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Masks -Etude House -Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

on 4/23/2018 11:23:00 AM

When I saw this product like most of the girls who are attracted to cute packaging, it was a must buy for me. It resembles cups of bubble tea with a spoon as a spaluta to scoop the bubbles in the mask.

Product has 3 types, green tea for oily skin meant for sebum control and purifying, black tea for moisturzing which suits both oily and dry skin, strawberry tea for dry skin.

Didnt get strawberry as it was not meant for my skin although I would love to pick up one for the packaging. Bought green tea and black tea to try out.

Like other blog reviews, product is ok and do not expect it to work wonders. You have it mix a bubble with the mask and rub over your face, while scooping the bubble using the spaluta, product is also lost as it sticks on the spacluta. As for the effects, it feels ok ,skin is indeed moisturzed but not wow.

For a good sleeping mask from Etude house I highly recommend the collagen range in orange color which I have also reviewed previously.

Overall, its just a good to try for its packaging and curiousity, will not highly recommend it. Not a good nor bad sleeping mask.

Treatments (Face) -Etude House -Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack

on 4/18/2018 8:07:00 PM

A staple in my skincare routine.
I’m loving the gel consistency, And how fast it sinks, without leaving greasy residue.
This is the one product I keep coming back to when my skin feels over stripped, Flaky or just “sad”. The next morning when I wash my face there’s definitely a glowing effect, my skin feels plump & back to normal.
Also, works SO MUCH BETTER for me than
Laneige Water Mask, which I found to be way Overhype with no good reason.
This product sold for half price and perform sooo much better!!!
(My skin type: normal-dry)
I would repurchase this FOREVER. 😊

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Toners -Etude House -Wonder Pore Freshner

on 4/13/2018 11:00:00 PM


It has taken me so long to finish this product, but I am happy that the bottle is almost empty! You can purchase this on for $17.20 which gives you 500 ml or 16.90 fluid ounces of product. The bottle dispenses product when you press down. I actually like the way they made the packaging since it seems sanitary this way. As for the actual product, it is basic. It claims to do many things. It definitely cleans pores, minimizes the appearance of them, and controls sebum. I feel as though there are so many other toners that do the exact same thing, but have better ingredients. This product will only be useful to oily skin with occasional acne or some acne. I actually do not mind a bit of alcohol, but this product smells very strongly of it, and it reminds me of when I used to use astringent on my face. I think it is far too harsh on my entire face, so I only use this on certain parts of it that need sebum control. It is kind of drying for me to use during the winter months, and I pair it with a hyaluronic acid toner. Together, these two toners work well. One for the parts of my face that produce too much sebum, and the moisturizing toner for the parts of my face that need to lock in goodness. I do not think I will be purchasing this again because I am looking for a toner that despite being good for my oily skin is also gentle enough to use on the whole face without slightly drying it out. It just isn't special.

Eye Primer -Etude House -Proof 10 Eye Primer

on 4/6/2018 6:18:00 PM


This is seriously the best eye primer that I've ever used. Good pricing, the stick is unneccesary large, but the formula lasts all day for my eyes and even when I wake up after a night out, my eyeshadow is still the exact same as how I did my make up!

Cleansers -Etude House -Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture


I'm using the real art perfect cleansing oil and I'm in love.. I've been using it for over a month now so I can tell that this is a good product.. Well if you know me, I'm the kind who'd change from one product to another as I have a very stubborn acne prone skin. And I'm really picky when it comes to skin care. Well what I like about this cleansing oil are the ffg:

Once applied, it has the oily consistency, but (not the icky oily) more like an oil, aloe vera, glycerin kind of oil which melts your make up away in one - 2 pumps
you won't need double cleansing, as you wash it off with water, it emulsifies dirt and oil and washes off completely leaving your face supple, clean, soft and conditioned.
Anti wrinkle properties
Great hygenic cute packaging
Quality is great and price is right

None.. I love just the way it is.

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