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Lip Treatments -Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Lip Scrub

on 10/11/2018 3:05:00 PM


This product is delicious, effective, fairly priced and beautifully packaged. I have the sherbet flavour and it is soooooo good. I love that it's not a cream with some grains in it and more like a really grainy scrub. My lips are terribly chapped and in very bad shape because I am an anxious lip chewer but this fixes them right up! Of you cant find anything to smooth your lips try this with a little aquaphor after, it seriously works wonders. I dont know how this is formulated but the dead skin just falls off.

Lips -Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Velour Liquid Lipstick

on 10/11/2018 2:58:00 PM


LOVE. Beautiful shades, beautiful packaging, great formula. I dont know what else to say besides everyone needs this liquid lipstick.

Lipstick -Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Lip Ammo (all shades)

on 10/11/2018 2:57:00 PM


I would recommend the liquid lips over the lipstick bullets. The shades are beautiful and the colour is great, but I find the packaging a little lacking compared to his other products and the formula is a little dry. I dont think I got a bad one because it's the same consistency as the lip liners, but for the lip liners it works. As a lipstick I just find that the formula could be more creamy and hydrating. Has lasting power though.

Highlighters -Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Skin Frost

on 9/23/2018 3:11:00 PM


Love this highlighter. VERY pigmented, the most pigmented highlighter I have EVER used. The only problem is the fact that it can make your pores look little bit bigger but I can deal with that.

Eyes -Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Androgyny palette

on 9/23/2018 3:09:00 PM


Gorgeous! Beautiful shades and very pigmented. The packaging feels kinda heavy and I really like that. I always apply the shimmery shades with my finger because they don't really work with my MAC brushes but it's not a problem at all. A very good palette. The shades are perfect for autumn.

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