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Recent Schwarzkopf Reviews

Styling Products -Schwarzkopf -Instant Volume Powder


I tried using this a few times, in different ways, but I found it did the same thing regardless.

The first way I tried using it, was after styling, shaking the powder close to my roots, and then rubbing in with my fingers. It did not create volume of any kind, just a sticky, glued rat's nest of hair.

The second way I tried it was shaking first onto my fingers then applying it to my hair, same deal, sticky glued rat's nest of hair.

I found this also made my hair quite greasy looking, and as my scalp is pretty oily on it's own, that was not something I was trying to go for.

I'll definitely pass on this, for the record I have a lot of hair, and it varies in textures, I've got some fine, some coarse and some in between.

Shampoo -Schwarzkopf -Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo

on 1/13/2018 7:18:00 AM

I purchased this product owing to all my favourite volumising and texturising shampoos being continued (my favourite shampoos were: the old version of Aussie Mega from 8 years ago (Procter and Gamble have messed with the formula), Trevor Sorbie Volume Shampoo (discontinued by Boots) and Umberto Gianini Incredible Volume Shampoo or Ditch the Dirt Volume Shampoo). All these fantastic products have been discontinued or the replacements for them are totally underwhelming. When I used these products my hair felt amazing = me in a good mood.
So, back to the Schwarzkopf Volume Shampoo. The plus point was that it was only 99p in Savers Chemists. The minus points were that it made my hair more limp and greasy than I have ever known. My hair was also not as shiny as usual = put me in a BAD mood. I have confined this product to the laundry cupboard to use for washing brushes. The only plus point was that I wasted just 99p on this. I do not recommend.

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Conditioner -Schwarzkopf -Extra Care Ultimate Repair

on 1/5/2018 4:14:00 PM

This shampoo made my hair break off — normally I have healthy and strong hair. I always lose a lot more hair than normal when I use this shampoo. It also made my hair feel like straw and has a dry, lathering and fragranced feeling reminiscent of cheap soap.

Conditioner -Schwarzkopf -Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color

on 1/4/2018 8:33:00 PM

This conditioner contains:ultime 4 complex of pearl essence,panthenol,refined protein and keratin. This conditioner is for colored or highlighted hair. UV protection and shine with diamond gloss serum as well. It leaves the hair shinny and soft! Love it!

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Hair Color -Schwarzkopf -Color Ultime

on 1/4/2018 6:56:00 PM

I decided it was time to get rid of the gray along my temples. Usually I use Garnier but saw this product and loved the thought of dying my hair Black Cherry. I am a mouse brown naturall that is very fine.. Bought it, brought it home and used it. Mixing was a breeze and the smell was actually quite pleasant for hair color. There is no strong ammonia smell at all. My hair is about an inch or so below my shoulders. One bottle covered my entire head. There was no burning like you can get from some hair coloring. I rinsed it out after 30 minutes and used their conditioner. Not much I can say about the conditioner. Had to use the entire tube on my hair. Washed and then conditioned my hair with my shampoo and conditioner. I absolutely fell in love with the color. It's dark and rich and the red shows nicely in the right lighting. I won't color my hair any other color from now on.

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