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Moisturizers -GIVENCHY -Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Cream

on 11/19/2018 4:03:00 PM


I really wanted to love this cream and Yes, it is moisturizing but not as much as I would want it to be.
I still get flakes on my face and have to reapply during the day sometimes.

The smell is really intense, I quite like it though, it smells fresh and rich.

But, I would not recommend this nor would I repurchase because this totally clogges my pores!

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Loose Powders -GIVENCHY -Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation

on 11/10/2018 7:20:00 AM


Let's tap about the packaging first- so messy! the puff has to stay inside so it picks up unnecessary amount of product, it mixes the shades together especially after you put some powder on the cap and get left with some and it back in. I'm saying this because I usually focus the yellow shade under my eyes and the rest I mix for my face. but even when I do that I feel like my face gets so cakey. I also think there's some glitter in it.. ? little speks of something is in there and it doesn't look good. I feel cakey and older with this powder. it also make me have laugh lines and under creases, no product even did that to me..
I'm gonna get my money's worth somehow lol but this is so not worth it.

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Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Givenchy III

on 11/5/2018 7:17:00 PM


Once in a while, a perfume makes a person leave the consumable goods zone and enter the world of art in their heart and mind. Obviously, this is highly subjective and, in my experience, purely coincidental. With Givenchy III, it is not because I am particularly fond of the genre or notes. I love it the way I love music.

On my skin, it opens with sweetness and aldehydes. Not sterile, nostril burning or that peachy territory that can turn stale. A dark green note emerges immediately. This is galbanum, one of my favorite note ever. It is not bitter or very dark here, but it has character. Somewhere between the interplay of galbanum and sweetness, that fuzzy feeling we often get from Chanel appears. To me, this is a beautiful foreshadowing of the base. If it is animalic, it is only very slightly so.

The heart begins when these disappear to the background and then magic happens. Givenchy III becomes pure, almost blinding opulence without being screechy in the slightest. I love it when perfume is able to do this. Then I get soap, the most beautiful, elegant ivory soap. Soap notes are difficult for me. I may find them somehow humid, even stale sometimes. Not here. Who knew ivory soap could be this elegant.

Depending on the day, these phases last longer, shorter, or may even change places but they have never caused me a bad surprise.

Flowers are well-blended but the general vibe I get is that of cooler hyacinth and LOTV. Cool, vast and airy on a warm base. They tie nicely with orris later. Yes, things will get a bit powdery and maybe a bit smoky.

The drydown is fuzzy, powdery but also creamy - probably the most elegant touch of coconut this time. Givenchy is full of surprises, without losing its class or elegance. It never loses its joyful soul though. Just one second from prim and proper to laughter.

It is an easy chypre that can easily envelope its wearer. I find it approachable. It makes me think of Chanel No. 19. But while no.19 is a calm green with slight leather undertones on me, Givenchy III is slightly warmer, more yellow and more casual. Neither does it become a definite iris powder the way No.19 Poudree becomes on me.

I like it one spritz. I feel I can get the complexity better. It calms down quickly but I may spritz again during the day.

To me, this is a love affair and the reformulation I have is worth every penny.

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Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Dahlia Divin

on 11/5/2018 3:17:00 PM


To me, Dahlia Divin is one of those golden perfumes that have a smooth structure and a pleasant overall effect. I think this is a good style especially when one wants to get a break from searching for ultimate creativity, the next niche edge or ambitious expression - and wearing many things from deep sea algae to concrete to deadly mushrooms in the meantime.

Dahlia Divin is certainly not the pinnacle of creativity, but I don't think that's its purpose anyway. This is a well-rounded, pleasant fragrance that can handle any occasion from work to classsical music concerts to weekends with family. It will not offend anyone and will draw complements. None of these are bad things and I'm happy that this style is there. It makes me think of Lancome Attraction which - as far as I remember- was more powdery but along the same lines. These are mostly floral comfort fragrances for times when one doesn't want to do gourmand, vanilla overdose or musks perhaps. The modern chypre? I don't care much for that description, but if I have to think about it, I think Balenciaga by Balenciga is more of a modern chypre than Dahlia Divin on my skin.

The fragrance has a bright, approachable, opulent opening. Again, there is the miraballe plum. Flowers are creamy on my skin. I get the jasmine on a light, airy base. My favorite aspect of Dahlia Divin is definitely the slightly balmy, really creamy sandalwood. Nothing smoky. When I was a teenager, my mother bought lots of sandalwood soaps from an artisan producer at some point. That's how I was introduced to this note. I remember the creaminess more than 25 years laters. Lovely surprise for me here. The patch is just a whisper on my skin.

Unfortunately the sillage is very low, lasting power is around 4-5 hours.

In a world of unlimited finances, I could buy it. I would also wear it in rotation with more ambitious fragrances if I was gifted this.

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Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Hot Couture


I tried this on in the Givenchy Boutique and absolutely fell in love with it. It is a warm and sweet gourmand scent. The dry down of the base notes: amber, musk and sandalwood are so seductive smelling. I'm definitely going back to buy a big bottle of this soon.

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