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Recent Algenist Reviews

Liquid -Algenist -REVEAL Color Correcting Anti-Aging Serum Foundation SPF 15

on 12/31/2017 1:33:00 AM


I have tried this and several other products from this brand and return them all , hate to do it because of the shipping charges
( bought at QVC) but none of them deliver what they promise , my recommendation is to stay away from this brand , I bought all the hype about the algaes etc . It just was not worth it . In this case the coverage is poor and the texture is not good .

Lip Treatments -Algenist -Ultra Shine Anti-Aging Lip Gloss

on 12/27/2017 2:01:00 PM

I'm not even completely sure why I bought this... I guess I just generally like Algenist products. However, this is a waste of money. It's a pink lip gloss with no special ingredients that can act anti-aging. What would I expect to find in a truly anti-aging lip gloss...? Sunscreen. There should be sunscreen.

I have lips that get irritated easily, and this doesn't bother them at all - that's good, I give it another lippie for that. It's moisturizing, but IMO no more than my NYX Butter Glosses. However, there is only one color of this, an I don't really like it. I have yellow-toned skin, NC20, and cool-toned lip products don't look nice on me. The lip gloss looks warm-toned in the tube, but looks pale-ish, white-based, cool pink on my lips. This results into it sinking into my lines and making them more visible. It's very visible (as a pale pink color) where this is applied thicker, which makes this gloss impossible for me to use without a mirror.

The tube is pretty big - 15 mL/0.5 oz - much bigger than many other lip glosses. I don't like the packaging though, as the applicator for tubes is a plastic slanted nozzle. I have some white-based NYX glosses, and those apply better than this product. I think it's due to the dough foot applicator. I think this lip gloss definitely should rather have had that.

This is just nothing special, and I would rather invest (they can be really cheap, though, so not actually a big investment) in a chapstick with sunscreen you want anti-ageing properties in your lip products. There is also nothing innovative about the color or formula, IMO

Sunscreen -Algenist -Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50

on 12/26/2017 4:18:00 AM


Pretty darn good sunscreen for an oily face. I don't know about white casts as I always wear foundation and I don't take flash photography so no idea about that there. It's lightweight and absorbs fast, leaving a matte finish. It has a light pleasant scent. Con is it's a bit hard to find in Canada and if you have a dry patch, it can accentuate it.

Toners -Algenist -Hydrating Essence Toner

on 12/24/2017 9:32:00 PM


Great toner. It feels creamy when you put it on, however it does leave a small tight feeling afterwards. I like the fact that it has no smell and irritating ingredients. It dries very quickly once on your face. It does have witch hazel in it, which I'm dead against using that ingredient in any product. However Paula's Choice found that the amount was negligible. The price is not bad for the size of the bottle. The packaging is great and sturdy. However I did have to return it and get a new one because the top inside came broken from Sephora. Nonetheless, aside for the slight tight feeling, its a toner worth buying over again!

Cleansers -Algenist -GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser


I found this on clearance at Marshalls. It was TEN DOLLARS. I picked it up because I knew Algenist products were normally expensive and I can't resist a deal lol. I didn't even google it beforehand because if it sucked I would just return it. I've used it for about five days in the morning and I like it but I don't love it. Context: This is the first "melting" cleanser I ever tried. I have very oily skin on my forehead and nose and a little dry on cheeks, VERY acne-prone. I've been using this in the morning because I feel weird about oil cleansing at night - I don't want a harsh cleanser at night but I do want something a little more active because I've usually been wearing makeup all day and my face feels really dirty. The first couple days I tried it my face felt very nice after I rinsed it off - not tight dry or squeaky, very soft and moisturized but not oily. I spritzed with Ole Hendriksen's Nurture Me facial water and moisturized with Solvere, both of which I normally do. Well about midway through the day I was not pleased because I felt SUPER oily and just...gross. It had to be the cleanser bc like I said I didn't change anything else about my routine. So the next couple days I toned with witch hazel (not alcohol-free WH) after cleansing but before spritzing to see if that would cut the oil. It did so very nicely and my face felt great throughout the day - not dry, maybe just a little oily if at all (but like I said I'm very oily normally) and not itchy. Also I have not broken out and normally my skin will let me know immediately if it doesn't like something (coconut oil ::shudder::). So would I repurchase? No, not unless I found it on super sale again. I see that at Sephora this is $38 for five ounces. That's f'ing crazy, especially since I had to tone afterwards with witch hazel. Since I have to do that I might as well just oil cleanse with plain old jojoba oil (my preferred skincare oil) and then tone, it would have the exact same result. I've also seen a lot of people on r/skincareaddiction talk about the DHC cleansing oil, which you can get on DHC's website at $28 for 6.7 ounces. If I want to experiment with another oil cleanser, I will probably go with the DHC although I still feel like that is overpriced.

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