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Bronzers -Sephora Collection -Sun Disk

on 1/22/2019 10:53:00 AM


This is not very pigmented. doesnt last throughout the day. the only good thing i guess is it blends in well and can be used for a long time. i think i used mine for about 4 years before it ran out. but i wouldnt repurchase again

Bronzers -Sephora Collection -Bronzing Powder

on 1/10/2019 11:12:00 PM


I wanted a good value bronzing powder to replace a previous one by NYC that had been a fav, so decided to try this Sephora one out. I am fairly happy with it (just started using it) and more so because it has no sparkle or sheen which is exactly what I wanted. I went with the colour 1 (light) and it is quite warm toned but with a light brush, it does the trick on my light-med complexion. Lots of product as well which makes it good value. I ticked no for buying it again as I have to be totally wow-d by a product to by it again as I like to try different types.

Tinted Moisturizer -Sephora Collection -Bright Future Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 25


Love love love!!! I bought the lightest shade, I think, #11 pure ivory. It's not white white or even neutral, more of a glowy yellow-tone...kinda like the ivory Shape Tape Foundation. But, unlike Tarte's, this is very sheer, easily blendable and gives a nice wash of sheer color with a bit of coverage. The yellowish tones help add glow to the skin and cancel redness and shadows. If you're truly cool-toned I'd avoid it bc it'll pull orangey on ur skin...neutrals and warm skins can wear this no prob. I love that the dewyness and yellow tint make my skin look more golden and softly glowy(without any glitter). Seriously it's like my dream version of the Shape Tape foundation--more sheer, easy to blend, pretty glow...all the things Tarte claims but isn't...this is and it makes ur skin look amazing. I def rec avoiding the Bright Future concealer bc it's totally worthless, and go for a regular, coverage concealer instead. Pretty much anything blends into this just fine(except their own concealer but that's in another review). Overall, this is the best not-foundation I've used...much lighter than BB or CC creams but still enough to cover minor skin issues while adding glow and a bit of healthy color. If your skin is pretty average and u want something to just even it out and add glow, this is bomb. If u need a bit of extra coverage, I'd say skip this and try something with more coverage, like the Shape Tape Foundation...the color and skin enhancing effects are pretty similar, just Tarte's prod will give u much better coverage. Oh I took off one star cuz this should be in a pump excuse to have to squeeze it out like toothpaste when even toothpaste comes in a pump now..but I get that they're trying to keep the price down. Other than that minor thing, this is amazing!

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Concealers -Sephora Collection -Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer


I realize I gave this one star but I really really like it...just hear me out... If you can color correct first or have very very little discoloration and want to just look fresh and bright, this is amazing! It's super creamy, easily blendable and the lightest shade I found, Bavarian cream, is perfect for even white white skin. Ok here's the prob..if you have actual dark circles to cover, it's worthless. One layer is beautiful--if your undereyes are perfect, in which case why bother with concealer? But if u need coverage, applying two layers is a mistake. It creates creases and wrinkles that aren't really there bc it settles randomly. Do not ever, ever bake over top of it..don't say I didn't warn you. If you bake, expect severe wrinkles and creasing..I swear I looked 40 years older when I tried that. And nothing will smooth it brush, sponge or trick I know will make it settle down and look remotely decent once you've baked. Again tho the formula is so gorgeous--not too heavy, goes on so easily and the color is flawless but it doesn't cover anything. The brightening effect is fab, I love that bc it's not glittery or odd, just brightening. However unless u have zero darkness under your eyes, this concealer doesn't conceal anything. Such a bummer bc everything about it is perfect otherwise. Even the price is fab for such a nice formula. But if u need coverage, look elsewhere bc you'll b totes disappointed in this.

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Makeup Brushes -Sephora Collection -PRO Tightline Liner #32

on 1/5/2019 12:13:00 PM


This really is the best tightliner brush EVER. The bristles are long and firm and provide a fine end for very accurate application. I wish they sold this on Sephora Europe.

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