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Top/Base Coats -Barry M -Matte Topcoat

on 2/14/2018 3:21:00 PM


This is a good matte top coat for a great price. A few years ago I shelled out for the Essie matte top coat and I really hated it; while it did mattify the nail polish, it also made it extremely brittle and made it chip within 24 hours. This one doesn't do that, though it naturally doesn't make polish last as long as more protective top coats (I usually use Seche Vite). It turns nail polish matte in under a minute, only con is that you need to wait for your polish to dry a bit before you go in with the topcoat, or you'll move it around. The brush is wide, which is a good thing, but the bristles are a tiny bit stiff. The effect lasts maybe three days before it starts to wear off a bit. Reapply the top coat and you'll get a few more days of matte nails out of it.

Again, for the price, it performs well enough that I can see myself repurchasing it.

+ Cruelty free
+ Vegan!
+ Affordable (£2.99 at their website)
+ Gives a nice, matte finish
+ Doesn't shorten the life span of your polish too much

- The brush could be better
- You need to reapply after a few days if you want your nails to stay matte

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Polishes -Barry M -Olive

on 2/13/2018 4:24:00 PM


Olive is a pale olive/sage/khaki, cream polish. I believe it came out in Spring 2014 Gelly Hi-Shine line. I love this line of polishes, even lighter colour polishes only need 2 coats and they dry super-shiny without a top coat.

The formula of this polish is very good; perfect opacity in 2 coats. If this is the colour you are looking for, then I would recommend this polish.

The only reason I marked it down was because this colour looked too pale for my skin tone. It gave me lobster hands (I often struggle with pale colours). I think the only time I will use this polish in the future is in nail art.

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Lipstick -Barry M -Lip Paint (All)

on 2/9/2018 9:07:00 AM


I bought these in the colours Pose (beautiful) and Go To... I love the colours so much, but unfortunately cant wear them, they are EXTREMELY drying, more than any liquid lipstick I've ever tried. They literally do feel like paint on the lips. A real shame about the formula being so drying, as the colours are lovely.

Lip Liners -Barry M -Lip Liner

on 2/9/2018 9:04:00 AM

I wear this in No 5 Russet, i fill in my lips first with Gosh lip liner Nougat Crisp, then i outline with this and slightly fill in round the lip line for an ombre effecteffect with the Gosh lip liner showing in the middle.. Its a beautiful shade, highly pigmented, lasts ages, and just makes me feel glamorous when I've got it on!
Purchased it so many times over I've lost count.

Misc Beauty Tools -Barry M -Barry M Setting Spray Matte Mist & Fix Finish


I bought this as a replacement for my beloved Urban Decay All Nighter. I am VERY liberal with the setting spray as it’s the only thing that stops my make up from sliding or wearing off my rosacea. I probably spritz about 20 times which means that I go through sprays pretty quickly and I just can’t afford to buy UD all the time. I picked this up to try as the L’Oréal one I tried before was awful. This is brilliant. Honestly feel it’s the same as UD - my make up lasts just as long, looks just as good, with the bonus I’m not paying £££ for it! It smells fresh, a bit cucumbery, and the spray bottle works just as well as UD. I’m on my second and haven’t experienced any sticking or anything like that. Barry M is often on special offer so I got 3 bottles for £10 which is fab. I also tried the dewy version which I like a lot as well - feels a touch more comfortable on the skin and I feel it looks a bit nicer IMO, but wears less well on the skin.

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