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Fragrances -Elizabeth Taylor -White Diamonds

on 11/17/2018 4:18:00 PM


A very stylish perfume that smells way more expensive than it is - especially as higher end houses are leaning toward its style and we are getting more accustomed to getting similar vibes from more recent products.

I'm a child of the eighties. Like many of my peers in my country, I started my fragrance journey with fruits and I was surrounded with adults wearing big orientals of the 80s/90s - that are also having a comeback I suppose. From kiddo fruits, we transitioned into Tresor, Dune and the like which I would consider too big for secondary school children now. Despite all sorts of huge clouds we were surrounding ourselves with, we had this silly arrogance. Some things were old-school, florals and aldehydes and anything chypree was a big no no. Some things were not modern enough.

What changed this in later years was Chanel. A bit uncomfortable at first maybe, but that difficult thing that becomes addictive after a point.

Enter White Diamonds. Years later. No need for snobbishness, White Diamonds can stand right next to classic Chanel stuff though pleasure to be derived may certainly differ and is subjective. Still, it does have the vibe. To my nose, with a bigger laughter and joie de vivre because of the sweetness of yellow florals surrounding the big white florals. I'm sometimes afraid that it will become too sweet or too tired-ambery on me, but it doesn't. It does open with old-school aldehydes, yes. And so do so many Amouages and whatnot. Whereas other members of this genre have this distant yet attractive quality - come hither and hear the roar-, White Diamonds has an unashamed sultriness that never becomes vulgar. And again, we get that fuzzy, hissy, enveloping drydown - part soap, part fur, part powder. Both clean and a bt of skank. Something lived-in. Not untouchable. These perfumes make me think of women who are content in their bodies whatever shape those bodies come in. I find that comfort in one's own body very confident and attractive. Perfume with attitude.

We cannot find White Diamonds in my country. Once in a while, someone brings it from the US. And you always get asked what you ar wearing. People always cite very expensive houses. Skinny jeans, slim-fit leather jackets, statement scarves, Tom Ford sunglasses. One spritz of White Diamonds can handle it all.

I will be eternally grateful that this perfume exists at this price range. One extra lippie for the price and lasting power. It would be a definite 5 if the drydown was just a bit less sweet.

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Fragrances -Elizabeth Taylor -Violet Eyes

on 10/14/2018 10:32:00 PM


This is a great fragrance and reminds me a bit of Light Blue by Dolce and Gabana . It is sultry , rather sweet and has cedar to add a tangy note that complements the sweet notes. I have received multiple compliments and love it ! The price is very reasonable too .

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Fragrances -Elizabeth Taylor -Diamonds & Rubies

on 10/14/2018 10:17:00 PM


I have been sad to return two bottles of weak Samsara . I wanted a substitute and found blogs at fragrantic recommending this one as having similarities with Samsara. I figured it would not be a big loss if it was a dud... BUT IT IS NOT! This definitely shares some similarity to Samsara , the old Samsara anyway . It also lasts a long time and has projection that is nice, It is quite spicy , yet soft and warm after the dry down. I do not find it too loud at all.

The opening does not smell good, but that is not unusual for a perfume. However, the development of this one is quite appealing and I am so glad I found it . I really will wear it a lot .

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Fragrances -Elizabeth Taylor -Forever Elizabeth

on 8/31/2018 4:38:00 AM


One of my long time favourites! love it, fragrance lasts for ages.

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Fragrances -Elizabeth Taylor -Black Pearls

on 7/12/2018 1:25:00 PM


UBER SWEET BABY POWDER. Nothing exotic here. Wanted to love this...sounds like it should be a fresh tropical floral with spice and sandalwood base. I don't get any of that...just sickeningly sweet...sugar coated spice. On me its literally as if Johnson & Johnson took their regular baby powder scent , concentrated it by x100 and put it in a liquid spray.I like the smell of a baby after bath...but NOT THIS MUCH.Not sexy , not interesting, just WAY TOO SWEET.

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