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Lotions/ Creams -mark. -Self Sanctuary Berry Cranberry Body Butter

on 1/16/2019 8:32:00 AM


This smells SOOOO good! & The scent is not overbearing, but definitely noticable & lasts for hours. It makes your skin feel so moistured & soft! I don't wear perfume while wearing this. It smells fabulous all by itself! This is 100% better than ANY Bath & Body Works product, as their scents last 5 minutes, if you're lucky. This is by far, my favorite scented body product I have tried yet! & I've tried ALOT of brands & their different products! Would give 10+ stars if possible! This product/scent makes me smell sweet & irresistible!! I use it daily.

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Cleansers -mark. -Mark Calming Effect Comforting Milk Cleanser


On the fence with this product. I didn't hate it. but I didn't love it.

The bottle itself is simple and attractive, but the lid isn't my favourite for using in the shower (where I primarily use my facial cleansers). I prefer a pump and this lid is the type that can be a pain with wet hands or can get clogged up easy with product.

I didn't mind the smell, but was a bit confused as to what the texture would be. The bottle describes it as a milk cleanser, but the back makes you think it could be more of a foaming cleanser as it tells you to work into a lather in your hands. Personally I prefer a foaming cleanser and this one doesn't really foam. Its more of your standard milky diluted cleanser. I find I tend to overuse those kind.

As others have mentioned, do not get near your eyes as that will sting and bring tears instantly. I didn't really notice any visible difference with my skin, but it did feel clean and all makeup seemed to be removed with it, which is an added plus.

I would probably buy it again if it was on sale.

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Fragrances -mark. -earth

on 10/21/2017 5:40:00 PM


Every time I wear this, I get so many compliments from strangers, coworkers, etc. Plus, it just makes me feel good. I love the green notes and the fresh scent. One of my favorites for when I want a bright perfume.

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Fragrances -mark. -MOD

on 10/7/2017 3:44:00 PM


If I could rate this newest Mark scent with a minus, I would! I had high expectations for a new Mark Fragrance. There are no samples offered on our Rep. site for any of the Mark scents so if I want to try it, I have to order it. What a waste for Avon to offer no Mark samples. The notes are listed as a melody of rose and capucine florals, spiced with a spicy nutmeg allure. I am not too sure what capucine is but whatever it is and mixed with the other ingredients, it is awful! It is a limited edition so if these notes are tempting to you, go for it. I was liking the idea of rose and nutmeg notes. The website and even the book call this an Eau De Parfum, another attention point for me, but at last, it is toilette water as most of the Mark scents are. The bottle is supposed to be a real go get for the younger crowd I suppose, but to me it is just plain icky, drab, dull, and too busy for words. I guess if you had your vanity done in black and white then you would want it. The plastic cap reminds me of so many other scents with the same circle of plastic for a cap. I am so glad I did not spray this on my chest or my clothes! I sprayed a sample on the back of my hand and oh my gosh! I tried to wash it off several times with soap and water and it is still there! Why is it that when it is a scent that makes you gag, it last forever and will not wash off? So to sum up my review of this fragrance, let me say, for $30.00 for 1.7 oz. you do get a free lotion, but to me this is way over priced for this scent. Mark makes so many great eye shadows, eye liners & primers, and I am loving some of their lipsticks and stains. Mark really needs to up their scents though. I know they must have hurried up and put this fragrance out for their Holiday special, but I cannot imagine any one really loving this one. Different strokes for different folks and body chemistry and all that stuff but YUCK!

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Gels/Soaps -mark. -Three's a Charm 3 in 1 body cleanser in Plumberry

I have had this for awhile and was a bit backed up with some products so not sure if this is still available. I know the scent of Plum Berry is in other Mark Products, but not sure if this is still one of them.

I loved the scent of the plumbery. It has a very sweet fruity scent which some may think is strong but I liked it. They described it on the bottle as "notes of succulent plum, blackberry blossom and Passion flower."

Lathered up nice on a loofah and a little bit went a long way. My 8 year old daughter also loved the scent. Even though it is a 3 in 1, I only used it as a shower gel. They say you can use it as a shampoo, bubble bath and shower wash. I think with the scent I wouldn't want to use it as a bubble bath because of the perfume in it.

Packaging is horrible. The bottle was square with a flip open top, so it was really hard to squeeze the product out due to the squareness of bottle. It would also accumulate in corners so there could be waste if you didn't turn it upside down or rinse the last little bit out with some water to use. Hopefully they will chang the packaging. Anyone with arthritis or sore hands will have a hard time.

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