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Toners -Silk Naturals -2% BHA Toner-Silk Naturals

on 2/23/2019 3:29:00 AM


I have tried SOO MANY BHA PRODUCTS. HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WORTH. And this little inexpensive underdog is the best one (for me).

Skin history: dehydrated, hormonal acne AND fungal acne, mild rosacea, large pores, cc's, blackheads and visible SF's on my t-zone.

Let me be clear: I did NOT purchase this to help with acne, I purchased this to help clear closed comedones, blackheads, and reduce the appearance of sf's (sebaceous filaments.) BHA has historically caused worsening acne for me due to it disrupting my skin barrier. BUT. This bha is so gentle, basic, and effective, that I can use it once or twice a week without it ruining any of my progress. No fragrance, botanicals, or other irritating ingredients. It effectively and rapidly reduces cc's, blackheads, and sf's. It's also very inexpensive.

Once or twice a week, I will remove sunscreen and grime with a wet microfiber cloth. I will then generously apply this BHA and leave it on my skin for 20 minutues, then I shower and follow with my usual nightly routine (vanicream gentle face cleanser, hada labo plumping gel cream on damp skin, cerave healing ointment to seal it in.)

I am so thankful for this product. It's my HG.

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Lips -Silk Naturals -Slick Stick in Tease

on 1/27/2019 4:00:00 PM


I have this Slick Stick in "Chantilly". A pretty, sheer light pink... it's a gloss IMO, feels really good over my lipstick, adds a different color effect...I prefer more color so I don't wear it alone, I need color(have pale pink lips), but still pretty. Smells really good also...Cost about $4.50 comes in a slime black tube, with a pretty pink lace-like label..very girly : )

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Loose Powders -Silk Naturals -Perfecting powder (untinted)

on 1/2/2019 3:30:00 PM


Love this powder. I used to use MUFE HD powder for yrs, which is so expensive, about $30 for this same size, pass. This works just as well to combat shine at only about $9., will buy again. At little goes along way, is sheer, white/colorless...Love this company!

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Hair -Silk Naturals -Cranberry Passion Fruit Cleansing Conditioner

on 12/11/2018 10:08:00 PM


I'd like to first say I love Silk Naturals. What a great Company! I never thought I could use a Cleansing Cond. I have oily hair on day two, mid day, so the thought of not using a reg shampoo just sounds like a big no for me..but the sound of this sounded so good "Cranberry Passion fruit" how could I not try it...Smells really great, has a conditioner consistency, actually really does clean my hair, shocked! It has Yucca in it which is what cleans is my guess, Native Americans used this for cleaning back in the day..Love Yucca. My old fav shampoo had Yucca in it, used it for like 10 yrs, so I had to try it..

I have been using this on the days I color my greys, since it says(on box dye) just cond after...Geat Product. Does have wheat in it..

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Masks -Silk Naturals -Stawberry Yoghurt Face Mask

on 11/25/2018 7:19:00 PM

Silk Naturals describes this mask as giving you “a fresh, dewy, more radiant glow.” I did find this description to be true, but that doesn’t mean this mask is for everyone. First, the result was subtle. My skin was soft (lightly moisturized) and felt like a light chemical exfoliant had been applied briefly. Essentially, that’s what happened as the only ingredients listed for this mask are whole milk yoghurt powder and strawberry powder, so I believe some mild enzyme action occurred. For me, this was perfect as I have very sensitive skin, but if you’re used to chemical exfoliants or even scrubs, this product might be unsatisfying for you. Also, some may not like having to mix the mask themselves. Finally, if you do like it, you can’t buy it in a quantity larger than a one tablespoon bag (and it comes in a sealable baggie). TL; DR: product is good for mild enzyme exfoliation for sensitive skin; some may not like plastic baggie container, having to mix own mask, small amount that comes with purchase.

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