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Masks -Sephora Collection -Sleeping Masks

on 11/12/2018 10:01:00 PM


I wish they sold this in a larger size. I love these little face masks. I have used pomegranate and rose and my skin loves it. I use it as the final step in my skincare routine and my skin just glows in the morning. The amount in the cups are too much for one time use I feel. I can get a good 3-4 nights out of a cup. I wish they were resealable. But overall they are a great product and I will repurchase.

Lip Treatments -Sephora Collection -Lip scrub Honey

on 11/10/2018 7:52:00 PM

I bought this because it was touted as a lip scrub in an adorable and cheerful yellow cardboard tube. After using it all up, here is what I can tell you.

The good: this product works well as a lip balm. The texture isn't waxy, and I usually slathered it on before bedtime and woke up with smooth lips. I like the scent -- an inoffensive sweet floral -- but, as the previous reviewer mentioned, it lacks the depth and complexity of a good honey. For $6 USD, however, I don't mind that so much. And while the packaging is cardboard, it has held up pretty well through a couple of big trips, so no complaints there.

The bad: in no way is this product a good lip scrub, not because it doesn't offer exfoliation, but because it does so inconsistently. Once I got about a third of the way through the tube, the product got extremely grainy. Sephora's website promises "gentle sugar exfoliants" in the lip scrub, but nowhere do they mention that said exfoliants would not exist for the first third of the tube, emerge with a vengeance in the second third, and then vanish for the remainder of the product. It seems fairly obvious to me that Sephora should either make sure that the sugar bits are more evenly distributed or remove them entirely and sell this as a lip balm.

So: four stars for a solid lip balm, but minus two for the fact that it is actually advertised and sold as a lip scrub.

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Primer/ Corrector -Sephora Collection -Beauty Amplifier Ultra Smoothing Primer

on 11/6/2018 9:55:00 PM


Great for oily skin and if you have scarring/bumps/flakes you want to smooth over. LOVE the pump dispenser, velvet finish. I would say this primer is less about pro-longing makeup wear and more about creating a smooth, velvet base and preventing caking.

For reference this is almost an exact dupe of Maybelline Baby Skin, the difference is I find this primer is less silicone-y (still has silicone feel) and slightly more velvet, for example the baby skin goes on very slippery smooth whereas this goes on smooth but has a tad (SUPER subtle) more stick to it. Best description I could give is if you mixed Baby Skin with Givenchy Mr Mat you'd get this product.

Does a great job of smoothing over breakouts and also filling in marks/scarring. Also I like it around my nose if I have dry skin and it prevents my makeup from caking. Would recommend but if you want to save a few dollars then try Baby Skin, also I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin types, just because it's not moisturising (or meant to be).

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Cleansers -Sephora Collection -Triple Action Cleansing Water

on 11/4/2018 1:39:00 PM


Terrible product. It doesn't remove all make up. I need to lreally wipe it hard which really irritates eyes and leaves raccoon eyes from left over make up. It's also heavily perfumed which is irritating. Micellar water should be gentle. there are better products out there for way cheaper.

Lipstick -Sephora Collection -Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick (All Shades)

on 10/25/2018 12:08:00 AM


I frequently gravitate to Always Red, Pink Tea, Warm Nude No 75(best dupe for Huda beauty Sugar Mama). It the best shade liquid lisptick and the shades those Emirates crew swear by. Its also reasonable price(wait for the sephora sale!!!!) . I take at least 2-3 months top to finish 1 tube. It has the perfect soft sponge doe foot applicator It has the best staying power and is not drying. Stays put when attending dinner parties...which is part of my job. So it keeps me look professional all times .Smells nice too . It feels comfortable on lips with no feathering. No wonder its sephora`s best seller. And the choices of colors is amazing. You get so many dupes for other brands in this line. What i didnt like is the small label at the bottom of the tube. I wish the colors are named on the tube itself for ref. This is a nice product. Go out and support sephora on this one, you guys..or get someone a nice pressie!!!

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