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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Feathered Musk

on 9/16/2018 7:33:00 PM



Lip Gloss -Victoria's Secret -Beauty Rush Gloss (all)

on 9/4/2018 2:40:00 PM


Some gave it to me as a gift! I don't really use lip gloss & I didn't like this Bc it felt very gloppy & tacky However ethe mint one smells nice but I didn't like the fact this stuff was sweeten with saccharin in it !

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Bare Vanilla

on 9/2/2018 4:01:00 PM

I read that this smelled like true vanilla but it is a dirty scent with lots of musk and not clean musk. It is cheap and cheap smelling. If you are looking for a true vanilla this is not it. Thankfully I didn't pay a lot.

Skincare - Body -Victoria's Secret -Moonlight Magic Shimmering Body Lotion

This was teh BEST line and best scent of my life. I am not kidding. It was perfect and I cannot believe they NEVER brought back such a top selling fragrance. I wish I could find out what the notes were so that I can try to find something that smells similar.

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Skincare - Body -Victoria's Secret -Shimmering Body Splash-Moonlight Magic

THE BEST smell that I have ever smelled in my life. I am not kidding. This mixed with my chemistry perfectly. I LOVED it. Not to mention back when it came out I was working in DC as a paralegal in 90s and we would walk to the VS store every other day to see if it restocked. It would literally sell out, the entire line (blue one), the same day it arrived. I knew they would keep this forever being such a big seller. One day, it was gone. I cannot believe all these years they are putting out basic scents that no one buys when they have the formula for THIS beauty. It is a shame. I miss it dearly. Every time I call VS (which I have done every couple years) to TRY to get them to bring it back, none of the reps even know what I am talking about at all. In most cases, I am talking to a girl that was BORN in 97. lol. I just know it would sell just as well today as it did back then.

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