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Paula's Choice Skincare was founded by Paula Begoun in 1995. Begoun is an author, businesswoman, and talk radio host who is also known as the "Cosmetics Cop." The formulas are created based on published, peer-reviewed studies, which is central to the company philosophy that skincare ingredients need to be thoroughly researched before being made into products. All products are manufactured in the US.

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Not tested on animals

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Treatments (Face) -Paula's Choice -Resist Advanced Smoothing Treatment

on 2/23/2018 9:39:00 PM

I bought this when it first came out because I cannot stand the whole rigmarole of remembering what day I'm on for what product to slap on my face. So far, so good. My skin is rather dry, but not scaly, and this has helped keep my skin fresh-looking. My skin can be sensitive, but I haven't had any burning or redness. I use this every morning, right after washing with Cerave hydrating cleanser, immediately followed by moisturizer. Nothing balls or pills up.

Now, the dispenser is a little funky. The bottle appears to be too tall for the dropper, but considering I use one pea-sized drop at a time, it'll be awhile before I find out for certain.

And, as always, this doesn't stink. Few things drive me more nuts than a stinky cream to smear on your face.

Masks -Paula's Choice -Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask


I tried a sample of this.. the formulation pilled off my face, neck and chest so much, that I had to remove it with micellar water. I could not stand it! So thick and filled with silicones. You're better off putting some squalane on your face, at least it soaks in, unlike this mess... Also, it contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin A, although in very small amounts, they are still skin irritants. So if you have very sensitive skin, it's probably not for you..

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Treatments (Face) -Paula's Choice -RESIST Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment


I tried a sample version of this, definitely saw brightening results overnight! Feels very nice and smooth on the skin. Will purchase in full size if I ever become a millionaire :)

Skincare - Body -Paula's Choice -RESIST Skin Revealing 10% AHA Body Lotion


Great packaging as always. The formulation is packed with silicones, however since it's for the body I don't mind. It doesn't pill, even if I apply other moisturizers on top. Great for ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris, uneven skintone and textural irregularities. Makes you so smooth! I will definitely repurchase. It says not to use on freshly shaved legs, however I haven't experienced any irritation from doing so. It's slightly overpriced (as most PC products), however it makes my skin really smooth, and the tube lasts forever (I use a couple of times a week). So can recommend, if you feel like splurging a bit :) Try this and their 2% BHA spray for body also. (protip: both products can be used for face as well, for a cheaper price pr. ml. than their face products..)

Treatments (Face) -Paula's Choice -Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant


**I am reviewing the lotion version of this, could not find it anywhere**

Great packaging, not that much stinging, however super overpriced compared to what it actually is.. Glycolic acid is very cheap, why does it have to cost €33?? Also it's loaded with silicone, not great for layering, because it will pill up. One pump applied to my face and one pump applied to neck and chest, and still I get pilling if I try to layer it with ANYTHING. Definitely will not repurchase. I recommend acid products from The Ordinary, they are cheaper and more effective than PC.

To be fair, PC is a great brand because: trustworthy formulations (for sensitive skin), always fragrance free and not animal tested.
I just don't see any benefits from many of their products, sadly.

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