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Styling Products -Wella -EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion

Perfect Me is a lightweight, milky-textured lotion product that claims to protect from heat damage, add smoothness, shine, and moisture to the hair. My hair is colored, fine textured but thick, somewhat dry, and sort of unruly. I've used this both with heat styling and air drying and it is a very nice product! It definitely does add some softness and shine to my hair without weighing it down or making it feel greasy. When my hair air dries it gets pretty wavy, and Perfect Me doesn't diminish that effect too much like other lotion-y leave-ins can do. It has a faint smell, but it fades away pretty quickly. One good-sized pump is enough to coat my shoulder-length hair, so I expect that the bottle will last for a fairly long time. I usually try to avoid spending very much on haircare products since I have found that many less expensive options work just as well for me, but I definitely think that this product is worth it. I can't say how it would work on coarser hair, but if you want something to smooth fine hair without adding too much weight, definitely give this a try!

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Hair Color -Wella -Color Charm 050 Cooling Violet

on 4/23/2018 11:04:00 AM


YES YES YES! Brassy brunettes - REJOICE WITH THIS PRODUCT. If you want to remove brass - buy this. If you want to add an awesome gray dimension to your hair - TRY THIS.

I have darker light to medium brown hair with some silver coming in and have several natural white streaks in my hair (think, Rogue. Had them since I was born.) Because of hard water, sun exposure, and daily wear and tear, my ash brown hair tends to get very orange-brassy. I stupidly tried 2 different hair box dyes in light ash brown and one was light neutral brown - and they lifted my hair redder than it was when I started. UGH UGH UGH.

After much YouTube and Googling, I stumbled on this product. I had read back and forth that you were to use it mixed with the Wella toner T14 for brassy (T18 is for yellow) and then I saw people use it alone with a developer. I read reviews that said the Wella toners lightened their hair - and after seeing a YouTube video of a gal using just this product and a 20 vol. developer and come out with a dark brown gray ash brunette color - I decided to just go ahead with this additive alone and skipped the toner.

SO AWESOME. Gals - if you have brunette hair - you CAN USE THIS TO GET RID OF BRASSY TONES. I did not want to lighten my hair at all - so I used half a bottle of this product (1:2 ratio) - and then double that of a generic 10 volume creme developer. If you just want to remove brass -- I highly recommend sticking with a 10 volume or less developer. It turned out GREAT. I have long hair down to my breasts, and a half bottle of the 050 and two parts developer were enough to saturate my hair. You don't need to use the whole thing, especially if you are removing just brass. This is a game changer for me - and so much smarter than using box dye to remove brass (since most box dyes are 20 vol. developer and can lift some color from your roots).

I left mine on for about 15 minutes and it started to look dark, but I could have left it on for longer. You just have to watch and see what you like. I did the mistake of following videos and sectioned my hair and started with my hair that was underneath first - so my top layers didn't get a long enough saturation compared to my bottom. I normally NEVER section my hair - I always start top down because the top parts of my hair are the most brassy, so I'm going back in with more color and doing just the top parts that I want to emphasize.

Just know that this doesn't turn violet - once the color develops, it's like a smokey gray lotion. It's great. The smell was like a typical hair dye smell - and it washed out easily. It didn't mark up my clothes and if it got on my skin, it wiped off easily. My hair was a bit dry after rinsing, but any deep conditioner (or the tubes you get in box dye) perked it up immediately.

Totally recommended trying this - you CAN use it on brunette hair and use it alone - BUT with a 10 vol. developer. It works so well for brass. Just watch your strands and stop when you don't want too much gray. Parts of my hair turned out a beautiful gray. This stuff is GOLD for me!

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Hair Color -Wella -Color Charm White Lady Toner

on 4/1/2018 12:52:00 PM


This seriously burns my scalp if I use anything over 10 vol peroxide with it. I dont use this anymore because it still stings even with 10 vol but it does work. The only reason this wouldnt work is if the hair wasn’t light enough. Hair needs to be a pale creamy yellow, like the inside of a banana. Also if you have damaged parts to your hair then toner will cling to them and go grey/silver leaving a patchy result, same if you have lighter/darker parts in your hair, the colour will turn out patchy then too. Also, dont leave it on too long, check it every few minutes. I only ever needed to leave this on for 5 mins. Everyones hair is different though so for best results keep checking it, especially on the lengths and ends.

Hair Color -Wella -Color Charm Toner

on 3/27/2018 10:24:00 AM


This review is for T-10 Pale Blonde.

I have medium neutral-ashy blonde hair that was starting to look pretty one dimensional. I bought a bleach kit and bayalayged some of my ends sporadically to break it up. The result was pretty and natural looking, but the underneath of my hair on the right side is a bit darker than the rest of my hair because color remover didn’t fully saturate that side a few months ago. This has bothered me some but not enough to put color oops on again - however, the bleach turned the pieces in this darker part a nasty orange.

I mixed 1 bottle of toner with 3 oz of 10 volume developer and saturated my entire head (my hair was damp). I waited 20 minutes and was spooked to wait any longer because this was dark grey on my hair.

This got rid of the orange. I’m so impressed. I think I could have waited a few minutes longer for an even brighter pale blonde, but I love it. My hair is smooth and silky.

We’ll see how this holds up but it’s cheap to do at home so I won’t mind having to do it once a month if that’s what I have to do.

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Shampoo -Wella -Elements renew shampoo

on 3/5/2018 12:00:00 PM

I actually like this shampoo but I think it's being discontinued so take this review with a grain of salt.

I had gotten samples of this and liked it right away. I was actually surprised because at the time I wasn't liking or using sulfate free shampoo and this was one of the few that seemed to perform well. (I now use Shea Moisture Weightless which is sulfate free). This smells nice and lathers up quite well. The last few times I used this with the matching conditioner, my hair seemed very static-y. It's been that way lately but some products make it worse. I tried this again without the conditioner and I think the shampoo alone is better than both (even though the conditioner does perform well too).

However, I would not pay full price for this. I would have probably gotten it at Ulta's liter sale but I missed it, and they might stop carrying it by the next one. It's not so amazing that it kicks Shea Moisture Weightless out for me, but it was close enough that I liked it and wanted to get it (on sale...). Shea Moisture isn't too cheap either because they come in small bottles (13oz for $11.50) but this one is much more. This shampoo retails for $22 for an 8.4oz or $48 for the liter. Currently the small size is $10.99 at Ulta so if you're interested, check it out as they clearance them out. I guess I don't love it enough because that's still too much for what you get, in my opinion but it was a pretty good shampoo where other ones I've tried, high end or drugstore, weren't as good.

I do still wonder if it's a bit too thick. Sometimes my hair feels "stuck together" like a it's almost greasy when I use this, and if it is from this, then I wouldn't want to purchase. It did seem nice but it's hard to be sure.

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