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Lips -Glossier -Generation G

on 5/17/2018 8:05:00 PM


I purchased Generation G lipstick in the shade Cake. Despite the hate around glossier having make-up that is too minimal to be makeup, I really like it. I enjoy natural makeup because I just don’t like how I look when it LOOKS like I’m wearing makeup. I’m a minimalist even with my red patchy skin :) I enjoy that this lipstick is subtle and fades away gracefully. It’s not longwear but it ages gracefully and doesn’t leave stains in the dry cracks of your lips. It also doesn’t get on your teeth. Two things I can’t handle as a teacher who has zero time to even go to the bathroom during the work day. I will say that the packaging is cheap and bugs me. Especially if I’m paying $18. I would purchase this product again, with fingers crossed hoping for a packaging improvement!

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Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow

on 5/16/2018 3:04:00 PM


Following all the rave reviews, I really badly wanted to love this product. And I do love it - it really does do exactly what it says in the blurb, and the result looks great. It gives a tidy, natural look with virtually no effort. It's a bit pricey for the amount you get, but it really does work.

Unfortunately for me, it turns out that I'm highly sensitive to one of its components. From the first time I used it, it has made me itch like crazy - even more so when my skin gets very warm. So very sadly, it's back to my old brow pencil for now. Great product, but not for me. :(

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Highlighters -Glossier -Haloscope Highlighter (ALL COLORS)

on 5/16/2018 10:05:00 AM


Perfect for that “wet” highlighted look. No glitter in these, just reflective shimmer. I apply them straight to my cheekbones and lightly blend out the edges with my fingers.

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Mascara -Glossier -Lash Slick Mascara

on 5/16/2018 10:02:00 AM


I wore this for the first time yesterday with no smudging. And I fell asleep on the couch, work up in the middle of the night to wash my face, and my mascara was still holding on strong. This is definitely fantastic for work days when you don’t have time to worry about your mascara smudging down your eyes. It is fantastic for lengthening, and just alright for volume. For me the staying power puts this immediately in with my favorite mascaras.

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Moisturizers -Glossier -Priming Moisturizer

on 5/15/2018 2:47:00 AM


This broke me out BIG time and as I read the ingredients it didn’t seem suitable for sensible or acne-prone skin and shouldn’t be marketed as so. Now it’s just a very expensive moisturizer for my elbows... very disappointing since I’m a fan of the brand and some of the other products I’ve tried.

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