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Recent Algenist Reviews

Primer/ Corrector -Algenist -REVEAL Color Correcting Radiant Primer

on 3/18/2018 12:39:00 PM


I love this product!! It is amazing for my combo-oily skin. Just to be clear, I don't actually use it as a foundation primer. And I don't use moisturizer with it either. This is my one-and-done, skin-perfecting, no-makeup-look product. And it is so perfect for that!!

Algenist's Reveal Color Correcting Primer is water-based and has the texture of a lightweight lotion. And there are all these tiny color-spheres that feel grainy at first but they dissolve as you apply the product to your skin. This primer comes in only one universal shade, but the color is so subtle and sheer that I think it would work for just about every skin tone. It just looks natural and beautiful.

This product makes my skin look more even-toned, and it adds a radiant glow as well. And it doesn't make my skin all greasy by the end of the day either.

I think this is great, and I'd definitely buy it again!

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Moisturizers -Algenist -POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum

on 2/25/2018 12:24:00 AM


Okay, I clicked "yes" to "would you buy it again," but can I edit that to, "would buy it again... if I was rich," cause I can't afford to buy it again! 

Got a sample from Sephora, and it was such a tiny container, I only wore this stuff for about a month, but when I did... ooooh, my skin was soo soft! I couldn't stop touching my face, which I know we're not supposed to do 'cause of zits and stuff, but dang, I was soft. And I looooveee the smell of this stuff. It smells kinda sugary? Kinda like cookies? Anyway, I loved everything about it. The consistency was great -- not too slimy, not too muddy. 

But dang, that price. Maybe another sample will come my way someday, ha!!

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From their website:
Fights first signs of aging
Smoothes uneven texture
Diminishes dullness for a glowing complexion
Energizes fatigued skin

A highly concentrated SOLID SERUM to REGENERATE, SMOOTH, and RECHARGE in 10 DAYS.

This cutting-edge technology, combining the power of a serum and the texture of a cream in one, delivers highly potent actives overnight for a youthful, glowing complexion in the morning. Supercharged with patented Alguronic Acid, a powerful anti-aging ingredient, and fortified by Algaprotein and nutrient-rich coconut water, this hybrid pressed serum addresses the first visible signs of aging by recharging fatigued skin, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and refining dull, uneven texture. This unique formula breaks into a serum on application and melts into the skin to provide a smooth, supple, and radiant complexion.

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Treatments (Face) -Algenist -ALGENIST Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

on 2/18/2018 11:42:00 PM

I took the ten day challenge to see if it would erase my wrinkles. While it is great moisturizer, and my skin does appear to like it, my wrinkles are, of course, still here. As well as my large pores. I like the way it feels when it is on, kind of cool and pleasant, but it is probably not going to erase time. The price is very expensive as well.

Treatments (Face) -Algenist -Genius Liquid Collagen

on 2/18/2018 7:27:00 PM


I was very excited to use the new and expensive Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Serum. I scanned the ingredient list before purchasing and I thought, wow, and Algenist product without any fragrance! From the second I applied it I knew I had missed that perfume ingredient because it definitely smells like flowers. The formula feels nice and absorbs quickly, I just wish the fragrance weren't included in higher levels than the beneficial ingredients. My more detailed review is here:

Treatments (Face) -Algenist -Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Bi-Phase Peel

on 2/3/2018 10:48:00 AM

I've been using this as preventative and maintenance care so while I can't vouch whether it works like a miracle, it does a great job as a twice weekly treatment in terms of keeping the skin looking radiant and even toned. Bearing in mind that I use a daily dose of AHA serum anyway ranging from 8-10%. It occasionally gives me a tingling sensation upon application but that rapidly disappears. What I really like about it is that the combination with nourishing oils in it's formula means it doesn't leave my skin uncomfortable, irritated or dry after use.It's expensive but a little goes a really long way I've had this for more than a year and only recently ran out of it. I may revisit this again but I'm currently trying out The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution which is way friendlier on the wallet, so we shall see!

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