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Concealers -Silk Naturals -Sleep in a Jar


I've never written any review for cosmetics ever, until this. Recently I got insomnia (and depression together with it) and developed very bad dark circle under my eyes. Nothing would cure it, and I tried almost everything, it C, retinol, dirt-cheap natural oils to extremely expensive eye creams... I literally got severe depression because of this drastic change in my look. Have used SN products for years but never touched this concealer (as never had dark circle problem before)...

So first i applied it by my ring finger, for like a month. It covered just a bit, but my terrible eclipse-looking dark circle still showed through. Then recently I ordered Sephora airbrush concealer. I never thought that a brush would make such difference! But it does! It's so different from applying concealer by my finger, and believe me when I say it I mean it! The medium peach concealer covers my circle like 98%, in just 2 strokes (in V shape). No crease, no cakey look. Just very natural. I love it, kind of get my confidence back, but still need to work more on my insomnia which is the root cause...

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Treatments (Face) -Silk Naturals -Facelift Serum

on 8/16/2018 6:47:00 PM


I guess I was waiting a while to review this because I've been using it for months now and can safely say I LOVE it. I had previously used their Botanical serum, which is always a great addition for it's benefits and affordable price, and the Awesome Sauce which I still love, but I might like this more. This one is more liquidy and gets clogged in the spout I think slightly more than the other two. I often clean it out and have even replaced it with empty pump tops I had from SN but it still happens. No worries though, because it works so well. I can't say I'm now wrinkle free, but I think it helps. I especially use this after needling and actually, come to think of it, I pretty much always mix one pump of this with one pump of the botanical serum for it's hyaluronic acid and soothing properties. When I travel, I have a sample bottle from SN that I filled with all three serums :) I will definitely restock on this, it's so worth it. I love SN products!!

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Eye Shadow -Silk Naturals -Clear Mixing Medium

on 6/7/2018 8:54:00 AM

I bought two- one for home and one for my travel kit
This is a terrific clear cream that is meant to be mixed with powder shadows. i haven't tried this yet, but what it has been brilliant for is mixing it into older dried out (and expensive) cream eyeliners (looking at you Bobbi Brown). Brilliant rescue.

I love silk natural products- they are affordable and also great with samples. Excellent customer service as well

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Powder -Silk Naturals -Mineral Foundation

on 5/24/2018 5:36:00 PM


I love the idea of mixing my own foundation! To me it means having the ability to make it darker or lighter as the seasons change.
The mixing process is cool and the price point is awesome, but the foundation itself oxidise badly. When I mix it I can’t rely on the colors of my other foundations. I have to make it lighter. Once I put the foundation on it gets two shades darker within 5minutes. I don’t like foundations that oxidise.
The powder has a light to medium buildable coverage which usually fits right into my preferences. I don’t see that I wear any product on my face, yet it doesn’t improve my skin as well as my HG foundation does.
On photos my face looks like I don’t wear any complexion makeup, literally nothing! But the end of the day my normal to dry skin look shiny. It doesn’t look shiny if I wear no makeup.
I’ve bought a trial kit and I won’t be buying a full size product.

Toners -Silk Naturals -8% AHA toner

on 2/24/2018 11:29:00 AM


I'm so thankful to have found this product. I truly believe it has turned my skin around in just 1 month of regular use. I have normal to dry acne prone skin, mostly on the sides of my face. I was taking prescription tretinoin 0.025% cream and it seemed to stop working! Plus I had flaky dehydrated patches on my eyebrows, bumpy clogged pores on my jawline, and random breakouts. Not to mention a skin picking problem because of the blackheads. I was seriously depressed and felt so insecure without makeup because before I started using a new moisturizer (the Belif one everyone raves about 😣) I was content with my skin's texture and tone. I saw Stephanie Nicole recommend this in a affordable skin routine and I decided to try it. I was desperate. AND IT FREAKING WORKED! It doesn't smell like roses and it isn't fancy but it freaking worked. My simple skin care routine nightly is:
Face wash: Philosophy Purity and clarisonic
Toner: Silk Naturals AHA toner on a cotton pad
Moisturizer: Paula's Choice Hydrating Repair Cream followed by 0.025% tretinoin cream.
In the AM, I wash and use Drunk Elephant C firma and Tarteguard 30 (a must when using retinol and AHA)
My skin hasn't been this clear in months! My hyperpigmentation has lightened dramatically and I have 0 breakouts currently. The texture of my skin is flawless, no bumps or dry patches. I feel 100% ok without makeup and my confidence is boosted.
One thing I will say is that you need to always wear sunscreen with this products or you will get dark patches and don't be too aggressive. I was impatient at first and used it 2x a day and it did give me some irritation. Other than that, PLEASE TRY if you are dealing with any of the issues I described. It's so inexpensive compared to the junk I was considering from Sephora and it works!

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