Morphe Cosmetics was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, CA by Chris and Linda Tawil. It began with a line of makeup brushes, and continued with adding lip color and eyeshadow palettes.

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Makeup Brushes -Morphe -Powder Brush

on 1/17/2019 1:52:00 PM

I have about twenty:ish Morphe brushes and this review is applicable to pretty much all of them, although I'm leaving it here because the powder brush was the first hit when searching Morphe brushes on Makeup Alley.

So after years of hype and discount codes all over the interwebs, I bought two sets of Morphe brushes (including the powder brush). They are so cheap, it's not a huge loss if I end up hating them, was my rationale. And I did. End up hating them, that is.

Now, I haven't tried EVERY brush from Morphe. But the two sets I got included many different types of base, eye and finishing brushes, and with each of them, I've had every issue you hope to avoid with makeup brushes. They're uneven, they shed (to the point where I have to go over my face plucking off 5-10 stray bristles with tweezers after using them), and they're coarse, which is especially an issue with the eye brushes, because they hurt and sensitize the skin on my eyelids.

Could come down to technique, of course, I'm not a pro, but I own brushes from several other mid-range and budget brands - the majority are from Zoeva and Real Techniques, and I have random ones from Sigma, EcoTools, MAC, bareMinerals, Nyx, Lily Lolo and so on. They vary in quality, some shed a bit, others are not as soft as I would prefer... but none of them are anywhere near as awful as the Morphe ones. Morphe are the worst quality brushes I’ve ever encountered.

So, Morphe brushes are my backups for when all else are in the "to clean" jar, and I'm never buying more of them. I'm sticking to Zoeva, their brushes have never disappointed me.

If Morphe works for you, I'm happy for you, they're super affordable and they offer a wide variety of different brushes, but the wear and tear on my eyelids as well as my patience is just too much for me.

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Palettes -Morphe -35O2 - Second Nature

on 1/12/2019 1:39:00 PM


The thirty five eyeshadow shades [in a nice mix of matte and shimmer] are a medley of warm neutrals; nude, brown, orange, red, bronze and copper. I'm an autumnal girl, so the changing-and-falling-leaves colour palette screams "get me on your face now", but I think the shades are appealing in any season. The shades are all earthy and warm toned. I think that the shades picked are universally flattering, that [going off online swatch photos] can be worn on all skintones making it a very inclusive palette; it can be used for a variety of complete eye looks, with a variety of shades to suit every skintone - such a major plus, with including everyone with this. You get the following shades in Second Nature; Universal (peach brown matte), Pure (golden cream chrome), Orb (orange brown matte), Tan (warm tan matte), Sizzle (orange copper foil), Amber (rose-gold cayenne shimmer), Bronzie (rusty bronze foil), Flux (cinnamon matte), Contour (golden brown matte), Heat (warm red matte), Ablaze (red orange velvet matte), Sauce (gilded orange foil), Fire (intense red orange matte), Ruby (red coral shimmer) Zodiac (bronze gold chrome), Polished (rose gold duo chrome), Spice (medium peachy brown matte), Terracotta (reddish brown matte), Brick (rusty velvet matte), Rustic (peachy golden red foil), Zippy (copper brown chrome), Dust (ash muddy brown matte), Risky (warm red brown matte), Chestnut (reddish plum brown matte), Halo (deep taupe plum shimmer), Rich (warm chestnut brown matte), Brave (intense reddish brown matte), In the Zone (warm burgundy brown matte), Fawn (deep taupe brown matte), Stone (ash brown matte), So Warm (deep warm brown matte), Toast (warm chestnut brown matte), Brunette (deep plum brown matte), Muddy (deep ash brown matte) and Whiz (intense deep black matte).

I have liked the majority of looks I've done to date. The blendability is mostly good - I've noticed that layering a matte shadow over a shimmer one when shadowing the edges of the eye can be iffy to blend out. There isn't much fallout compared to the other palette from Morphe that I've used in the past. I think that for the most part the pigmentation is really nice and there is no colour fading. There is some creasing on my heavily hooded eyes at the end of a nine hour workday, but that's become pretty normal for me over the past several months, as I'm very concerned that the folds in my lids are becoming more pronounced. There are also plenty of eyebrow options here, for when I'm too lazy to search for my actual brow powders.

However what first attracted me to this palette was the matte red shade Fire and the metallic red shade Ruby, but both shades take a lot of layering [and foiling with Ruby] to show up anywhere close to the pan shade - they do look and wear well once built up, but having the stand-out shades be such iffy quality has put me off Second Nature quite a bit (if you are looking for good-quality cruelty free/vegan reds, KvD has a metallic eyeshadow single named Swoon and a matte single named Bloodmilk). I have an issue with the hard-packed formula and pigmentation on the darker matte shades too; some of them don't apply as deep as they look in their pans, and are a bit on the patchy side. They build up okay, but still look a bit muted. Also; there are a quite a few taupe and brown shades that end up looking pretty much the same after they've been applied and blended, so Morphe could have easily cut down the Second Nature colour story into a 20-pan palette and charged customers less money. Finally; the shade names of the products are printed on a clear plastic shadow shield that slips and slides everywhere so I'll inevitably lose it, rather than on the actual palette. This niggle doesn't effect the actual products in any way so I don't mean to make a big deal about it, but it's something that winds me up because - as I know I've repeated a few times now - I like to know exactly what I'm wearing, and if I find a tutorial somewhere and want to copy it, then it'd be easier if the shades were on the palette - I'm rather surprised that a brand made popular via social media didn't get on top of this issue sooner then they did.

I don't regret buying this palette, as it is a good quality for the price and the shade range is impressive. I'll continue to use the palette for now, but I have realized that I've hardly reached for it lately; this is just sitting around unloved most of the time now. I don't know why, maybe because I zoom in on the bits I'm not keen on? I think that this is destined for the purge-pile. Second Nature actually has lots of the same kind of warm neutrals that are in the Jaclyn Hill palette and I prefer the bold colour pops in Second Nature, so I wish that I'd skipped the JH palette and had gone straight to this one; we're getting the same sort of shades I love, but for £14 cheaper. Sadly I'm still not satisfied since we are paying for lots of shades that are essentially the same as each other and some of the more unique shades just don't cut it quality-wise. Morphe have been improving in quality lately, but still not quite enough for me due to the inconsistencies.

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Eye Shadow -Morphe -The Vault - Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette

on 1/7/2019 5:43:00 PM


Dark Magic is one of four palettes in Morphe/Jaclyn Hill's The Vault collection. It contains the following shades; Poof (matte cream), Power Cut (metallic silver), Shhh (matte dusty taupe), Trickery (sparkling emerald), Diversion (shimmeringgunmetal), Potion (matte avocado green), Busted (matte ocean blue), Inside Job (matte dark jade), Mojo (matte smoked hickory) and Temptress (glinting pitch black).

Like with my Armed & Gorgeous palette, I'm really enjoying my Dark Magic palette and don't have any problems with the quality. All of the shades apply well, wear well and the shades don't fade - there was some creasing on my heavily hooded eyes at the end of a nine hour workday, but that's become pretty normal for me over the past several months, as I'm very concerned that the folds in my lids are becoming more pronounced. In the original Jaclyn Hill palette I find the dark green matte shade [Enchanted] tricky to blend, but I haven't had any trouble with Inside Job.

The formula is great and I prefer eyeshadow palettes with larger numbers of matte shades in comparison to shimmers, so that's another huge plus here. Inside Job is a similar shade to Enchanted from the original Jaclyn Hill palette, so could have been swapped for something else, since most people who will buy this palette are people who have and enjoy her original one and are going to get the same thing twice. I've not got any major issues with the formulas or colour story; I just can't help remembering that Jaclyn has publicly said that she hates cool tones, so just how authentic is this palette?

Dark Magic is the most unique palette in The Vault with it's cool tones and I've not seen similar colour story anywhere, so think of my review as a 4.5. I can't help but think everyone has been too judgmental with this collection; the four The Vault palettes are made up from the leftover shadows from the original Jaclyn Hill palette at a fairly cheap price, so maybe we all shouldn't have expected the best shadows in the world?

To sum things up; my Dark Magic and Armed & Gorgeous palettes are great - I niggled over a few similar shades in them, but the formulas are very good. Bling Boss isn't the best in terms of quality, but I love the shades in that palette, so I'm content to work with it. Ring The Alarm was a disappointment due to the soft & muddy formulas and unexciting colour story - I've not used it since my testing and review last year.

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Eye Shadow -Morphe -eyeshadow singles

on 1/3/2019 1:51:00 AM

After all the good reviews I had high expectations. It is extremely hard to get on your brush and produces way to much fallout . Not a fan at all

Misc Beauty Tools -Morphe -Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge

on 1/3/2019 12:34:00 AM


I purchased the Morphe sponge after listening to many gurus rave about it on Sephora's website. I have to say that I was nieve in trusting some of the YT gurus' opinions on these things. They are shilling these things for a reason. There is no difference between this sponge and any sponger that can be purchased at TJ Max or Winners. I would choose the RT or the BB over this when spending my hard earned cash.

Comparing the Morphe Highlight and Contour Sponge with the Beauty Blender (BB) and the Real Techniques (RT) Miracle Complexion Sponge.

PRICE (approx in CAD): RT $7.50, BB $9.50, BB $26

SIZE: The RT and Morphe sponge are the same sizes while the BB is smaller. I prefer the smaller size of the BB, as it allows for a more precise application on all areas of the face.

SHAPE: The RT and Morphe both have flat sides while the BB has a rounded side. I prefer having the rounded side for foundation application. All three blenders have a pointed size. The RT and Morphe sponges have the exact same pointed sides while the BB has more of an elongated point. I prefer the BB point, as it makes application of concealer in the corner of the eyes easier.

DENSITY: The BB is the squishiest of the sponges. The RT and Morphe are comparable; however, the Morphe is the hardest of all the sponges. I prefer the BB's squish level. I feel it applies a more airbrushed look. I do think if you like a more packed on makeup application, the RT and Morphe would work best. Concealer, for example, may apply best with the Morphe if not for the shape.

COLOUR: Esthetically, I don't really care about the colour of the blender. I guess I like the Morphe the best. The Real Techniques (orange) looks the most faded in colour but does not appear to bleed colour. The BB sponge bleeds (pink) when being washed. I did not notice the same with the black BB but it too fades. They all start to look ugly when being used. I guess the BB looks the less because it is the least vibrant to start.

Overall, the only real pro to choosing the Morphe sponge over the RT or the BB is having the straight side. The sponge is a good choice for people who like dense sponges but this is not my personal preference. Based on the price difference, I would choose the Real Technique sponge over the Morphe.

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