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Tinted Moisturizer -Glossier -Perfecting Skin Tint

on 1/16/2018 12:33:00 PM


I jumped on the glossier bandwagon because who doesn't want that minimalist, fresh, cool-girl look! I have this in light, which probably doesn't make much difference because the product is so sheer. It has a very watery consistency that makes it easy to spread. I have dry skin with the odd blemish, but I feel better with some coverage to even things out and add some glow. This product is SO difficult to detect on my skin- as in- it's hard to tell whether I even put it on or not, even with liberal application.

Unlike other reviewers, I do not feel like a grease ball after applying this even after a full day of wear. The main issue for me is that the effect is just too subtle to make a difference. I have found use for this product by mixing with others to adjust the colour and sheerness- currently I am mixing it with a Bareminerals tinted moisturizer that is a smidge too dark. The resulting blend is still a bit sheer but better than the Glossier tint on it's own. I will use the product up in this way, and may try different combinations.

I am on the fence about the packaging because it can be difficult to get the product out, but I like that you can see how much product is left in the bootle. At 32$ CAD I do not think this is good value all considered.

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Lip Treatments -Glossier -balm dotcom

on 1/13/2018 6:50:00 PM


i was so so excited to get this stuff in the mail. it came it a cute baby pink package with stickers and my two balm dot coms. i got cherry and birthday balm. i just wanted a nice lip balm with a tint to wear when i have no make up on and i had heard so much about this cult classic. after a couple of weeks the cute packaging turned ugly with all of the colors rubbed off. i also had no clue this product contains lanolin. right away i was disappointed.. it gave 0 shine or nourishment to my lips.. it just felt like a weird film on my lips. i kept using it before bed even though my lips werent very dried to begin with. a month later, i have stretched, raw, almost chemical burns on my lips. i have never had this reaction in my life. it is painful and uncomfortable and nothing is helping soothe it. not to mention this horrible product was like $12 per tiny bottle. i threw these two balms out and am back to using my plain old smiths rose salve. never again.

Blush -Glossier -Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color

on 1/13/2018 5:04:00 PM


This is an extremely well formulated cream blush. But like any other cream blushes please don't expect the staying power to be the same as a powder blush. It blends in seamlessly and the colours are truly beautiful however you must make sure to blend fast since the product settles pretty quickly.
I use the shade dusk and it gives a very natural bronzy flush to my NC20ish skin tone. The price is not bad for the amount of product you get but the only good thing about this is that it's fun putting it in. Powder blush fares way better in terms of longevity and colour selection. Also in the packaging it says you should use it up in 6 months which is very short.

Feel free to use my code if you want for 10% off:

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Lips -Glossier -Generation G


I wanted to love this product so so much. I mean, a sheer AND matte lipstick?? YES PLEASE. You rarely see that combination together. If a lipstick is sheer, then it's also most likely to be glossy. I bought this in Jam and Leo. The colours are lovely, and Leo especially is a really unique nude warm brown that isn't too orange that I don't see often. Great MLBB on my medium tanned skin.

My one big gripe is that this product sinks into the grooves of your lips. And it doesn't even do it as it wears off, it does it straight after application. So unless you've got perfect lips that have been scrubbed and smoothed and is naturally not dry, you can't use this product. It doesn't apply smoothly and it clings on to dry patches, and highlights any irregularities in your lip texture instead of smoothing them out. I guess the somewhat patchiness of the lipstick is what people like about it when they say it looks like a natural stain?

Packaging is pretty lousy, as most other reviews would agree. It's also quite a small lipstick which means you're not really getting your money's worth. Longevity is average.

Lovely colours, but that's the only thing good about them. I suppose if you've already got nice lips with no problems then this is a safe option for you. I wouldn't be repurchasing nor would I recommend it to anyone who has deep grooves, or even a hint of dryness in their lips.

EDIT: I find that since moving to a more humid tropical climate where my lips are less dry, this product does work better. Still applies quite patchy though.

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Cleansers -Glossier -Milky Jelly Cleanser


This product buuuurns the hell out of my face! I have dry/sensitive skin and I do not recommend this product for those (like me) who has ultra sensitive skin. The reason I’m giving this two lippies instead of one is because it does a good job in removing make up, but my micellar water does the same thing without the burn

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