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Hair Treatments -Paul Brown Hawaii -Hapuna argan oil

Found this while looking for a product to ease the frizziness from too much heat styling. Out of all the argan oil products in the store, this had the highest concentration, and it works. I know damaged hair can't actually be repaired and I thought completely eliminating the frizz would be impossible - I use a keratin leave-in, Suave almond + shea butter shampoo and conditioner, and I even tried the It's-a-10 miracle mask for 30 minutes, all of which helped some, but didn't really control my hair as much as I liked. This oil really gets my hair pretty close to normal. It comes out much softer and smoother and makes my hair look presentable without having to heat style. I use 2 drops for my bra strap-length hair, so a little goes a long way.

The first ingredient is cyclomethicone, followed by argan oil, followed by natural extracts such as vitamin e, kukui, banana, kelp, sandalwood, jojoba, coconut, etc. It's like a cocktail of natural hair nutrients and the smell is pleasant as well - it smells like summer but still avoids that bathed-in-suntan oil smell.

Hair Styling Tools -Paul Brown Hawaii -Ceramic Ion Styling Iron -Professional Salon Series

on 1/7/2014 11:20:00 PM


really good flat iron !! straightens my hair fabulously and makes it super soft and shiny. well worth the price of 150$. Doesnt seem to do damage to my hair. I highly recommend this product. Its better than a Chi - theyre overrated.

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Styling Products -Paul Brown Hawaii -Stay Straight

on 10/19/2011 11:39:00 PM


I tried to get this to work with the stay straight cream and it is terrible. It makes my hair frizz and it doesn't have any hold. I've tried it combined with many things with it's sister product, with other products. No luck. I think I'm going to throw it out to make room in my cabinet!

Brows -Paul Brown Hawaii -SuperWear Brow Definer

Loovveee this product. I always get my brows waxed by Greg from the ward Paul brown on Oahu, Hawaii. He always used this after waxing my brows so I decided to buy one for myself. I have the dark taupe marker. The tip is almost like a felt marker but it's very fine and thin. Makes your brows look natural. If you want a darker brow, it is buildable. Like the reviewer before me, I got a discount on it when I got my brows waxed. Def will repurchase! ;)

EDIT: looked good in person but in pictures, it made my brows look super gray and light. Im using mac's 'spiked' eyebrow pencil now.

Shampoo -Paul Brown Hawaii -Hapuna Shampoo

on 2/17/2011 9:35:00 PM

Ok, I can maintain that Paul Brown makes the best shampoos and conditioners - these are total HG products for me. I have been in love with Washe Elite shampoo and Resurrect Conditioner, Diamond Heads, Kukui Nut Hot Oil, Treat Elite and even Paul Brown's flat iron for years and will never be without PB products.

The Hapuna Shampoo was a recent get because I just got my hair highlighted again and I wanted to try a good sulfate free cleanser. Since I trust Paul Brown and hadn't tried this product, I bought the giant sized, bundled with the Hapuna Conditioner on sale. Frankly I would have been happy with just regular sized ones, despite the cost-goods ratio, but their regular sized bottles did not say "Sulfate Free" and sure enough there were sulfates in that bottle's ingredients. The larger bottles did say "Sulfate Free" and there are no sulfates listed. I'm not sure when the formula changed, but his website says it's a sulfate free shampoo, so I guess this is the most recent formula. This is a pH balanced shampoo and it is miraculous.

With Hapuna you get a completely thorough and gentle cleansing; any build up is gone and you are left with perfectly balanced clean hair. And after washing your hair isn't screaming for moisture, and doesn't turn into a hard dry mat like some poos will. As with Washe Elite, I feel like every individual hair shaft has been lovingly treated exactly as it needed for optimum perfection. It's amazing.

What more can I say?! Love it.
UPDATE: WOW! My hair has never been this healthy! I've tried other sulfate-free shampoos before and wasn't impressed, but with this duo my thinning, fine, highlighted, frizz-prone hair has been transformed to a healthy, thick head of hair and I'm getting more compliments in the few weeks since I've been using this then in my entire life! And that's with no styling effort! I've noticed much less hair loss, my scalp is healthy and my hair is silky, strong, full, bouncy and shiny. I want to grow it long because I can't stop touching it! I love you Paul Brown!

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