ColourPop Cosmetics was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2014 by siblings Laura and John Nelson (of Seed Beauty). They pride themselves on offering affordable, cruelty-free products and using a unique social media marketing approach. This has earned them a large following as "beauty influencers" often promote ColourPop in their posts.

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Foundations -ColourPop -no filter foundation

on 8/13/2018 6:57:00 PM


I was really excited to try this as every YouTuber I’ve seen that reviewed it absolutely loved it. I’m starting to feel as though they were paid or maybe I just got a bad batch.

As far as initial shade match was, I was so happy. I got the light 60 which had the perfect undertones and everything. Cool. So I wore it with primer, set it with powder and spray. I checked my face about an hour later and noticed that it got really weird and caked around my mouth, and settled into my fine lines. Whatever, maybe I didn’t blend it well.

An hour after that, the foundation had completely worn away around my cheeks, nose, and chin. I usually have very very dry skin so this never happens to me. I also noticed a lot of oxidization and a slight orange tint appear.

I chalked the poor wear up to maybe it being incompatible with my primer and such, so today I wore it all by itself and only set it with a small amount of powder. This made it even worse- it aged the area around my eyes by about 10 years, did the cakey thing again, settled into my forehead weird, and wore away to almost no visible coverage. It also oxidized even more than last time, and when I went to blend out an orange patch with my finger, it somehow turned into an extremely pale white streak that I had to undo by dabbing at it with a paper towel until it went away (I was at work with no brushes handy.)

My last issue with it was that just felt so greasy and uncomfortable on my face all day. I KNEW it was there.

Needless to say I have been extremely unimpressed with just about every single colourpop product I’ve ever tried, and I don’t see myself buying from them ever again.

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Lipstick -ColourPop -Lippie Stix - All Colors


Aquarius: warm beige pink nude. I love this on top of other lipsticks. This lippiestix can lighten and transform any lip colour into a nude shade without changing the undertones of the lipstick underneath. It's the best lip top coat. I want to repurchase it. It has a gel-creme finish that is a bit glossy, super pigmented and has no significant scent. Great shade from the youtuber Kathleenlights!
Cami: is a close dupe for Anita by Nars in terms of colour. I don't love the fake chemical vanilla scent. The finish is super matte (matte X)yet comfortable. The colour is beautiful, a medium brownish pink. It stains the lips and it's quite long lasting.
Contempo: has a matte comfortable finish so does Lumiere (matte)but it changes colour on my lips after some hours of applying it, turning from a neutral mauvey pink into a bright fucshia. Lumiere is a cool toned rose mauve but it wasn't flattering on my skin tone (NC20). Both stain the lips but Contempo leaves a fuchsia stain behind as it wears off.
I highly recommend Cami and Aquarius.

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Eye Shadow -ColourPop -Super Shock - Issa

on 8/13/2018 1:26:00 PM



I own a few Colourpop SSS shadows, but I feel like this one is far superior to the others. I even bought another shadow from the same launch that Issa was a part of, but it's nowhere near as good.

I have slightly hooded oily eyelids, and all other SSS shadows WILL crease almost instantly on me if I don't use a glitter glue underneath. No matter what. However, Issa lasts a REALLY long time on my eyes without creasing or disappearing, even without primer underneath, which completely blew me away. This isn't something I can say for any other eye shadow I own, powder, liquid, or cream (with the exception of my ELF smudge pots which could probably last through a natural disaster). It creased a bit a couple of times when I wore it in Miami in the summer for a bout 10 hours, on a day where I was outside and walking a lot. But I was able to easily/quickly just tap out the creases and move on, so I was unbothered. It was still something of a miracle for my eyelids, imo.

The texture is SO soft and airy, so smooth. So creamy and blends out with no effort at all. It feels like silk, even compared to other CP SSS shadows. It's highly pigmented, as well. Due to it being a duochrome, it works great for a one shadow look.

The only cons are that it doesn't apply well over ANY eyeshadow primer I've tried. Setting the primer, not setting, tacky primer, silicone primer. It just kind of sticks down weirdly and refuses to budge or blend at all. Which I guess isn't a huge deal since I don't necessarily need a primer with it? But if I want to use it for a multiple shadow look I'd be scared to without primer, so I'm kind of stuck with only being able to use it with a one shadow look. Also it doesn't show up very "true" to color. The blue reflect looks very dramatic while it's in the little pot and in photos online, but once it's applied it's more of just a deep purple with a very slight blue duochrome. It still looks nice, I just wish the duochrome effect was stronger and more amped up, as it appears. But no regrets really, definitely my favorite SSS in my collection.

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Eyeliner -ColourPop -Creme Gel Liner

on 8/11/2018 1:44:00 PM


I have these in three colors (Brew Haha, No Shame and Swerve) and use them for tightlining my upper lashes. They stay on all day with only occasional smudging. Very creamy and put down a nice pigmented fine line. I love them for the price!

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Lipstick -ColourPop -Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick - All Colors

on 8/10/2018 11:01:00 AM


I have ColourPop's Dopey and November, and with my skintone (Asian light tan, bit darker pink/purple lips), November looks a little bright against my skin, while Dopey sits well as a darker neutral. Personally, I prefer Dopey, as it blends with my skin better. The lipstick is drying (which seems to be a common effect of matte lipsticks), so I usually use it over a lip balm/lip primer. The colour lasts quite long, although it stains very easily unless one uses a primer.

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