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Bath Treatments -Bindi -Dosha Balancing Oil - Vata

on 3/31/2011 12:01:00 AM

I discovered this when my massage therapist started using it on me and I fell in love with the fragrance. Sweet and earthy at the same time (no patchouli or sandalwood though). Men love the scent too. I quickly went through two 8 oz bottles (very expensive) as post shower oils and finally wised up - throwing down the cash for the gallon container which is more economical in the end. I have continued to use it religiously for the last 7 years and it never fails to top off my shower experience with an aroma therapeutic heaven. It goes without saying that it is a superior moisturizer and I only resort to 'lotions' on the hottest of summer days. I have even found that it is helpful in controlling my daughter's eczema. In fact she frequently asks for 'the oil'. If it ever goes off the market, I will feel like I lost my best friend!

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Skincare - Face -Bindi -Basic Essential Oil

on 7/15/2009 4:24:00 PM

I use the essential oil for pitta type dosha and I really love it! You put a couple of drops in your hand, add a few drops of water and massage into your skin. I use it morning and night underneath my other treatment products. It works well as a buffer for RAM or retin-a cream too! Shipping is a bit expensive if you buy directly from
Edited to say that I have recently added 15 drops of frankincense oil (100% pure bosweilan frankincense) to my bindi oil and it is absolutely fantastic now! Also, instead of diluting my bindi with water, I am diluting with frankincense hydrosol for even more oomph. My skin just glows with youth and vitality! I got the finest frankincense that I could get from The frankincense hydrosol also came from

Treatments (Face) -Bindi -Neem Oil

on 2/2/2009 11:48:00 AM

I used Pratima Skincare Neem Oil (she started Bindi, it's the same product) for 7 years. I have dry, acne-prone sensitive skin, and this product really helped me: gave me moisture without causing breakouts. I also think using the oil from my mid 30s into my early 40s helped reduce wrinkles--hurray! However, I no longer use it because I just don't find it moisturizing enough. I have lived in northern New England for the past 3 years, and Neem Oil doesn't cut it in the winter here, even with additional moisturizer on top. (And if I add too heavy a moisturizer on top, I break out.) I've now switched to jojoba oil, which is definitely more moisturizing and doesn't seem to cause breakouts. However, I think jojoba is more irritating, as I can't use it around my eyes the way I did Neem Oil for all those years. I guess this is a long way of saying: I whole-heartedly recommend this for normal/combo skin, and wish it still worked well for me. Great product. (Just don't like her new glass bottle, which is heavy and messy.)

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Treatments (Face) -Bindi -Troubled skincare line/Pitta

on 7/24/2007 3:59:00 PM

I really don't want to jump the gun, but I think that I found my "HG" skincare line!! No other products have WOW-ed me like these have. I'll put it to you this way--after 2.5 days of using the Pitta line along with a few of their other products, I just went online and ordered a few full-size products. So here is my experience:
Two days ago my skin was flaky, dry and Blah from using Origins 'Modern Friction" scrub. I used to love that scrub but since I've been out in the sun and just getting off of Retin-A (been off of it 1 month) my skin is still prone to irritation and dryness. I had also gotten over my 'time of month' and my skin had a few small breakouts. My skin is VERY sensitive and mildly acne prone. Anyway, I received my Pitta trial package in the mail used it the very next time I washed my face. Now the Pitta powdered cleanser is not for everyone. It is a little tricky to use at first and there is no lather. You need to use a regular cleanser first to remove any make-up or sunscreen etc.. I would describe the cleanser as more of an 'exfoliating cleansing treatment' than a cleanser. It feels WONDERFUL on the skin, gently but effectively exfoliating. It leaves skin very soft even though it contains no oil or moisturizing agents. It smells kind of like curry powder; I think it smells good; again not for everyone! Next I applied the Pitta aroma mist as kind of a 'toner' and then came the Pitta oil. I mixed about 2-3 drops with a bit of water and pressed it into my skin. My skin smelled great and felt very soft. The last step is the moisturizer. You only need a TINY bit over the oil. This also smells wonderful and used in conjuction with the Pitta oil leaves skin looking radiant! Honestly, my skin hasn't looked this good since I was in college (I'm 24 and post-college-entering-the-workforce stress and changing hormones left me with some surprise acne and kind of dull skin. Retin-A zapped the acne very quickly but I felt my skin never looked the same after using it; dull dry and prone to redness) I used the Pitta mask lastnight which felt so soothing and was also very exfoliating. Kind of a mask/scrub... The soothing lotion is a great spot-treatment. Doesn't zap the zit overnight but definately takes care of the redness. Others have raved about this lotion as a wonderful acne preventitive after long-term use. I will update this regularly to let you know how I'm making out with this line. I also want to let you know that Dr. Hauchka never WOW-ed me like these products and they're way more expensive. I love the Bindi philosophy and love anything Indian for that matter, (including Yoga and indian food) so I really have my heart set on these products working long-term. They are easier to use than Dr. Hauschka's and as much as I love Dr. H, I think that his might have caused some small break-outs even though they prevented some larger problems.
UPDATE: I've been using this for about a week and a half now. Some break-outs that I had before starting to use this product have dried up while some others have surfaced and are healing beautifully. The soothing lotion seems to both prevent and treat break-outs. As others have commented, skin seems to heal faster than it did before using these products. I'm still very happy and keeping the 5-star rating. Will update in another week or two.
UPDATE: UGH! I really jumped the gun! After a little over 2 weeks of use I am in break-out city. I have not had a breakout this bad in a LOOOOONG time. Even my mom noticed it, which made me feel even worse.... You have to be careful with these products because they immediately make your skin look and feel great but over time, they really dry you out! My skin was flaky and dry so I bought the Bindi lipisomes hoping it would help (it didn't, at ALL). Due to this imbalance combined with humid weather and PMS, my skin looks pretty blah! Back to Dr. Hauschka and unfortunately, back to the Retin-A, because I'm afraid that this will happen again. (Soothing mask broke me out bad after one use, CAUTION with this one!) Skin did not break-out like this with Dr. H products even after stopping Retin-A for a couple of monthes, EVEN with PMS. These Bindi products smell wonderful and will most likely not cause irritation with just a few uses. Someone suggested having them onhand for a pampering ritual and that's it. I would agree. Not for long-term, every-day use. Although I must say that I still love the soothing lotion (helps clear up existing break-outs slowly but surely) and the aroma oil rubbed on temples, neck, earlobes and wrists before bed, with a few drops on the pillow as well. I also find the Pitta aroma mist refreshing and non-irritating in the summer. However, I really appreciated how superior Dr. Hauschka's products are after taking a vacation from them for a couple of weeks. The moral of the story is to be careful giving Bindi a try.
UPDATE: I just lowered this to one lippie just because I'm still pissed off about how badly it irritated my skin with continued use.

Skincare - Face -Bindi -SkinCare Items

on 3/30/2007 3:00:00 PM

The only time I ever had cystic acne in my life was when I started using bindi skincare. I got cystic acne that was so bad that twice I had part of my face swell up. It was really horrible.

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