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Lip Gloss -Marc Jacobs -Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in Some Girls

on 12/15/2018 6:23:00 PM

Pros: This is a pretty shimmery pink

Cons: Not a particularly unique colored gloss

Overall: 4* - this is a nice color, good formulation that is not very sticky, but nothing special

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Primer/ Corrector -Marc Jacobs -Undercover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer

on 12/11/2018 4:58:00 PM


This primer has a lovely, gentle coconut scent which immediately drew me in! It’s formula is quite thin and liquidy, so it spreads easily and a little goes a long way - which is what you want when a product has quite a high price tag! I apply this all over my face and eyelids and let us absorb in for a minute or two before applying my makeup over it. I have tried many different foundations with this primer all have paired with it nicely (including Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Nars Sheer Glow and MAC Studio Fix). I find that this primer definitely helps extend the wear time of my makeup and prevents the product breaking down around my lip and chin area (my problem area when I skip primer!). I also find this primer to be quite hydrating which is a huge plus! If you have a normal to dry skin type, I would definitely recommend this primer!

Lip Gloss -Marc Jacobs -Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick

on 12/10/2018 4:27:00 PM


I'm so torn on this product. The things I love are equally matched by the things I hate about it.
Love: The shades. I can wear most of them, and they have enough pigment that even on my highly pigmented lips, I can wear most of them.

* Uh-huh Honey - I fell in love with this and it was nothing I was looking for. It's a bronzed chocolate with a silver glitter that gives it a flattering frost. I immediately felt like a sexy club goddess. It's a hot, modern color with a retro disco ball look. I expected a lot of grit with all that glitter, but it's impossibly smooth and creamy and looks fantastic.
* One Mauve Time - a cool, creamy lavender/mauve with bronze micro glitter that is almost indiscernible on the lips as anything other than brings enough warmth to keep the mauve from being flat and making the lips look incredibly plush.This is a tough color to wear, because it can looks very flat or corpse-like, but the micro glitter adds just the right amount of warmth. I often times can't wear a color like this because ones with enough density to cover my pigmented lips usually look cakey and thick, not this one.

Both of these colors mix cool and warm in a way that is just beautiful and, I think wearable for anyone, whether you prefer warm or cool lipsticks.

They both feel plush and smooth and I absolutely love the feel. Initial application is rich and glossy, with no stickiness or greasiness, no grittiness no matter how much glitter, and great coverage with just one coat It's really a pleasure to wear and the colors and finishes are beautiful. They offer rich coverage without looking thick.

The downsides, though, are considerable.
- Marc Jacobs has some of the worst packaging in the biz in all his products. Too clunky, too bulky, confoundingly cheap looking,
and messy. The noisy click mechanism is not retractable, yet clicks up in tiny increments that are frustrating.
- Way too pricey for the amount of product you get.
- NO staying power. Sure, I love the feeling of applying it, but having to do it every 30-50 minutes is just annoying, and I used it a
lot faster than I expected.
- It feels like it's going to be moisturizing...but it's not. It's not especially drying, but I'd expect more moisture.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. It's so lovely at first, but the lack of staying power is so frustrating and my romance turns to irritation within minutes. I can't justify the cost because it disappears so quickly, but even if I got it as a gift, I'd still be frustrated using it. On top of all that, the bulky, noisy, ugly packaging takes away from the experience.

Another Marc Jacobs beauty product that is sooooo close but can't quite close the deal. I don't get why this keeps happening.

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Lip Gloss -Marc Jacobs -Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipgloss - Make Me!

on 12/9/2018 9:36:00 PM


Moisturizing formula, not too tacky

Applies a bit unevenly

Overall: 2.5* - the color just doesn't look good on me and it applies patchy for me. The formula itself is not that bad, other than the patchiness of this shade.

Lipstick -Marc Jacobs -Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Red-y To Go

on 12/9/2018 9:32:00 PM

The texture of these liquid lip crayons is very smooth and moisturizing

I don’t find this red very flattering or dimensional

Overall: 3* - the formula is nice but I’d pass on the color

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