L'Occitane en Provence is an international retailer of body, face, fragrances and home products based in Manosque, France. The company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, who wanted to create a personal care company that preserved the traditions of Provence. Headquarted in Paris, the company has shops in over 90 countries worldwide

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Recent L'Occitane Reviews

Fragrances -L'Occitane -Verbena

This product is like heaven on Earth to my nose. It is a true beauty. This is truly what I want to smell like everyday all day in all four seasons. There would never be a time where I grew sick of this. The only problem that I've encountered is the longevity. If only this lasted on my skin more than one hour or less it would be my signature scent. So basically ever since I tried this 3 years ago for the first time I have been trying to find it elsewhere but with longevity. I don't even know if it's possible to make this beautiful Citrus last long. With my luck it's just not possible and I'm never going to get what I want and need. So for now I'll keep carrying the big bottle in my purse and touching it up every couple hours. It's worth it. Even with using the gel and lotion does not help make it last very much longer at all. Although I'm in love with the fragrance I had to take one Lippy off for the duration

Gels/Soaps -L'Occitane -Milk bar soap

on 7/12/2018 9:39:00 PM


Love it! Creamy soft! The best soap that takes care of my super sensitive skin.

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Lotions/ Creams -L'Occitane -20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

on 6/25/2018 9:58:00 PM


I was blown away by this hand cream within the first day. The summary: This hand cream is highly moisturizing and absorbs VERY QUICKLY into the skin without leaving a film or sticky residue.

If you're up for a bit more reading, let me give you a bit of a background. I'm a student studying and volunteering in the health field. So throughout the day I'm constantly washing my hands in the bathroom AND killing the skin with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I did make an effort to moisturize and salvage my hands, but basically I had to use super sticky body lotion that actually left so much grease on my fingers that my laptop keyboards looked disgusting everyday. Any hand lotion that absorbed well and didn't leave a residue, basically didn't do anything for my damaged hands.

I got the Shea Butter as a gift from a friend. I figured that I could use it in combination with the sticky lotion I was stuck with and tried it. Loved it. Ditched the super greasy lotion. I ended up buying 2 more types as well. I have the Cherry Blossom (my current favourite; love the scent and it's still really moisturizing), and Delightful Rose (the scent is a bit strong for my tastes with constant use).

I do have to reapply it several times throughout the day, but honestly that isn't a surprise considering what I do to my hands. I love how I can apply this, feel how soft my skin is, then not have to worry about it getting all over the place. Love it.

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Lotions/ Creams -L'Occitane -Almond - AMANDE Concentre De Lait Milk Concentrate Body Cream - Almond Line


have been looking for a really great moisturizer forever! I've tried literally dozens of lotions, creams, serums, treatments, medicated gels...from expensive to cheap all came recommended by various people, even my dermatologist.

Nothing, absolutely nothing ever worked as good as this Milk Concentrate on my body. The cream is so light and fluffy, it feels amazing going on and absorbs right before your eyes. I'm left with smooth, soft, ultra hydrated skin that lasts DAYS.

Yes, the price is high but it's so worth it. Not only do I find that each application lasts so long I really only need a small amount to adequately hydrate my entire body.

You can even apply extra on problem areas, I had the dreaded kp on my arms. It's a synch to treat, I just apply the Milk Concentrate, work on other parts of my body and come back to reapply. The result?

No more kp!!! Seriously, in a week it was just gone after applying the cream at night and morning. My arms are the only place that needed serious hydration, every part of my body is so soft and touchable with applying the cream only *once* every three days.

This stuff is amazing, I was blown away by it when I was lucky enough to get a small sample with a Sephora order. The smell is nice and light, I really love it! It reminds me of sweet milk, the scent is quite subtle and is never over powering no matter how much you put on.

My only complaint? It really doesn't work well on my face, it's somehow too heavy.

Gels/Soaps -L'Occitane -Verbena extra gentle soap

Excellent! Simply lovely. Very gentle and hydrating. The scent is gorgeous. I love this soap.

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