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Treatments (Face) -Garden of Wisdom -Lacto Exfo Pads

on 1/9/2018 3:08:00 PM

The best exfoliation ever. My mature, hyperpigmented skin enjoys the treatment every other day.The old layers of skin are disappearing slowly but surely. I can't tolerate glycolic acid any more - my skin becomes red and stays like that for several hours. With these pads I have no negative reaction. I alternate lactic acid pads with vitamin c serum (ascorbic acid) and the combination has proved to be the best for my hyperpigmentation. Needless to say, I hydrate my skin a lot since lacitic acid and ascorbic acid dry out the skin. For extra hydration I also use niacinamide serum (5%).

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Treatments -Garden of Wisdom -Lipo SoD Serum

on 12/30/2017 5:08:00 PM

This serum is a clear, silky textured, antioxidant liquid that I use after cleansing. I have very oily skin that's extremely reactive/allergic and is also very dehydrated with surface dryness due to the dry cold winter. I also have surface wrinkles (damn aging) and pores--which require something to fill/smooth them prior to putting on foundation or powder. This liquid is liposomal, so I can skip primer/moisturizer when I use it. GoW Lipo SoD Serum is really a silky, non-clogging liquid. My face feels smooth & moist after I use it. Makeup applies beautifully over it! My skin texture becomes very smooth and glows--it really agrees with this formula! I clog & breakbout easily--doesn't happen with this! I have given this in samples and in full size as gifts to friends & family.. they all like mine. It's a very short/simple ingredient list: Liposome base (soy), Optiphen (phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol), Super Oxide Dismutase.
I appreciate the simple/short, quality-ingredient lists, good packaging, and exceptional customer service from this company. Because I can use so few ingredients on my skin, it's a saving grace to be able to get exactly--and only--what my skin can tolerate and thrive with. Have been using GoW products since 2009--wish I'd have found them sooner. (Not affiliated! Just happy!)

Update: although I just wrote this review, I'd been using this product for quite some time, stocking up each time it went on special. Just an FYI for people with coconut allergies, the caprylic glycol used in the optiphen can be either synthetic or from actual coconut. The producers of the caprylic glycol (now in most skin & makeup products) don't let the manufacturers know which it is.. and it can vary. When I delveloped a skin allergy (hives, etc..) it took me a while to figure out where it was coming from. Had had to give away all my products containing caprylic glycol (caprylic anything!!); am heartbroken I can't use this product any more due to allergy.. but I highly recommend it to all those who CAN use it! When I contacted GoW about it, they offered to refund the product (I had given my stock away already--to happy recipients, so I declined, but it was wonderful of them to offer!), they also offered to make a special batch without my allergen! The type of communication and exception customer service I received from GoW went above & beyond. In all the years I've purchased from them, I've had only the best of experiences. (Wish I could say the same for some other companies)

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Toners -Garden of Wisdom -Witch Hazel Hydrosol

on 12/23/2017 5:40:00 AM

Like the cucumber hydrosol, this is a liquid with the consistency of water, spreads beautifully/easily (like water), and dried down with no film on the skin (like water). (Hence the name Hydrosol 😉) it has an herby aroma, that dries down quickly.. I enjoy it, sorta like a mild (and non-allergic) aromatherapy moment as I perform my skin care.
I have Hashi's--a sensitizing thyroid Autoimmune disease--and it's flairs result in skin irritation/rashes & hives; I also have Rosacea. I mist this hydrosol over my face and neck in the morning and at night--after cleansing. I store it in the fridge. I then apply my MetroGel, or whatever mild serum or emollient product (if any) I'm able to use. As I can use very few ingredients (did I mention severe skin/food/respiratory allergies? 🙄🙄), I have been using GoW single ingredient & minimal ingredient products for about 5 years now. When I've had skin issues/flairs emerge, their customer service has been exemplary! The quality of products is high and consistent, the containers have never broken and travel well, and I like being able to try samples first--and to mix in other GoW actives when my skin allows for it. (Not affiliated.) As my favorite products become reformulated with allergens I can't use, I depend more on the few good products I can. I alternate this with the cucumber hydrosol. I also pour some of this into a smaller mister and add GoW Rooibos Tea extract into it (also keep that refridgerated), and will spritz that for calming & redness and to put moisture on my skin before applying foundation. No preservatives = no allergic reactions. This product serves me well!

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Treatments (Face) -Garden of Wisdom -Natural Majik Green Tea HydraGel

on 12/19/2017 8:19:00 PM


This is a simple, effective, critical product in my skin care regimen. It is chaulk FULL of goodness--and nothing else! I am allergic to most everything, have reactive rosacea, and am Uber-oily and dehydrated--except in this dry winter--am am Uber oily in tzone, and dry elsewhere--while dehydrated all over. Most everything gives me hives/rashes (thanks, Hashi's) but not this!
This is a brown, water-based liquid which dries quickly. It has a subtle tea smell that dissipates in seconds. It is instantly soothing and cooling on my skin. It drys down to a very dry texture.. can't put makeup on directly over it. I will smooth a few drops of GoW Oat Beta Glucans over it, once it's dry, and after that sets I can use my foundation or powder. I prefer to use this at night, as I've starting spritzing my own mixture of GoW witch Hazel hydrosol combined with GoW Rooibois Green area Extract (I mix them together in a mister & keep it in the fridge) on my clean face and apply my foundation over this nutrient damp
Base. I live in a very dry-winter (and humid-summer) state. But I haven't found a moisturizer i can use over it that won't aggravate my millions of issues.
Have used the GoW Natural Magik Green Tea Hydrogel for just over 3 years. It does not clog my pores (like my Replenix CF serum did--although the Replenix does have a tiny bit of moisturizing--which this product doesn't have). This product has measurably reduced redness; it has soothed rashes, hives, and rosacea alike. This doesn't exacerbate oil production, and while the product is a dry finish, it doesn't make my skin any drier than it already is. My skin is happier and clearer when I use it. my skin irritation becomes active when I don't use it. I keep the product in the fridge, and it has always stayed fresh for as long as it takes me to use it.
I am grateful for the good results, and for the simplicity of a product with excellent ingredients, that even my hypersensitive skin can use. If your skin has as many issues/challenges as mine does, I highly recommend this serum--and many of the GoW products! Their customer service is unsurpassed! (Not affiliated!!)

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Skincare - Face -Garden of Wisdom -Cucumber Hydrosol

on 12/12/2017 2:13:00 PM

This wonderful liquid is best kept in the 'fridge. It has the texture of water, and dries exactly as water--no residue when dry. It has a lovely scent of fresh cucumbers. I'm allergic to all perfumes and am very sensitive to scents.. this is REAL cucumber--NO allergy for me! YEA!!! The dry, icy-cold winter & snow have hit, which means my allergy-laden, very-oily skin needs special attention. I spray this on my face after toning and put on my serum or moisturizer while this is still wet. It is soothing on my skin. I also will spritz it on dry, makeup free skin before putting on my face--if its a stay at home but gotta run errands later in the day. I will switch this out with the GoW Witch Hazel Hydrosol. They have the same texture/consistency. Both are equally soothing to skin. This doesn't trigger my rosacea, and I have no redness after using this, i think it helps prevent the redness that using soft water sometimes triggers. I used to think hydrosols were unnecessary--being beyond oily, esp. in humidity.. but I appreciate this product as a layer of soothing moisture that gets locked in by whatever I apply over it. It's also a soothing moment of aromatherapy. The scent dissipates fully in under 60 seconds. As I alternate this with another hydrosol, it lasts me a couple months. This is on my "Reorder List."

Page Details:
Botanical Name: Cucumis sativus
Method of extraction: steam distilled
Parts Used: fruit
Country of Origin: USA
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic

Suggested Use:

Use as a facial toner or as a body spray
Mist all over the body after a day in the sun for a soothing and cooling experience

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