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Lip Treatments -Glossier -Balm Dotcom

on 3/22/2018 5:35:00 PM


I received a nice sized sample of this in my Ipsy bag. Cute little tube packaging. I have the “coconut” scent although it doesn’t smell like coconut to me. Not real coconut, nor the candy or lotion fragrance everyone knows. I think it smells like sweet buttered popcorn, but I like the smell so it doesn’t bother me. It’s moisturizing enough, it feels like a thinner version of my Lanolin, and I’m sure it costs way more. I can say that I did not look up the price for this, but if it costs more than $5, I would say that it is overpriced. Because I like the scent and I do find it moisturizing, it it were $5 or under, I’d purchase. If not, I wouldn’t. Oh, there’s no real flavor in case anyone was curious.

Skincare -Glossier -Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector

on 3/22/2018 11:24:00 AM


Really really disappointed with this!
Wanted it to work but made my skin the worst it has ever been - seriously awful.
I know that you can breakout when you first start using a chemical peel so I really tried to carry on with this but it just kept getting worse and worse.

The smell is horrible as well (which I would have got over if it worked) and it leaves a sticky layer of residue on your face after using. Facial oil wouldn't go on at all, even after leaving for 20 minutes and I could feel that my moisturiser wasn't sinking in and just sitting on my skin.

All in all the worst 'hyped' skincare product I've ever tried :/

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Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow

on 3/15/2018 10:22:00 PM


$16.00 for 0.11 oz.

I had no idea this would be so small. It looks like a sample from Sephora. I got the color blonde. Don't expect this to fill in your brows or hold them in place all that well either. The color was ok, not dark or red like some blonde colors but I considered it a total waste of money. Essence Make Me Brow in Blondy Brows is just as good if not better and it is $2.99 for .13 oz. This doesn't thicken mine or fill them in anymore than the Essence does, but it does hold them in place a little, and just barely a little better But surely not 13.00 more better. If you want more hold just get Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara or splurge on ABH clear gel, but i don't think there is much difference and Maybelline is only around 5.00 vs. 22.00 for ABH.

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Cleansers -Glossier -Milky Jelly Cleanser

on 3/15/2018 3:22:00 PM


Glossier's "milky jelly" cleanser is a really gentle cleanser with no foaming action. You can basically picture Cetaphil cleansing lotion, and that's exactly what this is like. I actually like the unscented-ness of it - I can't detect a scent. I used to always want scent, but so many things now are saturated in our beauty routines (with scent), so I feel like I'm over that.
The cost and the amount are not a great bargain; however, I like that this is soft/gentle like Cetaphil, and also satisfies the need to be a little more "indulgent" with pretty packaging.
Like Cetaphil, I left a little on my skin to see if it would leave a moisture barrier, and it did! Amazing little side benefit. It "dries" to a really glowy "tight" look on the face, but *not* dry/crackly. If you put a thin (very thin) layer on after you pat dry, you'll have that shiny "just got out of the spa facial" look.

I would buy it again, but I don't think I would urge others to spend their money on this, only because I think there are better bargains to be had for proper skin care. This is a luxury cleanser, not a "must" for clear skin.

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Highlighters -Glossier -Haloscope (ALL COLORS)

on 3/6/2018 3:26:00 PM


It’s a really natural highlighter, but that’s why I like i like it so much. Goes in with the whole glossier enhancing-natural-beauty philosophy. Applies good also on light powders. Best if you first put it on your fingers and then pat on the highlight points rather than go directly on the face: I find there could be more product, but it is not that creamy stick type. It’s a stiff balm, so you get quite some usage out of it.

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