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This makeup base that smooths the oily shine is usable even over makeup. The clear white formula turns transparent as spread on the skin. The powder comes with a high sebum absorption property, which instantly absorbs oily shine for a silky smooth, matte finish. It doesn't leave any lwhite cast or tighten the skin. In addition, the powder particles come in 3 different sizes, covering pores to result in a smooth skin texture as if set with a face powder. 1. Reset sebum and shine. Powder with high sebum-absorbing capability absorbs shine instantly and produced a matte finish. Goes on smooth and doest not leave white powder residue. 2. Covers the pores. Three types of powders different in size are staying in irregular surfaces of the pores and giving the “soft-focus” effect to make the skin look smooth as if you had used face powder. 3. Smear-free formula. Quick-drying gel goes on smoothly and uniformly. Doesn’t smear easily when used for fixing makeup. 4. Contains skin-tightening ingredients. Mint water and menthol ingredients provide a cool, refreshing feeling. You will also feel refreshed while tightening your bare skin. Tar based pigment free, No mineral oils, Fragrance free, UV absorbing chemicals free



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4 years ago

This is a mattifying primer I use strictly for my nose, to keep my foundation from sliding and melting off. While I love the idea of using a natural base and I don’t care much for heavy coverage...

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