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Gels/Soaps -Primal Elements -Soaps (in general)

on 10/2/2017 2:41:00 AM

I don't really like Primal soaps for two reasons Primal elements soap does not hold up and breaks apart easily. And it doesn't fight body odor. I received two Primal soaps from my mother as a gift because she knows I love soap so much and although the soap was very attractive and I love the watermelon especially ,I felt like this would be a really good natural soap and possibly something that I would be interested in using for a long period of time. I didn't really feel totally clean after using the soap and with today's soap on the market there's a lot of competition that is also providing a more natural soap plus cleaning your body very well. I work in a very physical and fast-paced job and I need something that is going to keep my body odor at Bay . Finally I don't like the soap because after just more than half of bar it started to break apart so now I have large broken pieces of soap in my soap dish.

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Skincare - Body -Primal Elements -Soap in Smooches

I got a small slice of this soap from a sweet MUAer and it was my first experience with the brand. The scent was very nice even though it was sweeter than I typically buy myself. The lather was moderate but the feel is creamy and my skin felt silky after showering with it. The only downside is that towards the end, the soap tended to crumble into pieces.

Skincare - Body -Primal Elements -Soap (all flavors)

on 4/7/2012 3:50:00 PM

I'm really enjoying this soap. It lathers up nicely, smells terrific and is so adorable it makes me happy in the shower. The thing I like best is the terrific scent while I'm washing but then it fades so that I can apply perfume when I'm leaving the house and the two scents don't fight each other. Was fun shopping the boutique that has all the different bars and they hand cut for you and wrap like a wonderful gift. Totally fun!

Body Scrubs -Primal Elements -Sugar Whip- Cupcake

Mmm! This is my first time using Sugar Whip, and I am in love. The tub that it comes in is like a tub of frosting. When I opened the lid, it looked like opening a tub of frosting. Then I scooped my fingers into the rich, smooth, creamy scrub, and I could feel a satisfying feel of (what feels just like) sugar granules. It is a sensory delight! The feeling of scooping frosting filled with sugar all over your body, and then the yummy smell of cupcake, which does not smell plastic or fake- it smells like butter and cream and sugar- all the ingredients in a cupcake, with a hint of vanilla. DELICIOUS! While slathering this over my body, the "scrub" is mild, because it really is made of sugar, and sugar dissolves when wet... so this sugary-textured creamy mixture melts as you scrub. It is not oily. It is perfection. I am seriously looking forward to my showers now! This stuff is awesome.

Gels/Soaps -Primal Elements -Cupcake Shampoo, Body Wash, Bubble Bath

on 12/12/2010 12:10:00 AM


I thought Primal Elements had discontinued its body products, but I found this at my local Beauty First and immediately purchased it (despite the fact that I'm still pissed at them for discontinuing their Ginger Fish shower gel, although they still make the soap--best ginger ale fragrance ever, but I digress). I've always thought this the best cupcake scent ever--vanilla-y, buttery, not too sweet, delicious. This shower gel is opaque, rich, and creamy--no more glitter. It's comparable to Philosophy's 3-in-1s (which, sadly, are coming out in floral rather than gourmand or fruity scents)--only a small amount is needed, it lathers like crazy, doesn't strip the skin, yet cleans well. The scent doesn't change in the shower, but it doesn't linger on the skin much afterwards. It is more expensive than Philosophy's ($16 for 10 oz.), but for this scent, I'll make an exception. My only gripe other than the price is that they put some raised bling-y stuff (think that puffy fabric paint) on the bottle. It gives you a better grip, but it's raised enough to feel uncomfortable. I don't use these on my hair, so I can't comment on its performance as a shampoo. I would repurchase this for the scent alone--I was delighted to see it in-store, and it's also available at, Amazon, and other etailers.

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