Deciem is a Toronto-based company founded in 2013 by a serial beauty entrepreneur named Brandon Truaxe. Source:

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%


Bought this along with salicylic acid according to one of the skincare regimen from The Ordinary website. I only put 8 drops on the course of 2 days on my face and then suddenly my face is filled with a lot of tiny itchy white bumps (YES, THE WHOLE FACE). I immediately stop using the products and treat my face with some bentonite clay followed with pure squalane oil. The day after, I found a micellar water that once caused the exact same reaction. Turned out it has niacinamide in it as well (I only used it once). So, the problem is niacinamide for me. I actually asked around to some friend who had used The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% a person said that it didn't cause any reaction but didn't do anything to her skin as well. So, I compared my skin to hers and do a bit of research. Turned out I have fungal acne and she doesn't. So, my assumption now is maybe it reacted horribly due to my fungal acne (Just an assumption).

Moisturizers -Deciem -The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

on 6/25/2018 3:32:00 AM


I've read about rosehip seed oil benefits and it does to our skin and i was so excited to try this as it was my first oil to put on my face. I have a dry skin and a bit sensitive, the first time i used it was before i go to bed and the next day i woke up my face had red spots and sooooooo itchy. I was so confused as this is an organic oil. I tried to use it the next day and the feeling still there itchiness and my face have small bumps like I've been bitten by a mosquito. So i stopped using it the third day and the itchy feels had lessen and now i just use it for my elbows and knees area which are really dry. If you have a sensitive skin and wanted to try this product i recommend you to do patch test on your neck or on your wrist first for a week if it's nothing happens then you can continue it onto your face. Lesson learned patch test everytime you use a new product!!

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Mandelic Acid + HA

on 6/24/2018 4:06:00 AM


I purged pretty bad after 1 week of using this. But the acne isnt cyctic, they were the little whiteheads that fall out by itself if you dont touch it. I did get a couple spots that did hurt for the first day to the touch but do not stick around too long. It didnt rlhelp my closed comedones or scarring but i only used it for 2 weeks and gave up. The dryness and flaking was very bad to the point i cant even wear makeup and no moisturizer was enough to help the flakes. I cut down to only using at night then just stopped. I couldnt deal with the dryness. I have oily skin and this made my forehead dry. Which ive never seen before. I wish i can continue because ive heard rave reviews of this but its a no for me. I am currently trying curology! Hope it helps

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Moisturizers -Deciem -The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

on 6/24/2018 2:06:00 AM


I love this! I've spent $60 on another brand, and this is just like it, but this one doesn't have a fragrance. It's wonderfully rich and moisturizing, and my skin loves it! It's thicker than squalane and olive oil, and provides longer lasting moisture than those oils.

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Masks -Deciem -The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

on 6/24/2018 2:02:00 AM


I paid big bucks for a professional peel of similar ingredients, so I jumped at the chance to have this for a mere fraction of the cost. I like that it goes on red so you know where you put it and you don't forget to wash it off. Like my professional peel, it does not burn unless I have an area of broken skin. I think this really helps to get rid of dead skin and clear up your complexion. I use a scrub or mask the next morning to wash away any loose, flakey skin. I usually only use it once a week, but recently I've used it more often to help me clean up a bad breakout and clogged pores after weeks of intense travel. I didn't peel too much after my professional peel, but I don't really peel at all after this one, so it may not be as intense. But it shows results and I love that it's so inexpensive and that I can use it at home.

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