L'Oréal S.A. is a French cosmetics company headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine with a registered office in Paris. It is the world's largest cosmetics company and has developed activities in the field of cosmetics, concentrating on hair colour, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfumes and hair care, the company is active in the dermatology, toxicology, tissue engineering, and biopharmaceutical research fields and is the top nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States

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Recent L'Oreal Reviews

Foundations -L'Oreal -Infallible Pro-Glow 24HR Foundation

on 2/22/2018 11:00:00 PM


I'm surprised and disappointed at all of the negative reviews regarding this foundation. I actually look forward to getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror after I have applied this foundation, I had not felt that way in years!. Finally I found a foundation I love and yet I fear with all the negative reviews this product will be discontinued, hence I'm going to load up on this product, a lifetimes worth, lol

Highlighters -L'Oreal -True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator

on 2/22/2018 8:49:00 PM


WORST highlighter/illuminator ever. Chalky AND chunky at the same time. Just. No. Nope.

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Treatments (Face) -L'Oreal -Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal Peel Pads

on 2/22/2018 7:54:00 PM


I love glycolic acid pads so I was excited to give these a try. I used them everyday for a couple weeks and I noticed a big improvement in my skin. I my pores were completely clean and any clogged pores came out super easily. I do think that using them everyday was a bit harsh for me; after a few weeks my skin felt like it was burned. I stopped using them and started back with the Nip + Fab pads, which have a lower percentage of gycolic, and my skin is looking a bit less irritated. I will try these again if I start noticing dullness in my skin but only a few times a week instead of everyday.

Blush -L'Oreal -Touch On Color

on 2/22/2018 6:28:00 PM

This is such an older product now, I am not sure you can get it in store any longer.

I did see it on ebay which was a relief because I just started using it again after having it sit in my make up drawer for literally a few years.
The reason being was initial disappointment with the shade GO GO Gold just really not performing any miracles in terms of visibility especially for the price point. Which is basically the reason I never threw it out to begin with... that or due to my liking the packaging/ thinking it was cool and cute looking (because I do think I actually got it on sale for maybe $5.00 as opposed to the $15.00 they are now trying to tout it at online) - & well still, even at $5.00, I was kind of peeved to think I had to throw it away because it wasn't returnable at that point.
No one was going to want it if I offered to give it away, because literally, it was doing the very limit of next to nothing in terms of being able to be seen on your face. At all. Like. It was ridiculous how badly you could not see this product at all after applying it.

I am sure that was the worst case of it I had ever seen. ESPECIALLY with a name like " GOGO GOLD" (??) I mean... I was just really expecting a Heck of a lot more out of it then what it gave. WAY more.

That said: Now in the NEW age of forgivable "BUILDABLE" products then I am supposing we can put it in THAT category and give it a retry.SO- I LAAAYERED this product on my highlight points TO NO TOMORROW, and guess what ?
I am Suddenly now in love with this color.
Yes, it's got this kind of weird powdery texture - not a cream, not a powder - but if you SLATHER it on layer over layer - it WILL actually START to come through for you.

*There should have been a disclaimer previously when it first time out, which of course there was NOT & many other reviews I have seen were also dogging it into the ground for the same reason I was - because THEN we were not expecting to HAVE to do more, in particular with a $10.00 or above product (RIGHT?!). I can't imagine the # of people who probably just threw it out or returned it at that time, if they could, lol.smh.
Anyway. The pan is a (decent) circular 'mini' compact style, with a clear top, mirror that clicks down from the bottom of the gold colored plastic container with you can stick a sponge in I forget now if there was one, or what might have happened to what ever it had come with originally, if anything, but there is a mirror from the bottom, even though it makes it a little bit awkward to notice/ remember that it is even there- BUT, there IS a mirror on the bottom of it so if you remember that in a jam and have it in your purse with you when you're out or if you have no compact mirror, right.

Then, at least that little bit of "back up" mirror is an option there, again, depending on how you use it, and if you remember that it is there. I forget because I use my fingers to apply, but anyway. It is there.

That all said, wear time for me has so far been about honestly, a good 5-7 hours so far, so that is why I say "if " you carry it on you. If you put enough on to begin with (which you HAVE to in order to see it at all/ get any point or benefit out of it), then you really don't need too many or (any) touch ups as far as I'm concerned, but that could depend on what you're doing at the same time.

I just ran errands & hit an appointment in it - disclaimer: I did NOT go to the bar or clubbing in it. SO. Depending on the individual, I couldn't give a "sweat test" report or anything necessarily come to think of it, but for me, for everyday highlighter use, I genuinely enjoy the color it is giving me (very complimentary on my skin tone of fair to medium (Ie: former NC 30 MAC under-eye concealer/ or studio fix powder foundation girl here, if that helps anyone-) & the right tones/ formulas are sometimes hard to nail) .

For me, it really allows me to use no foundation in keeping with today's trend, but brings me to life in the face in this winter times.
This might sound a bit wack, but I literally have tried it on my entire face and liked the outcome, with a mix of other products on top over it. Like a primer nearly.

I do not know how much more quickly I might go through the pan now in light of that, because while the packaging itself is like an inch thick, again there is a mirror on the bottom taking up half that space so I am not sure how deep exactly it is - checking the grams might help & jack me back into thinking that way again since mac days, but the writing is EXTREMEMLY small on the back, so I doubt it & if really if in this particular case, the way I myself use it, find out if that is really going to matter or not.
Ok- no, I can't see for looking how many grams on the bottom.
Hm. Maybe online will know. Just sec.
Ok. It says 0.11 ounces ( so, just under one ounce), 2,2 grams or so. Hm.

That said - I'm worried now that I like the tone as much as I do ( not garish, but a nice brightening glow (imo/ to me/ for me) the pick me up look it gives when I thought I was looking kind of tired, because, though I just found it for DIRT cheap, the shipping ALONE is nearly $20-!!!! like... 6 TIMES THE COST OF THE PRODUCT ITSELF !!! S.M.H..

I'm trying not laugh right now, because if I'm honest, I actually don't really find it funny (sigh/eyeroll) considering you DON'T get as much product in it as you would in a similar cost product, maybe even from actual MAC itself, which, if you ask my honest opinion, is an actual industry brand that (sort of) has more rights imo to charge that way a bit more than L'Oréal does(/?), just for that reason alone, regardless of how long L'Oréal has been a "mainstay" brand for a super long time, they (are)still just basically at the regular drug store aisle in truth, & DO offer certain things at more affordable price(s) (generally-ish).
Well. We'll have to see now by how long this lasts if I have to keep searching a

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Primer/ Corrector -L'Oreal -Revitalift Miracle Blur

on 2/22/2018 10:32:00 AM


I'm a late 60's woman with mostly normal, pale skin, with a slightly oily T-zone. I do have some lines around my mouth and large pores on my cheeks. I find this product erases my pores and gives me a matter, porcelain appearance. It didn't take care office my wrinkles, but I didn't expect it to. I'd buy it again in a blink.

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