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Fragrances -PENHALIGON'S -Elizabethan Rose

on 6/8/2018 3:48:00 AM


I love rose. Seriously, it might actually be my favourite perfume note/ingredient. You may call me a white flower kind-of-a-guy but at heart, I’m a beautifully blooming rose? I can’t get enough and my collection is ever-expanding with gorgeous roses across all olfactory families.

Elisabethan Rose was originally launched in 1984 and it was a perfectly pretty, if not a tad too light, rose with a prim attitude. I didn’t care for it particularly, nor did I hate it. This Elisabethan Rose however – the Elisabethan Rose of 2018 – is an entirely new fragrance and it would be fair to say that Penhaligon’s have brought it bang up to date with a very modern composition that plays with the classic idea of a rose but injects the sweetness and spaciousness demanded today. They call it a rose “fit for a Queen” with “a most commanding presence”. But is this a stoic rose fit for the pale-faced Elizabeth I or something softer and more corgi-friendly a la Elizabeth II? There’s only one way to find out…

The Notes

Top: Hazelnut Leaf, Almond Oil and Cinnamon
Heart: Red Lily, Rose Centifolia Oil and Rose Absolute
Base: Vetiver, Musk and Wood

Elisabethan Rose starts out quite spicy. It has a crispness that comes, not from citrus, but from greenery and pepper. Cinnamon adds a fiery warmth, creating a bridge between rich greenery and spice, and a beautiful rose accord. The rose is vivid, announcing itself in a glossy shade of ruby red. There’s a jammy quality to this rose – it feels juicy and sweet, almost as if the rose petals have been brushed with a thick glaze of strawberry jam (yum). It’s sticky and warm with the rose bringing a crisp bite that prevents things from becoming too sickly – it really is a nice balance. There is also a freshness to the rose which makes me think of scooping up a handful of freshly picked rosa centifolia petals and burying your nose right in them.

The longevity is impressive and Elisabethan Rose hums along, singing its rosy little song for many hours. As the petals slowly drop off, the fragrance reveals a base of dry woods with the suppleness of sandalwood folding gently into clear, rose-accented musks. I don’t get any of the promised vetiver, which would have perhaps added a nice green, earthy touch, but for the most part I enjoy the transition from full one rose jam to a simple breeze of rose droplets in the base. It’s incredibly satisfying.

Elisabethan Rose is a perfectly lovely rose and it has enough character to hold interest in a world filled to the brim with rose fragrances. I particularly enjoy its sticky, jammy quality, which feels quite enjoyable on a sunny day, almost as if one has turned themselves into a fresh jam roly-poly. Lol. Does it stand out as an amazing rose? No, but it has its merits and I find the tightrope walk between the garden rose and gourmand rose exhilarating at times. If, like me, your collection is already stocked with roses of all kinds then you may want to give this one a miss however, if you’re still looking for that perfect rose then I’d certainly recommend giving Elisabethan Rose a sniff. Especially if you demand a fragrance fit for royalty!

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Fragrances -PENHALIGON'S -Lavandula

on 4/15/2018 8:26:00 AM


I received a large sample of this through a perfume subscription service. As a big lavender fan I was very curious about this fragrance as it sounded right up my street. My signature scent is Serge Lutens Gris Clair, which leans more to the masculine and winter side of lavender, Lavandula is definitely more feminine and is better suited for spring/summer. It’s soft and warm and a very rounded lavender scent. It smells very clean but not boring. Sillage is moderate, longevity is good.

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Fragrance -PENHALIGON'S -Endymion

on 10/31/2017 3:06:00 PM


Sweet and spicy and utterly delicious.

I honestly think this scent is unisex, despite being marketed as a Men's fragrance - but then again I wear a lot of men's perfumes.

Unlike many of Penhaligon's scents, this one lasts quite a long time and will take you on an interesting, evolving olfactory journey.
It starts off very peppery, with a bit of a burnt sugar smell beneath, and quite traditionally 'masculine', but quickly evolves into something a spicy and sweet that lasts for hours, especially if sprayed on clothes.

Not cheap but worth the money.

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Fragrances -PENHALIGON'S -Bluebell

on 9/22/2017 10:17:00 AM


I apologize that I didn't write this review the day I wore this; the details are fuzzy already and it was less than two weeks ago. There was almost nothing to like about this fragrance; there was a brief moment when it smelled exactly like some delightfully 80s bathing salts I got my mom for Mother's Day when I was very young but the scent kept moving.

It was dreadful after that. Very evocative of a flower (never having smelled bluebells, I can't say that it smelled correct for that) but very synthetic, very chemically scented, like a convincing costume. You'd never forget it was someone wearing a costume, even though the costume was very well constructed. It smelled very cheap and my opinion of Princess Diana (who was reputed to have worn this frequently) has changed. It was that bad.

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Fragrances -PENHALIGON'S -Ostara

on 7/9/2017 7:09:00 PM

Same creamy note that appeared in Amarathine. I miss both of them and wait hopefully for it to turn up in another Pen scent. They always seem to d/c the best ones. I'll never forgive them for killing off Violetta. Can't buy again but I would in a heartbeat.

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