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Hair Color -Wella -Color Charm Toner

on 8/29/2018 7:19:00 PM


I bleached my hair light blonde but I had brassiness closer to the scalp. I learned its best to use 10 developer instead of 20 with t15 and t18 to actually tone down the color. 20 developer lightens but doesn't deposit the toner if used with 10 developer and it's not as harsh

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Hair Color -Wella -Color Tango Permanent Masque

on 8/29/2018 6:21:00 PM

This has been my go to for the last 6 months or so, in my quest for the perfect vibrant (yet still natural) Red hair color.
I use with the the matching developer in 20vol. and have noticed that it doesnt cause any damage for me. I tend to do an all over application anytime I tweak the formula, but if I am going to use the same formula I used the prior time, I will apply to roots only, and then pull it through the ends in the shower and let it sit a few minutes just to freshed the color at the ends without causing any damage.
It seems most of the reds in the Wella Tango line have are either red-violet or red-orange/gold, there doesnt seem to be a clear red-red.
I am liking this product so far, I have been using 6R auburn and mixing it with other reds, like the 8R, and recently mixed 6R with 6RN, which produced a rich auburn with more brown in it then when I use 6R alone. I have tried the 8R Ginger and the 8RG in summer when I was going for more of a copper red, and it was nice but had a bit more orange instead of copper look, to me. all the combos I have tried seemed to pull orange (which I prefer to pulling violet, as I am going for that 'natural redhead' look) however this does seem to fade significantly within a few weeks. I do combat the fading with color depositing shampoos and conditioners. So far, I still prefer this to other brands I have tried (ION Brilliance, Feria, Pravana, various "fashion" color brands like Adore, Manic Panic) and will continue to use it unless something better comes around. I am thinking about trying Wella Color Charm just because I miss being able to use a bottle, and Color Tango is way to thick for that, you have to use a bowl and brish to apply. And since it is so thick, I feel like it doesnt spread well through my thick hair so I have to be extra careful to not miss any spots.

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Conditioner -Wella -Brilliance for Fine/Normal Hair

Please see my review for the Wella Brilliance for Fine/Normal Hair as well, since I do talk about the conditioner there. I like that this product nourishes the hair without gunking it up or weighing it down. It isn't enough by itself to keep my hair from getting dry, but if I use a combo of the matching shampoo, this conditioner, and a deep conditioner every few washes my hair looks and feels amazing. I think if you can catch these on sale they're a heck of a deal, and I will keep buying both the shampoo and the conditioner for the foreseeable future.

Shampoo -Wella -Brilliance for Fine/Normal Hair

I got some travel size bottles of this shampoo and conditioner around the holidays and loved it, but being the somewhat frugal gal I am (LOL), I wanted to wait til Ulta had their liter sale to buy the ginormous bottles. I am glad that I did, because even when I tried the mini bottle this shampoo and its matching conditioner were love at first wash. I have fine, wavy, somewhat dry, color-treated, abundant hair, so the list of things I want the staple hair products to do is kinda lengthy. I want it to cleanse without stripping, give shine, and not weigh my hair down with any greasiness. This ticks all of the boxes and then some; my hair feels soft, supple, shiny, and actually healthy when using this shampoo with the coordinating conditioner and a deep conditioner every 3-4 washes. I think that the liters are a great value when you catch them on sale, and of course they last for a good long time for me since I don't wash every day. The scent is light and unoffensive to me, and I don't find that it overpowers though it does linger for a while. I did not have a holy grail shampoo before, but this one from Wella may very well be it.

Hair Color -Wella -Koleston Perfect

on 7/15/2018 7:28:00 AM

I have been coloring my hair at home for many years, and I have used many boxed hair dyes from the drugstore (mainly Garnier Nutrisse and L'Oreal Excellence), and also from Sally's (Ion). I found a store by me that sold Wella Koleston Perfect, and figured why not try it, I'd heard good things about it.
And well, the hype is real!

I bought 10.8, a very light pearl blonde, to retouched my roots which are about a level 5-6. I used it with a 30% developer, and I was able to achieve a very light, non-brassy result! Much lighter than I ever got with the dyes I'd been using.

You can tell this product is better quality from the mixing stage - it is much creamier than most, spreads really easily and it expands, once on the hair, for awesome coverage. It's hard to miss spots with this product.

Hair feels in great condition, is shiny and healthy looking.

The only "con" (not really a con!) is that the tube is a bit difficult to squeeze, but oh well. And I had to use the whole tube, usually I can do half/half but this only comes in 2 oz.

Price-wise, funny enough, it is only about $2 more expensive than d/s hair color, so needless to say this will be my go-to hair color going forward.

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