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Recent Cle de Peau Reviews

Foundations -Cle de Peau -The Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 21

on 11/11/2017 12:42:00 AM


I hadn’t loved a foundation this way since I was young and didn’t need one! This is lovely, luminous and feels like a delicious moisturizer when you put it on. And it lasts all day. A game changer. But it is seriously expensive.

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Cleansers -Cle de Peau -Gentle Cleansing Foam

on 9/28/2017 10:29:00 AM


Really didn't like this cleaning foam at all. It foamed up really well and was luxuriously creamy, but left a horrible waxy film on my skin. Thank goodness I didn't buy a full size and was only trying a sample of it.

Mascara -Cle de Peau -perfect lash mascara

on 9/28/2017 10:23:00 AM


First tried this mascara in a trial size when I bought one of the Christmas sets. I really like the mascara brush and how it really clings on to my lashes when I apply it. It is also very volumizing and does not smudge on me at all, even in humid weather. Since then I've bought 2 full size mascaras, but only when travelling to Japan as it is cheaper there. I would use this as my regular mascara if it was much cheaper, so it's a bit of a luxury product if you feel like splurging.

Eye Makeup Remover -Cle de Peau -Démaquillant Pour Les Yeux Absolu

on 9/28/2017 10:16:00 AM


This eye makeup remover is a breeze for hard to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliners, but is a tad oily compared to some other eye makeup removers. The price is also really expensive, so I'm not likely to purchase again.

Eye Shadow -Cle de Peau -Eye Color Quad (All)

on 9/18/2017 10:39:00 AM


Initially I was crestfallen when swatching rendered no pigment and only sparkles. It turned out they needed a couple of uses for the pigment to come out normally as they had been pressed too hard or something. Now I use them every day. They actually need the barest touch of the brush to give a lot of pigment. They need no primer, they blend, last, etc. Very flattering, harmonious colours (i have Stellar Gaze and Satin Moon as well as a duo in Grounded) and generally just foolproof. The sparkles are fine and pretty. These remind me of certain Dior shadows in texture (the ones with a 'complex shimmer')

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