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Loose Powders -NYC New York Color -Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder - Translucent


HI there! I use the naturally beige shade...stopped being able to find it in stores a year or so ago, but could still get it cheap on Amazon. Now the price has gone up, so I'm guessing they're not manufacturing it anymore? Anybody know? This was my go-to powder. :(

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Mascara -NYC New York Color -High Definition Volumizing Mascara

on 10/27/2018 4:07:00 PM


I love this mascara

Blush -NYC New York Color -Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder - Pink Cheek Glow

on 10/3/2018 9:24:00 AM


I didn't expect much from this, but it was a nice surprise. Applied with a light hand it's subtle enough for office wear. The shade is a bit light for my medium warm complexion but I can make it work.

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Mascara -NYC New York Color -Big Bold CURL Mascara

on 8/27/2018 12:28:00 PM


This is my everyday mascara. From the bazillion ones I've tried this is the only one that doesn't make my eyelashes fall out from use and doesn't irritate my eyes. I hardly see any lashes after I'm done with makeup but then I put this on and my lashes look VERY much there. It makes them look dark and bold. I have to be careful to not apply too much on the lower lashes because then I get that doll look that is cute, but not a daytime look for me. It doesn't weigh down my lashes either.

The mascara is not perfect, if over applied in many coats it becomes spidery looking, which Is a look I don't mind at night but not for daytime. Also it regularly transfers a little under my eyes by the end of the day because I have oily skin and watery eyes, and often lie down in the car during the day, so my lashes touch my skin. It's not a deal breaker amount though.

I will repurchase, but will keep trying others on the side to see if I can find one that also doesn't make my lashes fall off, and also doesn't smudge. I'm very happy with this one though, worth every penny.

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Polishes -NYC New York Color -Prospect Park Bloom


Not much to say except that this smears like a mother. Despite claims that ir dries in a minute is conmplete b.s. you get what you pay for which is a shame bc i really think the light nudish pink is sorta pretty. If you do use this i suggest using it as a base then top it off with a glitter topper. Other than that bleh...

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