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Palettes -Lime Crime -venus 3 palette

So I got this because I enjoyed the first 2 Venus palettes, the pink palette box it's in is so pretty, and the shadow pots are so pink and girly and pretty. however when I got it, I was upset, the shadow pots didn't look like they did online, just not the same colors, maybe it's the lighting, but still. The foiled shadows have almost no pigment! It's patchy and leaves glitter everywhere. The pigments are chalky and can be dusted off very easily.

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Palettes -Lime Crime -Venus III Palette

on 5/6/2018 11:39:00 AM


This palette is just beautiful. I own the Venus XL palette and love it so when I saw the shades in Venus 3 I had to get it. The shades to me lean very cool toned which is awesome to me because I'm an NW20, blonde hair, green eyes, and very cool undertones for reference. To me these shadows are just as good as the Venus XL. 2 of the shades Beam and Heavenly I think are toppers to go over shadows. That's how I use them or they can be used at light washes of colour. The 3 matte shades are very easy to apply and they stay on all day without fading or creasing. They are also very soft and are easy to blend.

Rapture is a Matte shade with iridescent sparkles it is beyond gorgeous! And my favorite shade of this palette is Paradise to me it is the perfect purple for green or blue eyes. It has blue iridescent micro shimmer I guess would be the best way to put it. I like to use it as a liner it really makes my green eyes stand out. To me all the shades in this palette I can use and they are excellent quality. I like these colours so much I'd like to get their grunge one. Plus the packaging is so pretty I love it! I think these shadows are perfect for Spring/Summer and it really is an outstanding little palette I love it! Recommended. :)

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Palettes -Lime Crime -Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette

on 5/1/2018 6:24:00 AM


For Lime Crime's bumper Venus entry, they've gone for the "ultimate grunge palette" and have chosen a "renaissance remix", romantic and feminine theme for their shade selection. The eighteen powder shadows come in a mix of matte, matte with microglitter, metallic and what Lime Crime calls a not-a-satin-not-a-shimmer 'glow' finish [I'd say pearlescent]; Eden (Rusty rose metallic), Love (Bronzed peach metallic), Passion (Bright raspberry matte), Fresca (Taupe with pink sparkle sparkle matte), Inspire (berry metallic), Idolízed (Toasted caramel glow), Aphrodite (Rich red-brown glow), Nu Classic (Bronzed brown metallic), Burnt Gold (Dark terracotta glow), Flora (Deep coral matte), Scallop (Softest warm pink matte), Celestial (Brick with gold sparkle sparkle matte), Ethereal (Dusty blush metallic), Triumph (Muted cranberry matte), Supreme (Deep mauve glow), Blank Canvas (Cool beige matte), Boticelli (Midnight wine glow) and Goddess (Dusty rose glow)

All of the shades feel the same, blend the same and wear the same. They're all very creamy so apply very smoothly and evenly, they all blend out easily and I've had zero creasing or colour fade [I don't use primer]. I have deepset eyes and have had very little transfer from the metallic shades - even when I've done one-shadow looks with one of the metallic shades all over my eyes. There is some kick-up when I dip my brushes into the pans, but that is something that never really bothers me as long as the shadows apply and perform well, which these do.

This is something where I can confidently say that I'll get around to using every single shade that is in the palette - there's not a single shade that makes me sigh or go 'eww'. If having a one-and-done palette is a dealbreaker for you, then it's good news; you can make a variety of complete-look-in-one-palette looks with Venus Xl, that go all the way from desk to party. I've gotten into making my eyeshadow collection go further, and have found that several of the matte and glow shades make good blushes & bronzers [Idolized, Scallop & Goddess are my personal favourites], so this palette makes a great multi-use product.

I adore this palette and am tempted to go for the full five lippies, but I've been strict and made myself remove a lippie, because this palette has some similar shades to the ones in Venus I and II, rather then new ones - Venus XL is the continuation of a eyeshadow palette series, so I think that they shouldn't be looking behind them at the past Venus entries for the colour-story and be concentrating on introducing new shades into the line.

Palettes -Lime Crime -Venus II eyeshadow palette

on 4/30/2018 8:22:00 AM


Lime Crime's popular Venus palette contains eight powder eyeshadows in warm shades inspired by Botticelli's classical painting crossed with 90s grunge, and Venus II takes that theme & amps up the nu-grunge factor with by introducing some neutral & cooler shade selections; Pigeon (pearl with brown/green shift ), Filter (luminous cornflower blue satin), Marsh (mossy grey-green satin), Mustard (creamy matte corduroy), Fly (pearl with ivory/green green shift), Jam (creamy matte pumpkin spice), Mud (creamy matte rich burgundy-brown) and Boot (sparkle matte nebula black with multi-color sparkle).

For me the stars of Venus II are the pearl shades Pigeon and Fly, as they're so unique and feel very creamy. I have dark blue eyes, so nearly every time I use this palette I gravitate towards Mustard and/or Jam - they really make my eye colour pop. At first Mud seemed boring and I ignored it, but now I love how it is clearly brown, but has a lovely wine-toned undertone to it. I don't usually like blue or green eyeshadows, but there is something about these ones that keeps me coming back for more. Finally; I'm not on for using black eyeshadow often, but Boots is so pigmented and doesn't fall out much, and makes a great liner when applied with a damp brush.

There are only eight shades in the Venus II palette, but the pricing is reasonable enough to excuse this, especially considering the awesome product quality. The powders are a pleasure to work with; they apply and blend like butter, don't fade over the course of the day [no primer] and I've never had any creasing. The satin, pearl and sparkle finishes don't transfer when used in the crease, so that's another plus.

I'll buy Venus II again if I lost as the shades are new-to-me and the colour-story is unique - I think that Venus II is the most authentically curated out of all 4 Venus palettes. The only downside for me is that the Venus I, III and XL palettes contain shadow shades that appeal to me all year round, whereas I tend to only reach for Venus II during autumn/winter, but that downside is personal taste, rather then product quality. I highly recommend this palette to people who don't mind using multiple palettes for one look to make it more of a "all rounder".

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Lips -Lime Crime -Diamond Crushers

on 4/28/2018 6:49:00 PM


Like a lot of other beauty enthusiasts who lurk the Internet, I've stoically avoided buying any Lime Crime products due to the founder's hijinks. Regrettable, because 75% of their stuff perfectly nails my aesthetic. For better or for worse, my boyfriend gave me the Trip Diamond Crusher as an Eid present, so, here we are.

Trip is a beautiful jewel toned twilight bluish purple shimmer. It's surprisingly opaque; I have pigmented lips, but applying Trip full strength gives me full strength purple lips. To use it as a lipstick topper, I actually have to apply very, very sparingly: just the tiniest dab, well blended out, adds a really unexpected and pretty dimension to my everyday nude (MAC Koi Coral). If you're into a dark lip, Trip would take it to a whole new galaxy.

The formula is so nice that I actually wear it just for that, sometimes. It's a cool and comfortable powdery liquid type consistency; non-sticky, and yet it clings to my lips. It does create a slight swelling sensation, which I happen to like. While it doesn't dry out my lips, it isn't moisturizing; being basically pure shimmer, Trip sticks unflatteringly to any dry patches, even over lipstick. It has that fake strawberry baby aspirin/bargain basement candy scent that you either love or hate.

Will I repurchase? Maybe, if the brand has entirely disentangled itself from Doe Deere by the time I run out. That's a possibility, because the amount I use each time is so ridiculously tiny that the damn thing will probably last 20 years. I wouldn't lose any sleep if Acid Fairy magically appeared in my makeup bag...

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