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Moisturizers -Glossier -Priming Moisturizer

on 10/13/2018 8:02:00 PM


I LOVE Glossier products- use the and jelly cleanser religiously. However, this product gave me perioral dermatitis. Whenever I use it, I get small red itchy dots all around my nose and mouth and its horrible- takes a week to go away! Wanted to love this, but I would stick to other glossier products, this one is not a win :(

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Blush -Glossier -Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color

on 10/6/2018 9:18:00 PM


I really love the consistency and finish of these blushes. I purchased beam and puff and the colors work well with my pale skin. They apply really smooth over my skin without bringing attention to my pores. I haven't had any issues with longevity but I do use a setting spray over top. My only problem is the tube, you have to pay close attention not to squeeze out too much as a little goes quite a long way. Excited to try some different colors!!

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Highlighters -Glossier -Haloscope Highlighter (ALL COLORS)

on 10/5/2018 1:00:00 PM


*I have sensitive,acne prone skin.I have a little it of redness on my cheek.My skin did NOT react to it at all.
It lasts a day, if ind it looks better when you wear it for a couple of hours.The product has no smell. The pigmentation is NOT like OFRA's powder highlighters instead of the highlighter giving a powdery,Powerful look it gives a 'my skin but better' glow,it does not contain chunky pieces of glitter instead it glistens.
I would recommend it for someone who wants a natural glow.
This is one of fav highlighters ever!

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Eye Shadow -Glossier -Lidstar

on 10/2/2018 9:30:00 PM


I bought cub and fawn because I heard that these had the best consistency compared to the other lid. Fawn looked grayer than I would have liked because I was expecting a taupe, and it was patchy. Cub also looked really pretty, but I had issues blending it out because it would also get patchy and layering these just made them crusty looking. I never get patchiness with eyeshadows, and these were the first ones. I’m disappointed with these because they’re pretty pricey for what they are.

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Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow


I bought this in black and it did thicken up my brow hairs quite nicely. Doesn't make them crunchy or stiff feeling. But for the price, I'm underwhelmed. It didn't hold up my thick brow hairs at all. It didn't even last through the morning for me. I'll be returning this for sure.

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