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Self Tanners -Fake Bake -Flawless DARKER Self-Tan Liquid

on 9/24/2018 8:39:00 AM


This product is good when first applied but that's about it. The product goes very patchy around scars and on dry patches of skin, it always sticks around my knees, feet and upper arms making me look like I have a skin disease and making scars on my body stand out a lot! The tan is very hard to get off as it really clings to parts of the skin.

Self Tanners -Fake Bake -Flawless Self-Tan Liquid

on 9/15/2018 12:34:00 AM


Hi! Im asian and pale, and been using self tanner for about 6 months.
About this product:
-package: like it, mitt and gloves included. U need to wash the mitt after every use and it stays good.
-smell: tropical coconut I think. I don’t like it but it’s still ok.
-application: I spray it directly on my skin and then work it w the mitt. It dries fast, so fast that u have to b quick in blending it onto ur skin to avoid streaks. It leaves ur skin dry and a little guide color on my bed sheets. But they all come off after a wash. Be careful keep urself away from water and sweat after u apply it because this streaks like crazy.
-color: my skin appears so dark and amazing after I apply the tanner. I find the color super natural and it seems to have a red tone. Maybe that’s why ur skin doesn’t look orange. Ok here is the disappointing part... I leave the tanner on my skin overnight and take a shower without soap in the morning. The color almost comes off and leaves me w a super light but natual looking tan. So if u wanna have a dark shade u need to apply it everyday for abt 5 days then maintain the tan w one application every 2 days. Trust me! This tanner fades so quick. In fact, if I dont apply it for 2 days, it will start to fade on the 3rd day.

***I bought a package of 2 bottles due to the good reviews but now im quite sad w the result. But u know what. Winter is coming and I think I’ll apply it and go out to show off the great color before It comes off in the shower. Anyway w the price, we can’t expect more than that. Light tan w cheap price. Ok

Self Tanners -Fake Bake -60 Minutes Self-Tan Liquid

on 4/27/2018 11:07:00 PM


This was $32 at Ulta and I just returned it. I think this would be good for very fair individuals, but for my medium tone skin (NC30/35), I got no color pay off. Absolutely none. I tried it on two separate occasions - the first leaving it on 3 hrs as the directions state and then the next time, leaving it on overnight. I maybe got 1/4 shade darker. Additionally, the second ingredient of this product is SD alcohol and it dried my skin out HORRIBLY (and I don’t even have dry skin). The skin on the back of my hand was so dried out that a piece of skin chipped and CAME OFF and bled. I tried applying jojoba oil and other extremely moisturizing lotions all over my body and my skin still looked like a dried prune. Not to mention that the age spots I have which are fairly light, darkened to a deep brown. I had to buy a hydroquinone cream to fade my spots. This is the absolute WORST product I’ve ever used. I exchanged it today for the Ulta Express Golden Glow Tan ($12.99) and it made me 2 shades darker within 2 hours with no drying out of skin and no darkening of age spots. I’m so glad I returned the FakeBake and got my $32 back.

Self Tanners -Fake Bake -Self-Tanning Lotion


I usually use the L'Oréal sublime bronze tinted self-tanning lotion. I liked that one fine, I was just slightly turned off by the sparkle in. I figure I ought to branch out, and try some slightly higher-end tanning brands. I picked this one up despite the extremely mixed reviews. When I first poured this out onto my gloved hand, it came out as a huge, watery, GREEN glob. Some sources say it's supposed to be this color, and others say it may be expired if it's this color. I decided to continue on, anyway. It took forever to absorb into my skin.. I just felt like I was running and rubbing forever. It didn't absorb onto my face at all-- probably because I had moisturized it before-hand (user error). However, it DID stick to a couple of cuts and abrasions I had on my face. I was pretty upset about that. When I was finished, I was completely head-to-toe army green. It's seriously the least attractive thing ever. Plus, this stuff smells terrible!! In the morning, I was relieved to find that the color was good and not at all orange. I didn't find any streaks. I would not recommend this product simply because of the horrible application. It's just a terrible, stressful experience. Do not purchase this.

Self Tanners -Fake Bake -Fake Bake Instant Self-Tanning Spray

on 12/15/2015 3:32:00 AM


About me: NW13-20 (neutral-cool toned, very fair), dark gray- blue eyes, Color season is True Summer, Baumann Skin Type is OSPW/DSPW.

I inherited this product from my mom, who couldn't get the knack and gave up using it.

I didn't like the "spray and set" application, it always streaked on me and I felt like I was wasting so much product on my bathroom walls. I did use up two whole cans by spraying onto a tanning mitt, and then rubbing the wet formula into my skin. Sort of like spraying the Dior aerosol foundation onto the paddle brush and using the brush to apply.

The color is okay, the staying power is meh. I used up the two cans, but I wouldn't repurchase necessarily. I will say, it is nicer to have a spray that rubs in and dries matte in the summer (because the tanning lotions feel so slimy and heavy in 90 degree heat). However, the smell is pretty horrible, and I always felt like I needed to shower at least once about 6-8 hours after applying or else I looked "too orange". With the lotions, I didn't feel like I needed to shower to get the color that looked natural.

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