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Recent Eucerin Reviews

Cleansers -Eucerin -Aquaphor Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo

on 8/18/2018 11:16:00 PM


I don't use this for a baby. I use this for my adult facial skin to remove makeup. This is by far the BEST CLEANSER type of facial remover. My HG is the Palmers Skin Therapy Facial Cleansing Oil. But like I said that's an OIL and this is a CLEANSER. So maybe for the people who prefer cleansers to oils this would work for. This takes everything off, waterproof makeup included, no trace left. However my fave Palmers Oil is a little B*tch to find. So I got a sample size of this. I wet my face, lathered this on(even around my eyes because it's tearđź’§proof), and rinsed off with a wet hot towel. It took off waterproof eyeliner, thick matte foundation, WP mascara and liquid lipstick. So, a winner in my book. After I rinsed with that hot wet towel, I splashed my face with cold, cool water and dried off. Complete perfection. Not a trace left. Also, safe for sensitive skin because Hello it's for Babies. I WOULD and WILL buy again for the price and efficiency. And will recommend to everyone I know. Love this.

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Lip Treatments -Eucerin -Lip Aktiv

on 8/17/2018 2:22:00 PM


My all time favourite lip balm, my lips thank me for using this to save them from the horrid dry and flaky patches they were suffering from.

I wake up every morning with slight dry lips anyways, and this lip balm(along with a glass of water) keeps them soft, dewy and hydrated.

Will forever repurchase as long as they continue to manufacture and sell this product with the current formula.

Oh, and it's also pretty affordable too. I also adore it for it's simplicity, it's not tinted but thats fine with me. If I wanted colour on my lips I'd just go ahead and buy lipsticks or lip glosses anyways.

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Moisturizers -Eucerin -AQUAporin active Rich

on 8/16/2018 8:32:00 AM


Cannot agree with awillo (user below) more! I too have sensitive, acne prone, red, combination skin. My forehead and chin use to get very oily throughout the day but I find that Avene Emulsion Light Texture has really really helped there. My cheeks get quite dry and red in winter and this is where the Eucerin truly helps. I actually alternate between the Eucerin and Avene depending on my cycle (some weeks my skin is oiler than other weeks etc). I love that the Eucerin is for sensitive , dry skin but is not oily at all. I am 33, of Asian ethnicity and live in a dry winter climate. My acne problems have decreased as I've gotten older but I still get the odd pimple here or there- from a deep cystic lump to the normal yellow/inflamed ones. So in conclusion, I will use the Avene for more oil prone areas on my skin and the Eucerin for the drier sections. Sometimes the eucerin can be a little (very little) bit too rich for my forehead but this again depends on my hormones for that day and lack of sleep also really tends to put my oil glands into overdrive. I am a fan of using two different face moisturizers because I cant find one that can truly be a cure for my entire face (hence combination skin!).

I recently came across Dr Gray and Dr Sam Bunting (both dermatologists). Their YouTube videos have completely changed how I see things!! Please follow them if you dont know about them already. They have very different personalities but are both excellent. Dr Gray goes into detail about ingredients but she's fun and easy to watch, gets straight to the point with a very no - nonsense attitude. She also suggests something remarkable - to apply face moisturizer onto wet skin so as to lock in as much moisture as possible. What I tend to do now is spray Avene Thermal Spring Water on to my face first before applying my two moisturizers.
Dr Sam concentrates a lot on cosmetics which is great because we're often not sure on what to wear (primer, foundation) when it comes to our type of skin.

One thing they definitely both agree on is how fragrance and perfume plays absolutely no role in skincare and we should stay away from brands that incorporate them into their products. I love that. Both Eucerin and Avene have many products that are fragrance free.

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Lotions/ Creams -Eucerin -Dry Skin Therapy PLUS Intensive Repair Lotion

on 7/31/2018 2:01:00 PM


I got this because I have a ton of ingrown hairs on my shins, but not the growing-backwards kind that causes irritation and bumps. I would shave my legs and they would feel really smooth but look hairy because so many hairs were trapped under a layer of skin that the razor couldn't get through. I've been using this once or twice a day for a few weeks so far and the problem has improved some, but not as much as I'd like. I think I'm going to also have to buy Stridex pads because I've heard those work for this issue as well.

I have KP on one of my arms and this stuff hasn't really helped at all, but I've been inconsistent with applying it.

The lotion really does do a good job of relieving dry skin and it feels nice and thick going on, but then it takes forever to dry, so I feel like I can't sit on my furniture without wearing long pants.

Lotions/ Creams -Eucerin -Light Feel Hand Creme

on 7/19/2018 10:04:00 AM

Fantastic drug store hand cream. I wanted a small purse-sized so I got the 2.7 oz travel tube. It really does absorb quickly and does not leave a sticky residue. I handle paper all day in my old-school office job, and I still have a bad habit of doing the dishes by hand without wearing gloves, so my hands are dry as the Sahara. I would definitely repurchased. Top ingredients are glycerine, cetearyl alcohol and dimethicone, so it does leave a little bit of a 'cone slip that stays through the first hand-washing, but if you need a good cheap hand lotion to keep nearby it's terrific.

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