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Makeup Brushes -Cinema Secrets -Professional Brush Cleaner

on 10/3/2017 6:42:00 PM


This stuff is a Holy Grail for me.

I find it cleans by brushes deeper than going by hand with soap and water!

For the longest time I was using the Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner and was only on a "Meh" level with its results. I mean it did it's job, but I found that my brushes were always left with some film or residue.

I ordered the travel size off of the Sephora website (as I do not believe it is available in stores), for $10CDN. At least if I thought it was garbage it was only ten dollars wasted.

It arrived in a 60ml bottle with a mini tin used to hold product and for dipping brushes in.

I immediately grabbed my dirtiest brushes and went to work.

I poured a small amount into the tin and only put in the first 1/4 of the brush into the liquid, as per instructions. I was surprised to see the brush soak up the product like a sponge.

After picking up some product I swirled my brush onto an old towel and was shocked to see the amount of crum that came off. Foundation, concealer and eye products. It takes it all off!

Now for those with a sensitive nose, yes, there is a strong lingering scent of vanilla. This doesn't bother me, I actually find it quite pleasant. But it does not go away. It stays on the brush until you use it enough that the product covers up the smell, or you go for a deep clean with soap.

As for drying time, I did find it dried quickly, however if you waited the basic 10 minute wait time, I found there was an oily waste still left, however if I left them to dry overnight, it was gone by morning.

In order to keep this product around a bit longer, I pour some into a mini spray bottle and use it to dampen my brushes that way. Works just fine.

I have quite sensitive, acne prone skin and this did not aggravate it or break me out.

I have since purchased the medium sized bottle for $27CDN from the Sephora website.

Crème -Cinema Secrets -Ultimate Foundation

on 5/15/2017 4:08:00 PM


I keep rereading the very informative review below of Todster63

I have already written a review of Cinema secrets foundation under foundation palette. I am NC30-35, Asian olive combination skin, prone to hives and milia, and I use both palette #3 for olive skin tone, and I have also been using palette corrector #2 (formerly probably CS 600 palette which is arguably not entirely necessary unless you want to play around with the shades). I have bought multiples of palette 3 for both me and my mom and I probably use shades 302-65A and 304-32 the most. I make sure that my face doesn't have any dry patches, but my face is relatively dry upon application. I don't apply to the full face, but only where I have issues.

I used to apply with a damp sponge, which is okay for general sweeping coverage, but not what I currently need. Now, I prefer to stipple it on very sparingly with an elf small stipple brush or my sigma angled kabuki and blend well with Ben Nye Olive Sand loose powder (olive sand is close to my skin tone but a bit brighter and darker. (Ben Nye banana is more of a highlighting powder for me, but I sometimes mix them). And I Buff off excess and blend a lot. I mist my face with CS moisture spray which makes it look like skin. It doesn't look cakey or transfer. If I want to ensure longevity, I also spray a cotton pad with WnW setting spray and dab. When that dries, everything is really set. When I touch my face, it feels like skin. There is no need to repowder during the day. If/when my nose gets shiny, I might press with one of those oil absorbing sheets. But, I do not use foundation on my oily t zone, just primer and powder.

Sometimes I mix the foundation with medium of choice (only a drop of moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, luminizer, etc, (a Wayne Goss recommendation). In summer, I will select a darker shade for a sort of DIY BB cream. Other times I use Wayne Goss's powder before foundation technique which will give the foundation even more grip.

I've used CS primer (silicone); monostat (silicone); elf primer (lotion), elf hydrating under eye primer all over the face, WnW primer, and a few others. I've also used moisturizers as primer. Whatever works for you. Sometimes, esp. if I know I am going to set with WnW, I don't bother with primer.

I do have a palette etc, but I am lazy and often use just my face or the back of my hand. A mini spatula or clean brush can pick up product. I end up using a lot less product than the typical recommendation.

Basically using CS gives me the flexibility to decide what kind of coverage I want and what medium I need. The whole process takes less than 5- 10 minutes.

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Primer/ Corrector -Cinema Secrets -Ultimate Foundation Primer


Ah-ma-zing grace!!!! This is by far the most amazing primer ever. It smoothed out my pores, controlled oil, and made my make up last longer than usual. I have two cons for this though. 1. Price, had to wait for sale before I purchased this and 2. I can feel the silicone in my face the next day. So I don't use this daily. Overall, this is definitely my HG.

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Primer/ Corrector -Cinema Secrets -Ultimate Corrector 5-in-1 pro palette

on 5/5/2017 2:51:00 PM

The review for this product (I believe that the corrector palette was the old CS 600 series foundation palette) is included in my review of Cinema Secrets foundation palette. It's essentially the same product, different shades (foundation series 100-500 plus two corrector palettes). The majority of other MUA reviews for the corrector palette are filed under foundation palette. The reason I am not deleting this review entirely is because this is the current name of the product and the foundation palette header doesn't indicate both titles.

Skincare - Face -Cinema Secrets -Moisture Spray + Hydrating Mist

on 4/23/2017 12:05:00 AM


I have repurchased multiple times. This is perfect for spraying a sponge or brush for application of cinema secrets foundation palette (I am NF 30-35 and palette #3 is perfect for my Asian olive skin). Lighter than CS primer which I also use occasionally. This creates just enough slip on the skin. Also good for creating a fresh velvety finish after setting makeup. agree with the reviewer below re the rising cost.

I also use CS moisture spray to help blend eyeshadow and fix fallout and errors. WIll not sting the eyes.

Note: if you want a glowy finish (not this), try WnW photofocus setting spray. On its own, WnW is too glowy for me, but a drop mixed with foundation creates more luminosity and greater longevity.

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