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Recent Nioxin Reviews

Hair -Nioxin -Bionutrients Protectives Cleanser & Scalp Therapy

on 5/26/2018 3:26:00 PM

I've been using this system for 4 months and it's been doing a great job. I started using it because I just had a baby and was losing hair. It has stopped falling out at such a fast rate and is starting to grow back again, so I'm very pleased with this product! Watch my full review here:

Hair -Nioxin -Thinning Hair System 4 (coloured hair)

on 5/2/2018 9:49:00 AM

This was recommended to me by my hairdresser when ask how i can get thicker hair. She explained to me how the products worse and how to properly use them.I must point out, although it is a little expensive, it is well worth it as the bottles themselves are quite large.

This pack works by not causing you to grow extra strands of hair, but by increasing the density of each strand, which i can say has happened with my hair after using this only a month!

I love the shampoo! The smell is quite minty, which i like. The good thing with this is, you really do not need a lot at all. I have long hair and only need to use about a 10p size in my hand because it lathers so well. I would say that the shampoo/cleanser is my favourite of the three products.

As for the conditioner, it also smells minty but, as I have seen some people say, it doesn't leave my hair greasy whatsoever - if anything i can now go longer before it goes oily. I massage into my scalp and leave this on for about three minutes as recommended (it is very important that you do put the conditioner on your scalp for the treatment to work) and it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking healthy.
The only thing would say with this is to perhaps have another, cheaper conditioner that you can use on the length of your hair. I say this because, if you have long hair like me, you will need quite a lot of it to cover all your hair.

The mouse, i have noticed people commenting on it leaving their hair stiff. I've found that by putting 1-2 pumps in to my hand and then using my fingertips to massage it into my scalp works best. I would say to use this on a night though as my hair does go a little hard at first, but by the morning it is totally fine.

Overall, i would highly recommend this product to anyone who is wanting thicker, healthier and less oily hair.

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Conditioner -Nioxin -Intensive Therapy Deep Repair Hair Masque

on 4/28/2018 7:32:00 AM


This is a great conditioner for thin hair. Doesn't weigh hair down, just softens and smooths. I usually like to try different products, but in this case I'm going to buy again.

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Hair Treatments -Nioxin -System 1 Scalp Treatment

on 4/13/2018 2:28:00 AM

Used the shampoo and conditioner. It made my hair dry and kind of brittle. It fell out more and dried up my scalp. No new hair grew either.

Hair -Nioxin -Thinning Hair System 3

on 12/22/2017 9:27:00 AM


I have fine, thin curly hair that I've been coloring for years, so I picked the System 3, which is supposed to be for "thin-looking, chemically treated hair". I was initially impressed by how clean my scalp felt after the first use, and it seemed like my hair had more body. In retrospect, I realize now that it was more likely just increased frizziness from the fact that this product was frying the crap out of my already delicate hair. I noticed some hair loss as well, but according to the instructions that's a normal part of the treatment. But the worst was yet to come...

After about 3 weeks of almost-daily use, I realized to my horror that sections of my hair in the front (i.e., where most of the post-shampoo scalp treatment was going) had literally broken off at the roots where my colored hair meets new, unprocessed growth. It took me a while to realize this because it seemed to happen over time rather than in one dramatic moment, but it definitely happened post-Nioxin use. So now I have a bunch of short hair on top of my head that will literally take months to grow out, plus the rest of my hair is permanently dry and frizzy-looking, no matter how many conditioning treatments I use.

So, proceed with caution - this system will remove scalp buildup, but may take your hair's heath with it!

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