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Lip Gloss -Lime Crime -Carousel Lip Gloss-Cherry On Top

Dang it I love this lip gloss! It wears very nicely, and has a cake batter=like scent. I've tried it over a touch of lip balm and over a pale red lipstick and it's quite pretty. While I'm not a big fan of the person who runs the company and they've had some shady stuff go down over the years, I'd say that yes, I'd buy this again but not right from the company. So put me down as a "maybe" for the "If you ran out or lost this..." question.

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Palettes -Lime Crime -Plushies Sheer Pressed Pigment Quad - Fresh Squeezed

on 7/24/2018 10:47:00 AM


Lime Crime have introduced two new 'Plushies Quads'; pressed pigment quads, which contain matte eyeshadow shades in a diffused & buildable formula. The Fresh Squeezed quad contains; Jackfruit (canary yellow), Orange Juice (carrot orange), Mango (muted orange) an d Dragon Fruit (bright magenta).

This is a fairly easy palette to review; all of the shades feel the same, blend the same and wear the same. They're all very creamy so apply very smoothly and evenly, they all blend out easily and I've had zero creasing or colour fade [I don't use primer]. I have deepset eyes and have had very zero transfer. There is some kick-up when I dip my brushes into the pans, but that is something that never really bothers me as long as the shadows apply and perform well, which these do.

It takes some building to get the shades to match up to their pan appearance, but they all do reach the pan-shade without any difficulty. This is where I want to defend the quad a bit; these quads have a different formula to the brand's Venus eyeshadows, so obviously won't perform the same way. I understand why some people would not want to bother with shadows that need building up, but that is how they are meant to be and it was public information before the palette was released - it's not some kind of fault with the product. Personally I'm a big fan of this kind of formulation; as you can get the shades to look completely different, so it's like getting a new 12-pan palette, rather then a quad.

Fresh Squeezed is a quad so there are only four shades, but the pricing is reasonable enough to excuse this, especially considering the awesome product quality [each pan is 1.67g]. The powders are a pleasure to work with; so I'd rebuy this in a heartbeat if I lost it. The only downside for me is that the shades in Fresh Squeezed are ones that I'll probably only wear during spring/summer, but that downside is personal taste, rather then product quality. I highly recommend this palette to people who don't mind using multiple palettes for one look to make it more of a "all rounder".

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Palettes -Lime Crime -Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette

on 6/3/2018 3:47:00 AM


Undoubtedly an excellent palette if you are after pink tones and don’t want a ‘neutral pallette’. This is beautifully presented. I love the image on the front and the pallette itself is sturdy with a good mirror. The colours are all unique and with the amount of palettes on the market today this is difficult. I love ‘Aphrodite’which is beautiful aubergine shade which doesn’t muddy and remains bright and true, ‘scallop’ is a beautiful light pink. There are many pinks and corals and they all blend beaufully. In my opinion, none of these colours are a dud and I find there is very little fall out. They’re all beautifully pigmented and they last all day on the lid ( I use a good primer). If you are after a blinding shimmer/metallic shade though, there aren’t any in here....the shimmers are subtle, but I like that.

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Palettes -Lime Crime -Venus III Palette

on 6/1/2018 3:48:00 PM


Lime Crime recently released their Venus XL palette and it was very successful, so they decided to keep the ball rolling by releasing the third addition to the regular 8-pan Venus line. Venus III is described as being "the heavenly sister" to the grungier Venus palettes and contains the following shades; Beam (lilac with pink shift iridescent shimmer), Beloved (minky lavender brown metallic), Bliss (rosewood matte), Dreamy (mauve matte), Ecstasy (dried fig matte), Heavenly (rich rose gold iridescent shimmer), Paradise (bright fuchsia with blue pearl) and Rapture (soft blush with blue flash shimmer matte).

The Lime Crime Venus eyeshadow palettes have quickly become an auto-buy for me, as the brand is generally very consistent with the high quality of their shadow formula, so I'm always confident when it comes to buying them. The pigmentation on [almost] everything is awesome, and the shadow formula is very soft and buttery - and I'm not someone who usually bothers with primer. To date I haven't had any issues with shade fading, or shadow creasing. When I dip my brush into the shadows they do have some kick-up to them, but they aren't patchy and apply with only a little [if any] fallout and blend really well, so I generally don't feel that removing a lippie for this issue in my reviews is really necessary as long as the ease of use and performance isn't affected - just tapping excess off your brushes solves the problem. All highly pigmented shadows tend to be softer.

This is something where I can confidently say that I'll continue to use every single shade that is in the palette - there's not a single shade that makes me sigh or go 'eww'. If having a one-and-done palette is a dealbreaker for you, then it's good news; you can make a variety of complete-look-in-one-palette looks with this palette, that go all the way from desk to party. The ratio of mattes to shimmers is another strong plus. At first I wasn't going to even bother getting this palette as two of the shades looked like any other boring browns out there, but I'm so glad I caved in the end - the matte brown [Ecstasy] has a rosy/mauve undertone to it and the metallic brown [Beloved] has a lavender tinge. Both undertones are distinctive and give the shades some uniqueness. Dreamy, Paradise and Bliss are all gorgeous shades that I use, at least one of, every time I open the palette. I think these shades are worth the palette's price alone. I don't know if it's my skintone or something, but the official descriptions are off; Paradise is more of a magenta metallic and I'd describe Bliss as being a nectarine shade. Rapture has a creamy undertone and is a bit thinner compared to the other shadows; however I'd personally only use a shade like Rapture as a browbone/inner corner highlight or layered over something else anyway, so that doesn't bother me.

Beam and Heavenly are both glittery toppers, not opaque shadows, which Lime Crime didn't make clear at first [they have since updated the shadow descriptions on their site] and I'm not keen that they're not totally opaque and are very glittery - I can work with the shadows (foiled and finger application is the way to go), but it's the formula in all four Venus palettes that has underwhelmed me quality-wise as the glitter is kinda loose.

I really enjoy this palette overall; the quality of nearly everything is great and the shades are all very wearable, so I'm going to use and enjoy everything and I would want to replace this if I lost it. However I admit that my creative side was a bit "Oh. Is that it?" the first time that I saw this palette, as I think the pretty and traditionally girlie colour selection looks more like an extension of the XL palette, rather then being It's own entry into the Venus line.

Lipstick -Lime Crime -Plushies

on 5/27/2018 2:48:00 AM


Purchased these back when they released in Australia in Feb this year after hearing a lot of hype about them amongst YouTube reviews. Out of the many lipsticks I've tried over the years, this has got to be the best one to date and has become my absolute holy grail. I literally ENJOY wearing lipstick now because of the formulation of this lipstick, as I've never previously liked how lipstick feels on my lips. I heard a lot of hype with this product and decided to blind buy in two shades "Jam" and "Turkish Delight". I never really liked how red lipstick looks on myself, however this Jam shade was so beautiful.

- Feels like nothing on the lips, non-drying (although exfoliating and a lip balm is recommended prior to applying this product)
- Perfect colour range
- Extremely long wearing, doesn't fade or rub off.
- Soft look, doesn't have that ugly liquid lip line that most liquid lips give.
- Cute packaging
- Smells really good, wasn't use to the smell at first however got use to it. (if you aren't a fan of strong sweet scents then this will bother you)

- Can be patchy/streaky with only one layer, hence why I recommend building up the product for a better opaque and coverage finish. Using fingers to even out the product works wonders.
- Tube could've been slightly bigger, for the price there isn't a decent amount of product.
- Price, bought them from Makeupnet for $30 each, which two plushies ended up being $50

I plan on eventually purchasing more shades, I'm keeping a close eye on "Milk Tea" and "Blackberry". I was planning on originally purchasing Milk Tea instead of Turkish however due to having mostly nude lipsticks in my makeup bag, I wanted to try something new with red and pink lipsticks. Definitely recommend, will be repurchasing this product a million times in the future, might even purchase all shades if I have the money.

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