Abundance is an elegant fall scent that captures everyone’s favorite season with warm notes of baked apple, sweet organic spice, and a touch of creamy vanilla. Your new 4-in-1 rinse-free hand cleanser, hydrating serum, anti-oxidant boost and refresher. Esas Kolonya™ is inspired by the 200-year old noble Turkish ritual of welcoming guests by sanitizing their hands as they entered the home. We've modernized kolonya for today's world through the development of an organic, all-natural hand sanitizer that doubles as an anti-aging moisturizer, perfumed with sustainably-sourced organic fragrance ingredients. As seen in VOGUE, REFINERY29, and WHO WHAT WEAR, our kolonya is quickly becoming everyone's new favorite sanitizer! BENEFITS:


70% Certified Organic Alcohol*, Distilled Water, Colloidal Silver, Coconut-Derived Glycerin*, MCT oil, Cassia Angustifolia Hyaluronic Acid, Burdock Root Tincture*, Grape Leaf Tincture**, Upcycled Chlorophyll**, Cardamom*, Clove Bud*, Cinnamon Bark*, Tonka Bean, and Vanilla Absolute* Essential Oils; *Certified Organic and **Esas-Made



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