BareMinerals (formerly known as MD Beauty) is a cosmetics company founded in 1976 in San Francisco CA. BE develops, manufactures, and sells mineral-based cosmetics in the United States. They sell products primarily through specialty beauty retailers, company-owned boutiques, spas, and salons, as well as online. It serves customers in the United States, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The company was incorporated in 1999 and Shiseido is the parent organization. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Blush -bareMinerals -Gen Nude Powder Blush

Nice thing - it comes with a nice little round compact and has no unnecessary embellishment. Bad thing - the pigments are too strong! I tapped my brush onto the blush and brushed it onto my cheek. The next thing I got was a patch of strong colour right on the apple of my cheek that was impossible to blend. I tried to sweep the excess on to the back of my hand. But it was impossible. The powder wouldn't come off on bare skin. To hard to work with.

Tinted Moisturizer -bareMinerals - Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

on 9/17/2018 7:18:00 PM


This can be used as a sheet foundation or under other foundations. I use it alone and enjoy that it gives me plenty of conerage with no drying of my skin.

Powder -bareMinerals -Matte Foundation spf 15

on 9/15/2018 6:48:00 AM


I used bareminerals as a Teenager but then I discovered YouTube tutorials and as everyone used liquid foundations I thought that is the way to go. I spent $$$$$ on pretty much every hyped foundation, primer and powder but nothing was what I want from my face makeup. I am now back to my bareminerals loose powders and wonder why ever stopped using it?

About my skin: Nc10, 27 with no fine lines just some under my eyes, very oily tzone and normal cheeks, large pores on the forehead and around the nose and very large deep pores on my nostrils, I dont break out usually but I have a bit of redness and some scars in my chin from my teenage years.

I use the original in fairly light (but the original is not the best for large pores) and the matte in fair and fairly light mixed.

The matte foundation does have a very nice satin matte finish on me. Never flat or dry and I
it does sit very nice over my pores. I dont think anything will keep an oily skin matte for a whole day but this stays matte for a good time and most important it fades nice. I just blot the oils away and buff over everything again with my brush when I touch up. I can add a layer on top and I does not cake but I like to mix a bit of foundation with Mineral veil in a smal Container (I use a empty bareminerals bisque container) when I want to touch up the coverage to sheer the product out a bit.

I think key is a good skincare. Mineral foundation always shows me when I was lazy! You have to keep your skin hydrated and use a peeling when needed.

For primer I prefer water based primers or just a bit mineral veil powder under and over the foundation. My foundation slides of pretty quick with heavy silicone primers.

Dry skin could benefit from an face oil or an oily primer as minerals work best with a bit of oil. Oily Girls and Boys will get that look during the day. I think the foundation Looks best after about 30 minutes on me and it does continue to Look better and better.

For concealer I like to use bisque or the original foundation. Liquid concealer should be used bevor the powders. But I have used liquid highlighters or Blush over the foundation and it looked nice. You can use a finishing spray bevor using creams over your minerals.

For tools you have to find something that does not give you microexfoliation. You have to build and buff the foundation. Just use a tiny amount at a time, swirl your brush 10-15 seconds, tap off and then buff it on your skin. Dont press the brush hard on your skin be very gentle. I use tapping and stroking motions when I have flakes on my skin (just make sure you swirl your brush long in the product to warm it up bc. the minerals change from powder to a much more creamy product when they are warmed up). For best coverage use a dense brush. I like the Baby flat top Kabuki from everyday minerals or the angled flat top Kabuki from zoeva, bareminerals has nice brushes. I think a natural Hair brush works best with mineral foundation as it warms the product up faster but synthetic brushes are softer just look what works best for you.
But a powder puff or sponge can work to!!! I like the flocked sponge from Lily Lolo (I think you can find something similar in every drugstore). I sometimes use a damp brush/sponge with my foundation as a concealer.

I would recommend to set everything. The bareminerals original mineral veil is nice. But any powder will work.. matte or luminous whatever you prefer.
I dont use finishing sprays on my oily skin as I get a bit more time bevor I have to blot my skin without but I like fixing sprays (the one in the silver can from cover fx that is for very strong hold is nice as it is alcohol free).
Dry skin might enjoy a finishing spray like mac fix plus or even a thermal water spray.

Dont be affraid of mixing your powders! I mix it with powder to sheer it out, with luminous powders to make it glowy, with powder colour correctors or even with moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer with Spf.

Just play and try different techniques and tools. Mineral foundation does work a bit different than powder foundations. If you want full coverage I highly recommend you to get yourself bisque and layer it just where needed under and over your foundation.

I hope this is helps a bit and I am sorry for my english it is not my first language.

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Mascara -bareMinerals -Lashtopia

on 9/14/2018 10:15:00 AM

I'm really enjoying this has a thick natural brush that gives good volume. I think Lancome Monsieur Big is a bit better but it's still a very good option.

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Powder -bareMinerals -Bare Minerals #1

on 9/14/2018 6:24:00 AM


OK, so I guess my review is just a drop in the ocean of other mediocre reviews, and I'm not surprised. While I like the idea of a mineral, easy-set, no-caking foundation in powder form, it just doesn't do it for me. I have super fair skin and yet it makes me look like a ghost DESPITE being the exact same shade as my skin. WHY? HOW? Beats me - maybe the too-powdery, New York granny effect it gives? Hmm. Also, it melts off in the heat. Also, it applies in a non-seamless, streaky-clumpy-cakey way. Also, it makes me look old. And I'm 20. And I'm a young-looking 20.
Personal verdict?
I cannot wait to afford a new foundation (I'm broke AF). I don't honestly know why I didn't just get a tinted moisturizer or a sweet little BB cream. This is just too much. Not a fan.
Could this work for anyone else?
Definitely. I think it would be great for those who prefer a more mature, matte look, and also have a lighter hand and more patience. I have a light hand, but no patience. This equals a no-go.
Is this product junk?
No. Absolutely not. It has a lot of benefits (mattifying for those who need it - I don't - soft, natural, simple formula, buildable) and I think paired with the right person, it could be a match made in heaven.

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