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Cleansers -Garden of Wisdom -Super Sensitive Cleansing Oil

on 4/8/2018 8:36:00 PM

This is my HG cleansing oil. De-greases my combination skin and rinses clean with no trace of irritation or stripping. Perfection! Also very cost-effective.

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Cleansers -Garden of Wisdom -Soothing Gel Cleanser

Tried this as part of "Calm and Restore Recovery Kit". Overall, a very nice gentle morning cleanser. It is one of the few cleansers that doesn't leave my sensitive combination skin tight. As it says on the label, it DOESN'T remove makeup.

Skincare - Face -Garden of Wisdom -Prickly Pear Seed Oil

I started using prickly pear oil in place of my beloved watermelon seed oil back on 2/8, and so far it's been wonderful!

I was intrigued after seeing claims on GoW's site about it being antibacterial, then board searching here led me to Chelsea_Lynne's posts - she said it was the only oil that worked for her after trying what seemed like dozens. (I too am quite sensitive to oils).

I use two drops, at night only (don't want to press my luck). It's a pinch more hydrating than watermelon and red raspberry, but not quite as much as rosehip or squalane - but it's hard to describe. All I can say is my skin looks plump, even toned, and happy despite the brutal winter and wishwashy weather we've been having.

It has a light, pleasant scent, that fades about 25 min. after application.

So far, no stinging, redness, irritation, or breakouts.
My skin is combo, easily dehydrated, clog prone, sensitive as all get out (smallest things will send me into a 3 day long hive scratch fest), and SD prone. (Yes, I was #blessed lol).

Downfalls?... The only one I can think of is price, I guess... I bought the 4grams for $4.70, plus the cost of shipping. Half an ounce sells for $12, 4 oz for $79, and 8 oz for $128. Price is relative though, considering Tarte's oil sells for $48 per 1.7 oz, and Drunk Elephant's Marula .5 oz for $50 - so, not as pricey as it could be in comparison.
I CAN say that the 4 grams are going to last much longer than originally expected. Opened on 2/8, and now on 2/23 I'm exactly half way through. That's a plus. Used sparingly, oils can go a really long way.

How I've been using it in my P.M. routine:
Sage Regular Facial Shampoo
Cosrx 96 Snail Power Essence (two pumps - wait 5 min.)
Two drops of prickly pear (wait 30 min.)
Every other night, Differin gel over top. On Differin off nights, area or spot treat with GoW 2% lactic acid tonic.

For reference, other oils that work for me-
Watermelon seed oil (very light, not super moisturizing when I'm parched from NE US winters - perfect summer oil though)
Red raspberry seed oil (also very light. No breakouts, occasional redness and/or stinging upon application if my skin is angry about something else)
HABA squalane (can only use this sparingly from time to time when I've annoyed my moisture barrier - long term usage of 2 drops, 2x daily seems to result in breakouts - further testing may be needed to confirm)

Oils that do not work for me - some caused breakouts, others caused major irritation - all are busts:
high lineolic safflower
Tarte maracuja
Walmart cooking aisle high lineolic sunflower
There are probably others that I'm forgetting.... it's been a long, hard road of oil testing lol.

TL;DR - IMO it's a wonderful oil that's not too heavy, while not what I'd describe as astringent either. Works well with my skin that rebels at everything. I plan to purchase either the .5oz or 4oz size in the coming days.

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Treatments (Face) -Garden of Wisdom -BHA/Azelaic Serum

on 2/16/2018 3:11:00 PM

This product is so good for acne; it works better than the prescription for acne that I picked up at Walgreens (which was also azelaic acid). I just feel that theirs is formulated differently, so that it is more effective. I have to mix it with moisturizer because it is so strong, and I have been using their hydrating toner with it, which my skin also likes. The only concern with this is that if I don't dilute it, it is too strong, and my skin turns red. This company is the best for acne products.

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Treatments (Face) -Garden of Wisdom -Lacto Exfo Pads

on 1/9/2018 3:08:00 PM

The best exfoliation ever. My mature, hyperpigmented skin enjoys the treatment every other day.The old layers of skin are disappearing slowly but surely. I can't tolerate glycolic acid any more - my skin becomes red and stays like that for several hours. With these pads I have no negative reaction. I alternate lactic acid pads with vitamin c serum (ascorbic acid) and the combination has proved to be the best for my hyperpigmentation. Needless to say, I hydrate my skin a lot since lacitic acid and ascorbic acid dry out the skin. For extra hydration I also use niacinamide serum (5%).

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