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Lip Treatments -PAT MCGRATH LABS -Lip Fetish Lip Balm

on 1/17/2019 1:01:00 PM

I got this on a whim during my last trip to Mecca...I mean Sephora haha. It’s a glossy lip balm that works decently well but it’s not worth the price. Love the tube!

Lipstick -PAT MCGRATH LABS -MatteTrance Lipstick - Elson

on 1/15/2019 12:11:00 AM


I would not buy this particular color again, although it is lovely and I’m wearing it a lot since I bought it. I’m very pale with cool/neutral undertones and this is a dark cool red, a blue red. I’ll upload a pic of it on. The formula is lovely for a matte, very comfortable and velvety, and it is one swipe coverage. I prefer this on the outer corners as an ombré look with a lighter, warmer red in the middle of my lips to make them pop.

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Eyeliner -PAT MCGRATH LABS -PermaGel ultra glide eyepencil


I have deep set blue eyes and I LOVE the look of lining my waterline ... until it smudges.
So I have been on a mission to find an eyeliner that WILL NOT SMUDGE. EVER.
Unfortunately, this one smudges on me ...

I tried it on in the store. The color payoff is AMAZING. It applies like butter. Come on, it's Pat McGrath, I would hope that having taken so long to come out with her own line every product would be killer.
It lasted quite a while, and I was so hopeful, but I did ultimately end up with the dark circles of eyeliner under my eye.. so not a good look for this Woman of a Certain Age.
However .. I didn't thoroughly remove it out of curiosity, and woke up the next morning with a very cool black waterline, and if I was in my twenties, and it was a weekend, I would have rolled with that kind of look, but it continued to smudge, so I said goodbye to the whole thing. If it was a drugstore brand, I might roll with it in a different shade that would not be a disaster if it ended up a little smudged (bronze?) but .. no, not for this price.

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Lipstick -PAT MCGRATH LABS -Mattetrance Lipstick - Flesh 3

on 12/29/2018 12:57:00 PM


These were getting a lot of hype and the price was right so I tried it. (Another mistake - when will I learn?) Although the colors looked beautiful in the advertisement - they all looked pretty much the same on me, which, unfortunately, was a washed-out nude color. The formula seemed nice, but I returned it. Also not a fan of the over-the-top packaging. I know the goal was to be festive - but do we really need to fill landfills with sequins?

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Lips -PAT MCGRATH LABS -Matte Trance Lipstick


What would you expect from Pat McGrath? She's practically beauty royalty, right up there with the craft of Kabuki, Egyptian eyeliner and Kevyn Aucoin.She's got the original Supernodels as devoted followers.You know, the incredibly femme freaks of nature that ruled the 80s & 90s and left everyone breathless the entire decade and then some? Yes, those.I've read that's she's a perfectionist but also very practical.Considering her reputation and how long she's been in the industry, she wouldn't put her name to a product if it wasn't going to be glorious and this certainly is. To this woman and her clientele nude isn't just nude and red isn't flat. Her company's focus isn't just eyeshadow and trends like many of her contemporaries choose to do. Lips are just as important if not the ultimate weapon of seduction itself. I consider lipstick a defining and impactful tool of female beauty. The right one is earth shattering. Ms. McGrath's goal with her lipstick is to reinterpret what she feels are the perfect lipstick colors. So don't expect novelty, expect quality and dimmension. The formula of this is conditioning and just great. Like a good oil painting stick. No one should feel left out here, unless you're a makeup newbie, as these could prove too rich. I took my time testing these lovelies, as I seldom shell out for HE makeup. I'm not a makeup artist, I rather spend my money on experiences, and honestly I'm not impressed by expensive beauty for its own sake unless it works. Without further ado, my review of some shades...

FLESH 3: A deep rosey, maroon brown. I say it's the most beautiful brown for neutral toned women, particularly dark autumns. It's romantic, classy, but not boring. If you love bold lips like I do and want something more "natural" without losing face, this is a real winner.

ELSON 2: I chose this as an experimental shade not for complexion complement. It's a bright orange red. NYX Amsterdam is a perfect dupe, though the NYX formula is sheerer and not as luxurious as this. Too warm for me but it would be glorious on Springs and Autumn's as a statement red lip.

FORBIDDEN LOVE:A shade of classic, French inspired red. By that I mean a bit blue, but more pink and red. As such, the shade makes a statement while bringing out a fresh pink glow to the skin. NYX Monte Carlo is a perfect dupe. My favorite shade of red.

VENDETTA: A deep, sexy burgundy red. Lush, ripe and sweet all at the same time. NYX Cherry Skies is a great dupe.

ELSON: This is the red to end all reds. I haven't found a dupe. Actually, Kiss's Matte Lipstick (black casing) in Kiss Red is spot on, but what makes ELSON fierce is the formula of the lipstick. The Kiss one, though beautiful, ends up "flat". I have a billion red lipsticks, after all it is my signature look, but ELSON took the spirit and surprise that makes red lips so special all for itself. It's like a red ribbon on a gift. It tickles your tummy, pulls at your heart strings, and fills you with giddy exitement. This would look resplendent on everyone, truthfully. This is the red you wear when you want people to notice. Alexis Colby would have worn it on Dynasty. This is what you wear when you want to leave everyone breathless and inspire a small stroke. No one will forget or forgive you for being so incredible, except your bank account and Mama when you catch the billionaire du jour.

McMENAMY: Y'all ever had sex so good you'd sell your soul to the devil for a repeat performance? Let someone string you along like a harp and find he'd hit your notes just right? Where your orgasms were as epic as category 5 hurricane or high magnitude earthquake or losing oxygen on Everest or witnessing a Voodoo "exorcism" on the local hussy, bloody chicken and all? Or do you remember the feeling you had when Violet Chacki came out in the futuristic blue gown for a crowning ceremony and made Bob the queen staggeringly irrelevant? Or Lady Olenna's speech to Jaime Lannister just before her death? Well if those feelings were a color, it would be this I think. It's browned, burgundy plum. The color of an old fine Port wine. This is what Diahann Carroll should have worn in Dynasty to counteract Alexis. Beautiful on everyone I think but on the money if you're dark. Again, the formula makes it lethally sexy. It looks alive and a bit ominous. On the fair it reminds me of Michelle Williams' Louis Vuitton campaign. I will be honest here, I already had a lipstick with this color before purchasing this, Makeup Academy's Damsen.This makes me look like the Twilight vampire version of myself: It makes my contrasting darkness perfection. It brings out a garnet like quality to my eyes and makes them look exotic. I look and feel powerfuI. My man eating color ;).

If you don't fear color, love your lips, and are willing to splurge, try these. Just pick one I think. One reminiscing your favorite, preferably your signature.These are pretty pigmented but they're easy to work with. Fingers to mold the pigments to your lip contour and if you really want to amp it up, neutralize your natural lip color with concealer before applying. Also, amazing as cream blush! Even the packaging is chic. It reminds me of the cheekiness of Lulu Guinness' designs.Highly recommend these. I'll only use these on special occasions, way too $$. I ain't rich or have a sugar daddy sadly lol. With my old Estee Lauder compact and this, I feel like I've made it big. If only for one night sometimes.

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