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Styling Products -Got2b -Mind Blowing Express Dry Spray

on 9/2/2018 6:38:00 PM

I quite like this product. I find it does somewhat speed up the drying process, especially if I spray it after combing my wet hair. I have fairly thick, long hair that goes to the middle of my back so any help to dry it is welcome! I find it works particularly well if I comb it out and then massage the product in, starting from the middle of my strands, down to the tips. I’d say the product cuts down my drying time by 20%, if I had to give a ballpark number. It’s not a miracle worker by any means, but it certainly helps and doesn’t leave any gross residue afterwards. Plus, it’s an excellent heat protectant so my strands aren’t fried, even after months of getting it cut!

Styling Products -Got2b -Dazzling shine spray

!! Please help !!

Last night i was using this product on my hair and it got leaked on my phone. At the moment I have it in rice since it sort of helped but it seeped through the screen protector and It has left a chemical mark on my phone, a white leaked mark and the rest blue. It still works but I've never seen this happen before.

Styling Products -Got2b -Kinkier gloss 'n' define curling mousse


Ok here's the thing i also mixed with another product but mostly this first it didn't give me jaw defying curls all it did was bring out what i already have and I think that's what it is supposed 2 do it doesn't make the straight part of my hair curly at all didntntry much but itbbrought out enough wave in the back to like it n its somewhat subtle but I think it depends on ur hair n it didnt make my hair loom greesy at all but I think it also depends on your hair and all but i like it so far

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Styling Products -Got2b -volu maniac bodifying Mousse

on 8/3/2018 2:09:00 AM

This is by far the worst volumizing mousse I have used! In general I like Göt2B products but this one doesn’t come close to it!! I have very fine hair and when I used this product on my damp hair it was impossible to get the brush through it for blow drying & styling, it was sticking together like glue, which made me pull my hair to the point of damaging it. Once it was dry & trying my best to somehow style it my hair looked very dull like cardboard - terrible! To not waste the money altogether I spent on this I tried mixing it with other volumizing styling products which were more liquidy - but also no success, this product did not agree with my hair nor did it provide volume & some shine. Would definitely not purchase again!

Styling Products -Got2b -POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder

on 4/16/2018 3:08:00 PM


My very favorite volumizer in the world. I have stick straight, shiny, "silky - meaning no grip whatsoever" Asian hair. To each his/her own but I have always hated the fact that my hair looks plastered to my roots, that it's so difficult to add volume and curl but this product is a game changer.

See that model w/the voluminous hair in the picture? It's not a lie - you can actually achieve that with this product. I just tap a little onto my hands and gently smooth it over my hair for volume and grip that lasts and lasts and lasts. Very impressive. I find the powder disappears into my hair quite easily and it doesn't leave your hair looking too matte and weird. It's better than ANY spray dry shampoo.

I still feel like the product is a bit overpriced for what I get - I keep reading that these hair powders are just corn starch - but it works really well and the little bottle does last a very long time so I'll keep repurchasing.

Tip: You can also apply with a big powder brush to your hair for more even distribution.

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