screw the wand back in, mascara oozes out the brim of the tube and gets all over your fingers (and possibly your clothes too). Then the gunk dries into sticky globules which you'll get unpleasantly greeted by next time you reach for the tube. Obviously, this raises some concerns about how sanitary the packaging is, which is sort of important because this stuff goes on top of your eyes.

Once the goopy gunkiness thing started happening, it was quickly downhill from there. The mascara felt overly sticky on my lashes and became really hard to remove. The wand is designed well enough that it never distributed clumps directly on my lashes but that was small consolation given the fact that my lashes soon started getting glued together from the tackiness of the formula.

About six weeks in or so, I noticed that the scent had changed. At that point, I knew it was time to cut my losses and call it quits. I wish I hadn't bought this product because a) I don't like feeling disappointed with Edward Bess and b) it just plain sucked. Sorry, Bess, but if this is the bess you can do, I'm not sure I'll be buying any of your mascaras again.

Grade: C-

PS: apologies for the bad puns, I (clearly) find them hard to resist. If they were annoying, I sincerely promise that these are not representative of me at my Bess.

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