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Cleansers -Dove -Beauty Bar - Sensitive Skin

on 5/23/2018 10:22:00 PM


I reviewed this before, I am sure, but after a year or two of various cleansing milks, micellar lotions, foaming waters, foaming gels, oh, on and on and on....guess who's back to Dove Sensitive/ Unscented bar. Again.
1) This is possible THE Best soap for lather to shave sensitive lady bits...and a clean smooth leg shave every time.
2) Excellent non-stripping, non-drying facial soap that removes all makeup and stubborn sunscreens!
3) No smell, no residue, no film, doesn't even bug up the sink or tub (ahem, unlike so many "natural" bars I get as gifts...!!)
4) Can even wash my eyes with it; removes makeup like a dream
5) cheap; keep in a draining soap dish and buy in bulk on sale, obviously.
6) Every damn dermatologist I know still recommends this stuff.

I travel with a bar and if I don't, I always regret it. My moisturizers and sunscreens are pricey. My cleanser is on my face for all of 30 seconds and I tell you, there is nothing as irritating as cleaning with a $40 dollar deluxe whatever, only to see makeup and/or filth all over the cotton pad I follow up with (for my neostrata glycolic toner). With Dove: nothing. Not. A. Trace. LOVE unscented Dove.

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Gels/Soaps -Dove -Summer Care - Limited Edition

on 5/22/2018 9:43:00 PM

(This review is for the 2018 Summer Care Beauty Bar.)

I need daily body exfoliation, and would really like to disentangle myself from the harmful plastic cycle of bath poufs and body wash bottles, so I'm always on the lookout for scrubby soaps. The Summer Care Beauty Bar is perfect for me. It's just exfoliating enough to use on my body on a daily basis, without stripping or irritating my somewhat sensitive skin. (I do still use a body scrub once or twice a week.) What really provoked me to write this review, though, is that it smells FABULOUS. I'm sorry for the caps, but I simply must impress upon you how freaking good it smells. It's lit, girls and boys. This is a superpowered soapy/laundry type of scent, without being sharp, marine, or astringent; I sometimes get headaches from "clean" fragrances, but Summer Care's scent is so well done that it's not an issue. It's exactly what I want to smell like in the dank, stuffy depths of the NE Texas summer; it's so amazing that I actually gave away about half of my first pack, in an attempt to share the delight. I really hope Dove decides to release a body mist to match, or at least makes this beauty bar permanent.

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Cleansers -Dove -DermaSeries Face Wash

on 5/16/2018 12:52:00 PM

I love this cleanser. I have very oily tzone along with dehydrated and sensitive skin. A lot of cleansers irritate and dry my skin causing my skin to be oilier. My skin has improved so much since using this face wash. While it does take a little more work to get makeup off my face and I double sometimes triple cleanse, it doesn't irritate or dry my skin or cause excess oiliness. My face feels clean and soft. I love that it is unscented. Very, very happy.

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Dry Shampoo -Dove -Refresh+Care - Invigorating Dry Shampoo

on 5/7/2018 6:46:00 PM


I picked this up at Target after I ran out of my beloved Batiste. The first thing I noticed upon trying was how strongly scented this is. I normally gravitate towards fragrant hair care products anyways, but this was WAY too much. I smelled like dryer sheets and couldn't smell my perfume on me (literally my Uber driver asked what perfume I was wearing and I realized she was talking about my dry shampoo). This didn't make my hair look any better, nor give it any volume. I keep trying to make it work but I think this is a no-go for me. It's relatively inexpensive and easy to find, and doesn't leave a white cast on my hair. My hair looks exactly the same after blasting this through my roots. Wouldn't purchase again.

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Deodorants -Dove -Dry Spray, Nourished Beauty

on 5/7/2018 3:49:00 PM


I love the smell, it works well, but I do not like the packaging. I know it sounds silly, but it's difficult to spray. The button is hard to press down. It's also a few more dollars than the stick version. I don't understand why because it seems like you get less product. I bought the spray version because someone told me it worked better, but I don't know.

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