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10 months ago

This is supposed to be a universal tint but it's like spreading thick mustard on your face. It does work as a primer/sunscreen but did not totally blur my dark spots or red cheeks. It did not aggravate my rosacea but I only used it a couple times because it did not meld well with foundation on top. My foundation looked extremely sallow. It costs too much to just be a tinted primer/susncreen when there are better for this price. I have found all colorscience prices hard to swallow. IF they worked as advertised these reviews would reflect that.

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a year ago

I have a sample of this so I can’t comment on packaging or price. (We should have an opt-out area for that, which would make the reviews more accurate.) Plus: 1) It goes on fairly matte and looks like skin. 2) It didn’t in the slightest bother my sunscreen-sensitive skin, and I didn’t get at all oily during the hot weather. Minus: It did NOT cover, brighten or correct. That may be due to its tint, which is too dark for me. I don’t see a shade listed on the sample.

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3 years ago

This can be amazing for the right person. As another reviewer said, if your skin tends to be drier, you might find this accentuates your dryness. The color can also be problematic depending on your skin tone. But. I swear, my skin just...looks better when I wear this. And it looks better the day after. I have EXTREMELY PSYCHOTIC high standards *and* am super down on my skin (it's in rough shape), and hate every product because it's not giving me miracle results. I really do think this stuff makes my skin look brighter and happier. I love that it's SPF 50 because I can use it instead of sunscreen and have the added benefit of a bit of coverage/complexion consistency. I'm also a BIG Colorescience supporter because everything under the gd sun makes my skin break out, and their ingredients are top-notch. Most of their product line is super safe for those of us who are extraordinarily acne prone. They're really good about samples, so just ask for a bunch when you order and you should get several packets of this It's pricey, so do try before you buy.

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4 years ago

This may be wonderful for anyone with a skin type other than dry. Usually any product with this many silicones doesn't work for me, but since Colorescience makes such wonderful products I decided to try it anyway. (I'm fine if something has a little dimethicone, but if there are lots of silicones it dries out my skin and makes it look rough.) This primer is supposed to even out skin tone and actually lighten dark spots over time. If you place an order on the Colorescience website, you can call customer service to request a sample. (They only send samples after you order.) This has a thick but light mousse-like texture. It looks dark but the color was fine once I spread it on my skin. I used moisturizer under it, and it spread very nicely and evenly. It did not completely cover my dark spots, but helped a little. Then I applied my foundation powder over it and dark spots were hidden. However, within 20 minutes my skin started to look dry and tight and rough, just like all silicone products work on me, so I washed my face and started over without the Even Up. I won't get a chance to see how it lightens spots over time since it doesn't work for me, but it may work very well for someone else who can tolerate silicones and isn't as dry.

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