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Moisturizers -Camocare -Face Lifting 12% Alpha & Beta hydroxy refining cream

on 9/16/2012 3:35:00 AM

I am so depressed that this product has been discontinued. It was the absolute bomb -- left my strong oily skin looking fresh and dewy, didn't make me break out, and actually felt *soothing* despite the high concentration of AHA/BHA. Sadly, Camocare has been bought by Nature's Way, who has reformulated all their products, and completely eliminated this one. Sob! The search for a replacement begins...

Moisturizers -Camocare -Intense Facial Therapy

on 5/17/2011 9:28:00 PM

Camocare Intense Facial Moisturizer is one of my longtime favorite products, and I've purchased it several times over the years. (The "intense" version means a greater amount of the camomile extract). It used to be easy to find at places like Whole Foods, but lately I've had trouble finding it. Very gentle, absorbs well, not irritating, smells nice but not perfume-y. I wish more people knew about it and tried it, because maybe it would be more popular! I LIKE glass jars: they feel more substantial, and there's already enough plastic in the world.

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Treatments (Eye) -Camocare -Under Eye Therapy

I didn't notice any improvement with my dark circles or puffiness after using this. For reference, I paid $15.99 for a 0.5 fl oz. tube from It lasts a long time since you're only supposed to apply a tiny amount, but since I didn't get any results from it I'd opt for something else.

Toners -Camocare -Camocare Organics Treatment Toner

on 8/8/2009 6:20:00 PM

Did not really impress me that much. It comes in a heavy glass bottle. Contains anti-aging and moisturizing ingredientsin a alcohol and glycerin base. Has a mild citrus scent. I used this twice daily and did not notice any difference in my skin with this product.

Toners -Camocare -camomile oil free toner

on 3/16/2009 4:50:00 PM

I've had this for a while, but have recently started using it. Thankfully, I have not experienced any irritation or breakouts from using this toner. Previously I had been using the toner from Pro activ, which left my skin feeling overly dry, red, flaky, and stinging. I'm never touching that stuff again. I was desperate, so I found a CamoCare Oil-free Toner collecting dust in my cabinet and gave it a shot. No burning sensation, no itchiness, just a clean and soothing sensation. Best of all, this toner does not strip my skin so I don't feel dry. Because of the color, it's a bit difficult to tell if I'm removing any leftover traces of makeup, but I don't mind using a little more. Definitely worth trying if you are looking for something gentle.

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