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Treatments (Face) -Etude House -Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack

on 9/23/2018 2:18:00 PM

My skin is normal to dry, dehydrated, sensitive and acne prone. Living in Riyadh, which means I'm exposed to hot and dry climate made bearable with air-conditioning - only. Given the above factors, I was looking for a cream that would keep my skin hydrated without causing acne. I had previously tried etude house's olive oil mask, which was an effective experiment.I put my trust in this brand and went ahead and bought this sleeping mask.
Its been a week of continuous usage. I can safely say, I am happy with the results. Its become an important step in a relaxing ritual which gives the added benefit of plump, moisturised skin.
I have been applying a thin layer just five minutes before sleeping. It gives a cooling sensation but in a non peppermint way. It absorbs quickly and results in a glistening skin. Very subtly fragrant, felt like a step into a mini aroma therapy session. The only vice I think this product has that it doesn't come with a spatula.

Eye Primer -Etude House -Proof 10 Eye Primer

on 9/18/2018 9:08:00 PM


I've always struggled to find HG makeup products but I finally hit the jackpot with this one! It's super affordable and it actually works! Forget all the brand name hyped-up eye primers on the market. This is all you will need. I once pulled an all-nighter and my eyeliner and eye-shadow didn't budge! After 24 hours it looked like I had just applied my makeup! When you apply it to your eyelid let it dry completely (few mins) before applying eyeshadow.

BB Cream -Etude House -Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream ] [DISCONTINUED]

on 9/10/2018 9:01:00 PM


How can I buy this bb cream

Polishes -Etude House -Etude House Color Play Nail Polish

on 9/7/2018 11:48:00 AM


I can't speak for the regular solid colors for this nail polish, because I only used a glitter polish (#125) and the clear coat.

I love the glitter polish (#125). It's mostly silver but sparkles with other colors in the light. It goes on well enough for an average nail polish, better than other glitter polishes I've used. I always put it over other solid colors and go over it with a top coat.

For the clear coat, it works, but I find I have to used a lot of it because it's so thin. I always have to dip in for more when I'm doing my last coat.

I wouldn't say the clear coat is worth trying, but the glitter might be.

Brows -Etude House -Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

on 8/26/2018 2:31:00 PM


Love it! My new go-to!

The eyebrow crayon has the weirdest point shape I’ve ever seen but it works really well for shaping/filling in brows without making them look over the top! The thin crayon is a very narrow/enlongated triangle shape. I was skeptical at first but it’s easy to use and makes my brows look better with a soft fill-in effect. I use the shade light brown (which is the lightest shade in the range) for my dirty blonde hair/brows and it matches great. Neutral toned shade isn’t too red or too cool and blends right in beautifully. The formula lasts all day, even in the summer and through working out, without fading or melting. The texture is soft enough to not drag skin or brow hairs, but not so soft that it smears or doesn’t retain pigment on contact.

The double ended tube has a medium sized spoolie in one end that works fine for brushing brows into shape and blending the application. The crayon side is “self-sharpening.” Not only does this brow pencil work and look great, but it’s inexpensive too! I got two for $9 on amazon. Highly recommend!

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