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Body Scrubs -Tree Hut -Shea Sugar Scrub Moroccan Rose

on 12/21/2017 2:12:00 PM


I like the performance and ingredient list of all the Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs. I was not a fan of the strong smelling rose water type of scent of this one though. As a scrub it is gritty enough to gently exfoliate without being too harsh. A bargain for the price.

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Body Scrubs -Tree Hut -Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Sugar Scrub

on 12/20/2017 5:24:00 PM


I have several different scents of these, all are amazing. I have used these off and on for 15+ years. I like to mostly use these on my feet with a loofah or a pumice stone, but do use them with a light scrubbing action all over the body too.. For under $8 @Walmart you get a ton of product that rivals any $25+ high end scrub.. Definitely recommend.

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Lotions/ Creams -Tree Hut -Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion-Coconut Lime

on 10/4/2017 4:07:00 AM


I can't believe I've never reviewed this. Several years going (and multiple repurchases) this is still my favorite lotion. Hand, body, you name it. It smells wonderful--sweet and fruity but not too strong. It sinks in quickly after just a minute of rubbing, but it also leaves a sort of intangible 'film' behind. I can't ever feel it on my hands, but then I'll go to wash my hands and I'll feel that film sliding off.

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Shave Products -Tree Hut -Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil

on 8/9/2017 10:16:00 PM


I love this shave oil well it is more like a gel/oil but it gives me the best shave. It's amazingly close without any nicks or cuts. It comes in a pump bottle and it's clear. I use a one or two pumps and that's all I need. I also think since it gives me a closer shave And my shave lasts longer than usual. Also my skin is so soft and silky. Even my bikini line never gets nicks since I started using this oil. It's relatively inexpensive and works really well. You also get a lot for the $$. Ever since I started using this my shaving time is quicker and closer with less irritation or cuts. It doesn't clog my razor and rinses easily. I purchased mine at Ulta a definite repurchase as well.

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Body Scrubs -Tree Hut -Coconut Lime Scrub


Great scrub, smells like a tropical drink and really does a great job of scrubbing you silky smooth. Doesn't leave you with any oily residue either, which is a huge plus. Definite repurchase.

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