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Powder -LaurEss -Minimalist Mineral Foundation

on 7/8/2015 1:20:00 AM


I just got an email saying that LaurEss is going out of business. The remaining stock is on sale at 50 percent off. I looked at the Web site, but it seems as if a lot of shades are already unavailable. I had actually been thinking about buying this again.

Powder -LaurEss -Ethereal Foundation

Wow, I think I've finally found my HG foundation!!! I never thought I'd be able to say that. I've been on an extensive MMU hunt this summer, even though I've been exclusively wearing MMU for the past 4 or 5 years or so. I've tried well over 50 brands and spent more money than I'd like to think about.

Right now I'm on Accutane, so my skin is dry and normally it's very oily and acne-prone. I'm still acne prone and I have a lot of current pimples and old acne scarring to cover up. I also have very fair skin, so the redness is especially difficult to cover.

I'd almost given up on loose mineral foundations because it took me forever to apply them and it was messy. However, apparently, we just have to find the "right" foundation that does what it claims to do and it takes so much less time, despite being in loose form.

Bottom line: This foundation covers better than any other foundation I've ever tried. After moisturizing my face, I dab a tiny bit of a sheer cream concealer on active pimples and scarring to give the minerals something to cling to better. Then I take a concealer brush dab on a small amount of minerals and in one coat, the redness is almost completely concealed. I add another coat to make myself feel better, lol. And then I take a long handled flat top Kabuki brush and use ONE coat for the rest of my face and that's seriously all you need. I have a lot of ruddiness all over, too, so only having to apply one coat every where else is mesmerizing to me! I feel like I'm barely wearing any makeup because I literally am barely wearing any makeup.

For reference, I'm NC 15 and the shade Gentle Ivory works really well with my skin tone. I have slightly more yellow than the ivory provides, but that's probably just because it's summer and I have a little more color than usual. The Gentle Fawn works well, too. I'm going to try the Subtle Gold to see if it's light enough for me.

And for those who say that this foundation is more pricey than others, it may seem so at first, but the coverage payoff will make it last so much longer. And, everyone loves EDM, but you only get 5.5 grams of product for 12 dollars. Lauress is 10 grams for 20, so it's really not more expensive when you break it down.

Oh and the finish is not completely matte, which is a slight downfall for me, especially when my skin isn't dry anymore, but it's not overly glowy. It looks incredibly natural. For those that don't like the glow, you can use this as a concealer on your trouble spots and use the Elemental or Minimalist foundation for other areas. I've tried the Elemental and it covers well enough for all over the face and actually covers better than most standard MMU foundations by itself, but I prefer the Ethereal for a quicker application.

****EDIT**** I took off one star because when I received my full sized product, the sifter jar is just a standard jar without the resealable sifters, which is incredibly disappointing to me. For 20 bucks, it should really have a resealable sifter! I thought that has become a standard feature in loose MMU nowadays, but I suppose not for all companies. I still love this product, but it's going to be really annoying to travel with it because it's almost impossible to keep it upright during transit and the powder will get through the holes and be uncontrollable when I actually go to use it. EDM and Lucy Minerals spoiled me with their resealable sifter jars. It really does make all the difference in the convenience of using a loose mineral product. I suppose I could buy a separate 30 gram jar that has a resealable sifter and try to transfer the product into it, but that seems risky. And, for the price, I really shouldn't have to.

Lauress makes some great products, though. Blushes are beyond beautiful and the lip glosses are perfection! Just start using resealable sifter jars and I'll be an incredibly happy woman!

****UPDATE**** I'm very sad to report that I'm reducing my rating to 2 lippies because this product is causing tiny white breakouts that are forming into deep, painful cysts. I wanted to love this product so much because it covers so well, so I actually tried to ignore the itchy sensation that I got when I applied it all over my face. I've been using this as a concealer (I have a lot to conceal, so it would cover my jaw and cheek area) and I've been using EDM's intensive foundation on top of it. The rest of my face is fine, but the areas I'm applying the concealer are reacting badly. White tiny bumps are definitely a sign of clogged pores and itchiness is a true sign of an allergic reaction. When I cleaned all my makeup brushes and used the EDM by itself, my skin felt much better, but I really miss the coverage. So, for you ladies who can use it, it's worth a try.

I'm also not happy that this company does not accept returns (the whole hygienic excuse makes absolutely no sense). A company can take returns and not re-use the packaging. And, when I emailed the company over a month ago to ask about what size jars the Trio Kit comes in, I never received a response, which reflects their poor customer service (a big pet peeve of mine).

And, lastly, Gentle Ivory is not my HG color---by far. It doesn't have nearly enough yellow in it and i only have slight yellow undertones. The Gold shades don't come in a color lighter than Subtle, which is too dark for me. How can it not come in lighter variations? You just add more white color adjuster to it! ::Sigh:: The search continues. It seems EDM's discontuing their intensive base, as well, so now I'm really back at square one.

I think boron nitride is the culprit...

Eye Shadow -LaurEss -Gem Lights

i have around 10-15 shades of this shadow and they're all wonderful. i'm not sure if they have any glitter, but they are definitely full of shimmer. the texture is awesome, very soft, easy to blend and the shadows are very pigmented. i don't think i've experienced any fall-out with them. i use all my shadows with a base underneath and the lauress one stick to it and don't move the whole day. the shade selection is great, there are many cool, neutral and warm shades so it's very easy to find something you like

Loose Powders -LaurEss -Luminesce

on 2/7/2010 4:22:00 PM

This is my HG powder; it's a translucent finishing powder with light reflective qualities (not sparkly, glittery, glowy or shiny, just a slight sheen) which does wonders to smooth out and blur little lines, shadows and redness. No smell, no irritation, it's wonderful. It's also well priced, can't beat that.

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Lip Treatments -LaurEss -Lip Ease

on 10/20/2009 11:09:00 AM

Best lip balm I have found in quite a while. In just 3 uses my cracked, peeling, dry as dust lips were transformed. I bought 3 of these on sale and never want to be without them again. They are that good.

Edit: Like most lip products, this worked great for a while then lost its power over my dry, flaking lips. The search goes on.

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