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Lipstick -CK One -Shine Lipstick - Bliss

this isthe perfect spring shade. it looks vry pale in the tube and I was so heistiant.
But on the lips it is truly the best shade. a soft peachy pink, very luminus it really lifts your face. I adore this colour and I own dozens of other coral -peach-orangey shades.
The formual isgood, hydrating and the fish is glossy. And for the price , you can't beat that (yu can find his gen at dicounters forless that 10 Euros).
The only Con: the pacakging: outer tube is half white (=get dirty) and half black and the black part is this rubber-like material that gets fingerprints and traps dirt. (The material NARS uses for their packaging -blushes shadows, lippies you nameit - just to give you the idea). I really don't like it, it's messy.

Would I buy again? yes, I already ordered 2 more tubes as a backup!!

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Lipstick -CK One -610 bite me

on 12/2/2016 10:14:00 PM

I wish i could buy it again, however I can no longer get CK One lipsticks. I've finally used this all the way up and have enjoyed it all the way.

The formula is impeccable, highly pigmented, moisturising, goes on like a dream. Does transfer everywhere but i don't care, i love this lipstick.

The colour - a bright deep red, that classic blue red that flatters your teeth and never goes out of style.

Liquid -CK One -3-in-1 Face Makeup With SPF 8 Sunscreen

I grabbed this on a whim online for a really good price as they are no longer being carried at Ulta. I just guessed on shade match, picked 100 and for my NC20 skin it was perfect. This is a bit thicker of a foundation and it sets somewhat quickly, I was at first concerned that my dry/combo skin wouldn't like it, but it has looked PERFECT all day long. Smooth, not patchy, I think I actually look younger with this on!
I'm not sure where CK One will be sold from now on, but I'll be looking out for it. It was worth the purchase for me, and probably worth a repurchase!

Brows -CK One -brown pencil + gel duo

on 10/1/2015 8:37:00 AM

I picked this up during the 21 days of savings in September at Ulta. I try new brow products often because I am never completely satisfied with what I find. I usually end up using a combo. This is the perfect combo a pencil that adds color and a clear gel that gives shape and control. My brows are sparse and light and the "foxy redhead" color from this line allows me to fill in perfectly to compliment my hair. The pencil is twist up so no need to sharpen and it twists down eliminating the break risk. The tiny gel brush, at least for me, required a little practice. Overall I am happy with this product. It comes in 3 or 4 colors and I was happy to see a true red.

Highlighters -CK One -Skin Illuminator 100 Cool

on 3/21/2015 11:25:00 PM

I must echo everything written by Halloqueen. What an amazing, under-the-radar product that is both well-priced and high quality.
What I loved most: there are three color options, warm, cool and Hot. Hot is a bit bright to me, somewhat like a melon-orangey undertone. It can probably lean red, which is usually what I prefer to avoid.

Warm: a very soft and somewhat typical gold shimmer, but still a great quality product. It reminds me a lot of BeneFit High Beam, or any other golden warm highlighter.

The one I purchased is Cool: this is beautiful! It's like a rosy gold color, but still not leaning too red or too bronze. It's perfect to me for all skin tones, but I can see why it does well on cooler tones. I have been called "warm" for many years, but I know that my color palette colors are classified as cool/winter. I have dark hair and hispanic/tan skin that can look exceptionally good in jewel tones (which I don't love, but oh well!).

When i put this on, it's just perfect - it's exactly everything that you'd like in a liquid shimmer highlighter:
1. non sparkly, just fine satin shimmer
2. not oily and no weird residue; for me, I had no reactions at all. (YMMV as always)
3. the price at $20 is unbeatable compared to other similar lines. The only exception to this price might be the Revlon Skinlights but I'm not quite sure those would match the pigment or other aspects of this product.
4. The color is unique and special, not like most other highlighters that end up being a sheer bit of shimmer at best.
5. The packaging IS tricky as Halloqueen stated; it can shoot out if you aren't sure what to do with the tube.

a. you remove the lid by pulling up - it doesn't screw on/off. Pull the white cap up and off gently, like removing the cap on a bottle of shaving gel or hair mousse.
b. just gently tilt the tube with the opening hole pointed directly onto your finger and gently squeeze. A little should come out and it will be fast and likely surprising.

I love the packaging look; a streamlined tube that isn't too wide; i like the white cap and the fact that you can see through to the color of the product.

There was no oily weird stuff either when i first took some out (I see that for MAC paints and other tube products, Stila cheek gels, etc).

Enjoy this and use it everywhere you want a healthy glow. I used it straight on my skin, but the idea of a sponge is nice (product gets a little wasted though). Also could use a fluffy brush to evenly disburse it.

This is able to be purchased now at Ulta. Also, the tubes seemed like they'd been on the shelf for a while, but what else is new? at Ulta this is typical - but the product was fresh and smelled fine, etc.

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