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Ole Henriksen is a Danish cosmetician who debuted his first skin care collection in 1983 after moving to California and opening his own spa. Current best-sellers include Truth Serum and Banana Bright Eye Cream. The company was purchased by LVMH in 2011 and operates in Van Nuys, CA.

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Recent Ole Henriksen Reviews

Scrubs -Ole Henriksen -Transforming Walnut Scrub

on 12/4/2018 8:47:00 AM


I received a large tube of this with a beauty box subscription and have been using it a few times a week in the shower. My skin is accustomed to exfoliation (both mechanical and chemical), and I have had no difficulties with this scrub. However I will note that the packaging claims it contains "walnut powder," and this tells me Ole and I have very different ideas about what constitutes "powder." This product is basically the same consistency as the St. Ives face scrub with the peach pits. I don't know what it costs, and I will use it up because I don't dislike it. However, I would not buy this when St. Ives works as well for $4. I've now tried 3 Ole Henriksen products and have not been impressed.

Treatments (Eye) -Ole Henriksen -Banana Bright Eye Creme

on 11/30/2018 1:16:00 PM


This product did NOT work for me at all.

It left me under eye area extremely shiny and not hydrated. The product seemed to sit on top of my skin and did not absorb well.

I saw no immediate results in brightening and no long term results in the brightening of dark circles.

I stopped using this after a few months, in my opinion, it is a waste of money.

Treatments (Face) -Ole Henriksen -Invigorating Night Gel

on 11/29/2018 11:03:00 AM


As others have mentioned, this product is now in a blue pump bottle & is called Invigorating Night Transformation™ Gel. It has taken me so long to write this review. I use this product maybe 2 times per week tops (sometimes I even skip it for weeks at a time), so it's difficult to see dramatic or noteworthy results. It's $48 for 1.7fl oz. A vegan & cruelty-free chemical exfoliant.

This product smells sour, like an acid. It does contain AHA so it's not going to smell like roses. If you use this, it's very important to wash it off in the morning & follow up with a good sunscreen for a week after each use (if you're not already in the habit of wearing an SPF daily.) The product itself is a clear gel. It's supposed to be used at night to help with fine lines, dullness, texture, dark spots, & uneven skin tone. I personally have noticed that it truly softens & brightens my skin. It does help with texture/uneven skin tone. I have fine lines but I haven't noticed much of a difference in those. I don't have dark spots so I can't speak on whether or not this product works for that.

I'd buy this again because I like what it does for my skin, but in my opinion it's not a life-changing product or a must-have.

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Scrubs -Ole Henriksen -Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub


I love this scrub! I initially bought this for my mom, who was looking for a good scrub, on a whim at Sephora after being drawn to the cheery green packaging and trusted Ole Henriksen brand. Once she told me how much she loved it, I had to get it it for myself as I realized I was also in need of a reliable scrub.

This is not one of those liquidy scrubs, it feels like a paste coming out which at first was disconcerting but quickly became routine. It gives the perfect amount of physical exfoliation that the skin can handle and is gentle but effective. Beyond leaving my skin baby soft, it consistently reveals the most luminous glow that I can practically feel it chisel away at while breathing deeply to inhale the invigorating green tea and eucalyptus scent. It's particularly a great scrub for AM use for that reason as it always makes me look and feel more awake. I use this 2-3x a week in place of my regular cleanser; also have really taken to using it as my face wash when sleeping away and on weekend trips because it fits in even a relatively small purse and there's no chance of leakage - most importantly, unlike other scrubs, it's gentle enough for short term daily use. Although the price is admittedly steep and it doesn't look or feel like a huge bottle, I purchased it in February and I'm only just starting to approach the end now in October, which is why I waited to review. I would say $28 for a not even twice-yearly purchase is pretty justifiable for a reliable and travel-friendly scrub that delivers.

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Masks -Ole Henriksen -Cold Plunge Pore Mask

on 10/9/2018 10:45:00 AM


The Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask is actually one of the better pore masks and, in my opinion, one of the better products overall from the Ole Henriksen brand. This mask has a vivid green color to it which is kind of fun, and does tingle a bit upon application. The tingling is probably from the peppermint they have included, which is my only real issue about the mask, peppermint is not the best for skin, but since this is a rinse off mask it isn't as much of an issue as opposed to being in a leave on product. I like the fact that Ole Henriksen has included several different exfoliants in this mask, and they do a decent job of helping with clogged pores and blackheads. The other thing I really like about the Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask is that after rinsing this off your skin doesn't feel dry or flaky like how many other exfoliating masks can leave skin feeling. This isn't life changing but definitely a decent, affordable, well packaged mask. Wish they would have left out the peppermint... My video review can be seen here if you are interested:

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